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Panoramic photograph of Cotopaxi Colorado  -  c1904

Note: this photo was taken from "Orilee's hill", that is, from the north looking south...

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The online Haggadah is ready for Passover 2016!


(a) Passover Haggadah  2016 (for Christians)  last edit April 2, 2015


with some digressions...

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edits continue...rethinking the "3rd cup" a bit...

Having finally nearly completed this Haggadah, in 2016 we may have a simple Passover celebration without all the Rabbinical add-ins. Hopefully the Haggadah does not encourage anyone trusting in Jesus to attempt to go back under the Sinai covenant/law. A lot of "Messianics" get confused, and worry about their "place".  Isaiah 56 tells us God brings foreigners to His Holy Mountain ALSO (rephrased: YHVH - Jehovhah brings Gentiles with Him.).  This is hopeful.  [Do you see?  Do you see? YHVH brings Gentiles with Him!  Thus the last shall be first.]  God says he WILL set Israel above all nations (Deut.28:1-2).  So we see that the nations have a future supporting (underneath) role towards Israel.  This is also hopeful. [Do you see?  Do you see? YHVH will set Israel above all nations, after he brings Gentiles with him!  Thus the first shall be last!]






Introduction to The Teaching Dictionary (Sept 13)


A Consistent Translation

By Ralph Holmes Mount


Introduction and Preface to A Consistent Translation



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There is nothing new under the sun. 

Image from near the Purgatory River, southern Colorado;  petroglyph or hieroglyph that is apparently related to a Semitic Aleph:

↑ This redefines "Native American".


This redefines "Native Chinese"







Ted Cruz for President





Ted Cruz the only candidate to accept Jewish Republican's invitation (israel national news) April 12, 2016


“Senator Cruz was the only one to accept our invitation," Michael Epstein, a board member of the Republican Jewish Coalition, said in his introduction of the candidate.
He (Cruz) acknowledged that he would not win on a first vote at the convention.
“On a subsequent ballot,” he said, “we’re going to win the nomination.”

The reception was positive, said Nick Muzin, a senior adviser to the campaign.
“On issues that matter most, Ted is on the same side,” Muzin said. “He’s going to do what he says.”

He (Cruz)  swore to move the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem

“There was a very clear realization that where we are today, Ted Cruz is our best choice to be the nominee,” Jay Zeidman, a Houston businessman, said after the RJC weekend. He and his father, Fred, had been leading bundlers for the campaign of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. Everyone understands we need to get Cruz to get to the convention to at least stop Trump from getting the nomination.”



Setting the Record Straight about Colorado’s Republican Caucus  (ari armstrong) April 11, 2016


"All CO Republicans could vote in precinct caucuses, which chose delegates to congress.& state conventions, who voted for national delegates."


Now wondering if Drudge Report is trying to get Obama a third term.


Here's a new alternative:

Social News Watch



If he can’t understand the campaign…

Can’t handle the rigors
Krauthammer: How will he handle “nefarious Chinese?”
Cooper: Trump out-foxed
Limbaugh: Cruz isn’t cheating. He’s winning.
Erickson: Trump knew the rules since last August
Trump whines
Cruz responds
Trump (and Drudge) lie about Colorado
…Drudge pushes August story to mislead supporters




Caroline Glick article Cruz only speaks to Republican Jews



Cruz Takes on Drudge, Says It Has ‘Become the Attack Site for the Trump Campaign’ (the blaze) April 11, 2016


“Look, Drudge Report over the years has done a good job highlighting the excesses of the left and the excesses of liberalism and about the past month the Drudge Report has basically become the attack site for the Donald Trump campaign,”



Cruz's father: America was founded on the Torah (israel national news) April 6, 2016

He also countered replacement theology, by which some Christians believe they are the new Jews and that God has abandoned the Jewish people.
After calling replacement theology heresy, Cruz said his son "will not fund the United Nations
"Israel is the only country in the world with a title deed from the Almighty!," emphasized Pastor Cruz, noting on the divine promise to the Jewish people.




And now a word from the Not Main Stream Media about Trump:



About that quacking sound around the Donald:



An Open Letter to Trump Voters from His Top Strategist-Turned-Defector



Donald Trump is a fraud: Report confirms the billionaire’s presidential bid is a long and calculated con job


Trump is a hack who can’t fix anything, but people make bad decisions when they’re anxious or angry, and Trump is offering them an alternative to the status quo. This is what demagogues do, and it usually works.

How Trump Did It
(politico) Mar 30, 2016


It looks improvisational, but he planned this run for years, making a pipe dream look like a prophecy.

 "I know how to work the media in a way that they will never take the lights off of me.”


Trump behind National Enquirer story about Cruz  (the right scoop) Mar 29, 2016


Trump's "conservative" media flaks hedge their bets  (national review) Mar 29, 2016



As previously mentioned, Donald really isn't serious:

Donald Trump: The Art of Self-Sabotage (national review) April 1, 2016






Can Trump become so unpopular that Democrats take back the House? (washingtonpost) Mar 31, 2016


Of the six most recent national polls, Trump has trailed the likely Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton, by 10 percentage points or more in five of them.

What is interesting here is that the very Pro-Trump site Drudge Report carried this story.





How and Why the Conservative Media Sold Its Soul To Facilitate Trump’s Nomination (medaite.com) Mar 15, 2016




Why Israelis Are Worried About Donald Trump  (middle east forum) Mar 25, 2016



Why They All Fear Ted Cruz (rushlimbaugh.com) Mar 23, 2016



If We Lived In A Truly Christian Nation, Donald Trump Would Not Be Winning (matt walsh) Mar 24, 2016




The Trump Effect:

Why Mark Levin Is ‘Starting to Think’ GOP Is ‘Not Going to Win’ in 2016: ‘I Fear We’re Going to Get Blown Out’  (theblaze) Mar 26, 2016


Mar 10, 2016

  Now that he's quit, Carson's true color come out as he endorses Trump  Ben Carson has been supporting Trump for quite some time, as Rubio does also in reality.   Rubio doesn't stand a chance but will continue through the Florida caucuses in order to diminish Cruz's campaign.  Neither are conservatives, and both are supporting a Hillary presidency.




Cruz wins SUPERCRUZDAY Sat, Mar 5, 2016.


There is a small subtle thing about the Cruz campaign that may unite the left and right (not saying that is good or bad), or it may just be a coincidental thing of no account, but unless someone else picks it up, is probably best left unsaid for now.




Donald Trump and his Brown Shirts (washington times) Mar 6, 2016

Scary. On the other hand, we are presented with the Communist Sanders.

So, with the beer swilling pseudo-conservative and pseudo-"Christian" Trumplets, the Millennial kiddies and aging hippies for Sanders, and the died in the wool over their eyes never-going-to-change-Democrats for Hillary, there may be enough division in the LEFT that the RIGHT Cruz will prevail.



How British and American aid subsidizes Palestinian terrorism
Edwin Black

the more serious the act of terrorism, the longer the prison sentence, and consequently, the higher the salary. Incarceration for up to three years fetches a salary of almost $400 per month. Prisoners behind bars for between three and five years will be paid about $560 monthly – a compensation level already higher than that for many ordinary West Bank jobs. Sentences of ten to 15 years fetch salaries of about $1,690 per month. Still worse acts of terrorism against civilians, punished with sentences between 15 and 20 years, earn almost $2,000 per month.
These are the best salaries in the Palestinian territories.
Each PLO-affiliated prisoner [already] receives [a special allocation of] $238 per month, plus an extra $71 if they are married, and an extra $12 for each child. The stipend is paid by the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) each month.
About 6% of the Palestinian budget is diverted to prisoner salaries. All this money comes from so-called "donor countries" such as the United States, Great Britain, Norway, and Denmark.

Financial Crisis? PA Continues to Pay Jailed Terrorists

the more serious the crimes committed by the terrorist, the higher his salary

PA Deceiving Donor Countries

For years, Western donor countries have been demanding that the PA stop paying salaries to convicted terrorist prisoners. The PA finally claimed to have stopped paying the salaries in August 2014 when its Ministry of Prisoners’ Affairs, the body responsible for paying the salaries, was changed to PLO Commission of Prisoners’ Affairs. The PA stated repeatedly to their own people that the change was merely a change in name amd that none of the salaries or benefits to prisoners would be changed. They stressed that by transferring responsibility for paying the prisoners’ salaries to the PLO, the Europeans and the US would not stop funding the PA. This is a mere cosmetic change.

One of the key indicators exposed is that in March, when the PA was challenged financially because Israel had withheld tax funds that it collects on behalf of the PA, it cut the salaries of all civil servants by 60 percent. The next day, the PA Ministry of Finance announced the same reduction in salaries to prisoners. Had the PLO been paying prisoners’ salaries from non-PA money, then salaries to prisoners should not have been affected by the PA shortage of resources, PMW points out.










U.S. troops found nearly 5,000 abandoned chemical weapons in Iraq from 2004 to 2011  (yahoo news) Oct 14 2014





Photograph:  "Moderate" wounds from "moderate" Islam

Kay Wilson survived a terrorist stabbing attack by Arabs  in Israel and has posted a photograph of her wounds to document her "moderate wounds" - and to try to wake people up the the reality of life for Jews in Israel.  Kay was stabbed 13 times and left for dead.  Her Christian friend that was with her did not survive the attack. 

"I had been stabbed 13 times," Key recounts. "But I somehow managed to get up - with 13 punctures in my lungs and diaphragm, over 30 broken bones, a crushed sternum, dislocated shoulder... I managed to walk over a mile bound and gagged and barefoot through the forest."

Here's Kay's account:  What's it like to be stabbed 13 times?  (israelly cool) Oct 8 2015





I read her description (linked) of the attack.. Then I sent her a friend request. She's trying to overcome evil with good; she has made Arab & Muslim friends since the attack....that takes a lot of love...I'm fairly certain I couldn't do it.------------ "30 broken bones, splinters in my lungs and diaphragm, dislocated shoulder, broken shoulder blade, crushed sternum and 13 “stabs” in lungs and diaphragm. This is terrorism." ___http://www.israellycool.com/2015/10/08/guest-post-kay-wilson-what-is-it-like-to-be-stabbed-13-times/



Obama recently instituted a requirement that goods imported from the areas of Judea and Samaria of Israel be labeled as not from Israel.  This is anti-Semitism.  It also enables the terrorists, as it provides them a justification from Obama.

One thing I'll do to counter Obama's BDS is to buy whatever I can that is labeled "From Judea" or "From Samaria".

Another thing I'm doing is supporting Ted Cruz.

Primarily though I pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Israel National News provides more details about Kay Wilson Feb 18, 2016

Left for Dead in a Terror Attack, Now She's Running the Marathon (israel national news) Mar 21, 2014





Matt Drudge Report often uses anti-Cruz clickbait conservativeoutfitters.com to demonize Ted Cruz

Drudge Report is a widely read online celebrity gossip site.   Matt Drudge at times hangs out with the very racist (and probably gay) Ann Coulter and with Alex Jones (conspiracy nut). 

Drudge seems to be working overtime in order to once again throw the presidential election to the democrats.


Here, Drudge & conservativeoutfitters suggest Cruz is demonic:



So here, Drudge, conservativeoutfitters, and Trump all call Cruz a vulgar name:



Here Drudge misquotes - lies- and says Cruz calls himself God:




Here is an important article that explains this "conservative" media's motivation; greed:

Donald Trump’s New Hampshire Win Means These Media Members Are Winners & Losers (mediate.com) Feb 10, 2016


Trump says Trump is NOT a Conservative (breitbart) Feb 13, 2016


Just as it becomes known that Clinton stole Iowa,  Jeb Bush, who was almost cut from debate line-up long ago but mysteriously was not, now mysteriously is polling at 2nd place in New Hampshire.



Obama at Baltimore mosque quoted Muhammad from speech endorsing caliphate and beheading (jihadwatch) Feb 9, 2016





Super Bowl Cuts

"So teach us to number our days, That we may get us a heart of wisdom.  Return, O Jehovah; how long?" -Psalm 90:12,13



Super Bowl 50: A Gladiatorial Legacy

When Jesus returns, he'll stop this foolish nonsense.  End of story.





Judge sides with Rep. Chaffetz, Orders 'Fast and Furious' documents released
The gun running doesn't stop there:
BREAKING: Fox News Comes Forward With PROOF Hillary Committed Treason in Benghazi


Check it out; Obama is in this up to his huge ears:

Obama’s Growing Conflict of Interest in the Clinton E-Mail Scandal (national review) Feb 3, 2016

Think about what this means. Not only is it obvious that President Obama knew Mrs. Clinton was conducting government business over her private e-mail account, the exchanges the president engaged in with his secretary of state over this unsecured system clearly involved sensitive issues of policy. Clinton was being asked for “advice and counsel” — not about her recommendations for the best country clubs in Martha’s Vineyard, but about matters that the White House judges too sensitive to reveal.
... Recall that the Obama Justice Department prosecuted Petraeus for mishandling classified information. His offense involved conduct narrower in scope than Mrs. Clinton’s systematic transmission and storage of classified information on her private system.
What is the relevance of Petraeus’s case? Well.... In the main, it was the classified contents of the general’s journals. Among the most significant of this information, according to the prosecutors, were notes of “defendant DAVID HOWELL PETRAEUS’s discussions with the President of the United States of America.”




Feb 1, 2016

Ted Cruz wins Iowa despite DrudgeReport and Republican Establishment attack



Mystery Greek




All the nations hate Israel because Israel verifies God's Word.

Revealed: US, UK infiltrated Israeli intelligence (israel national news) Jan 29, 2016

A shocking revelation on Friday morning shows that the US and Britain have infiltrated Israeli intelligence for the last 18 years, spying on imagery sent by drones on sensitive missions in the Middle East back to their home bases in Israel.
The revelation comes from documents and images exposed by former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden and published for the first time on Friday by Yedioth Aharonoth.
The infiltration of Israeli intelligence has been going on for the past 18 years from a fortified base in Cyprus, according to the documents.



Will the EPA Cause a Zika Pandemic? (national review) Jan 31, 2016




Jan 29, 2016

Trump ducks debate because he's afraid of M.Kelly, whom he called a "bimbo"

Even with the Drudge Report supporting Trump's circus sideshow, Fox had more people tune in that the last debate. Losers.


Chinese President calls for creation of Palestinian state (israel national news) Jan 22, 2016

...and a state for Tibet, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc...



Thomas Sowel on Donald Trump

Grow up! (spectator.org) Jan 22, 2016

If you don’t understand the issues, but want to do your patriotic duty, then stay home on election night, whether in the primaries or in the national election in November.


I don't often agree with Beck, but this is the stuff that people "rooting" for Trump don't know or care about.

Glenn beck on Donald Trump



The republican Establishment is hard at work.

Donald Trump is not a conservative.


and in his own words:

Trump: When I get to Washington, I’m Going to Become Part of the Establishment (redstate.com) Jan 22, 2016

Donald Trump right now is actively taunting his supporters to see if there is literally anything he can say that will make them stop supporting him. He really is. He’s trying to see if there’s any 180 degree turn he can pull off that’s so completely different from what he was saying even a couple days ago that you’ll turn around and say, “holy cow, this guy is no different from the rest of them, and in fact maybe he’s a bit worse.”
You’ve all been had, and Trump is daring you to notice.

As if on cue, "I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn't lose any voters, OK?" (conservative outfitters) Jan 22, 2016

Of course Trump is all talk.  He doesn't mean what he says.  OK?  And that's the point here.


Is Matt Drudge a conservative?


Drudge accuses Cruz of "DIRTY TRICKS" in link to Conservative Outfitters article that does not make that accusation

How can Matt Drudge be so stupid?  How can Hillary still have any support? How can socialist Sanders be considered by Democrats a viable alternative?  The world has gone crazy.

Is Ann Coulter a conservative?


Is Paul Ryan a conservative?



Is Sarah Palin a conservative?


Promoted by Drudge, a strange knee-jerk reaction by daughter Palin to something a Cruz spokesman said.


No longer a Palin fan.  This is superficial, yes.

Palin "ran" with John McCain...who didn't campaign, and so lost.  Was that without purpose? I used to blame McCain, but not so sure about that now:

Sarah Palin's boobs endorse Donald Trump

Yay. Two more boobs for Trump.  This is great news for the Democrats. Palin posted this photo on Facebook just as she endorsed Trump.  The photo, most obviously, is a boob-shot. She's selling her body, and within a few hours it had nearly 90K "likes".  

On the other hand, Ted Cruz, Ben Carson, Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee - real conservatives -struggle to get a small percentage of positive "exposure".

This Republican establishment (she's not Tea Party now) attack on Ted Cruz will also likely stop the influx of Democrat voters for Trump.  They - Democrats & Republicans don't care about that, they just don't want Ted Cruz.


Lionel Jefferson Griffith @FaceBook:
"Let me get this straight. Track Palin gets arrested for domestic violence last night, then Sarah Palin gets Bristol Palin to flat-out LIE about Ted Cruz on her "Christian" blog (which she maintains while having two children out of wedlock), and then Palin endorses big-government Trump over Constitutional Conservatives Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. What a disaster!"

Hopefully, Palin is "stealth" smart and is doing this to undo Trump.  At any rate, she and Trump make Clinton/Sanders/Biden look better.  IN this, Palin has likely stopped the crossover vote of Democrats to Trump, and this is shown in a DrudgeReport poll where Sander's support has henceforth skyrocketed.   That support may keep Biden out. (noting that in this "poll", Cruz votes stopped early at 220K)

Certainly the Republican "little-Bubbas" that support Bubba Trump don't comprehend that the Republican and Democrat "Establishment" is the same thing.  And neither they nor the Democrats will see the similarity in themselves and in Obama supporters while he was campaigning. And they won't see the wisdom of the few thinkers, i.e. what the actual conservatives within the Republican Party say:

Against Trump (national review) Jan 21, 2016



Don't be surprised to see Trump drop out after he has destroyed the Republican Party.

Here's the plan:

Trump: democrat plant, possible fall-back-on candidate if Sanders/whoever fails to get votes/attention

Sanders: 1st democrat choice




Jordan's King supports ISIS (jewish press) Jan19, 2016




Pope Francis Says All Major Religions Are Paths To Same God  (prophecy news watch) Jan15, 2016

The Pope is a fink.




Nuclear Pakistan Threatens to ‘Wipe Iran the Map’ if it Attacks Saudi Arabia (unitedwithisrael) Jan 9, 2016

Report: Saudi Arabia funded Pakistan's nuclear research and is getting nuclear missiles.


The Khazarian Lie Of the Nachbah Losers (my daily kvetch) Jan 9, 2016


So then those that claim the Jews are "Khazars", and by this mean to imply they are thus not true Jews, and that the Nation State of Israel is the "synagogue of Satan", these, that say this, then actually define that the "true Jew" MUST then be truly ethnically Jewish, and in that, they rule out the possibility of the scripture referring to a Gentile Christian as the "true Jew". Get that?

One obvious lie is the line of thinking that somehow the "Khazars", meaning the Jews that are labeled as such, have this lineage that has survived, yet also thinks that Jews of another lineage from the same period, from other areas of the Diaspora - say Persian Jews for instance - could not survive into the today day.

The end result of their claim is that there are really no ethnic Jews, and that the Jew's of today are not God's chosen people, and therefore there is no justification for the State of Israel, and in these things they say that God is a liar. This is blasphemy.



Is the Diaspora Dying? (JERUSALEM POST) Jan 9, 2016

If God be true, then the Diaspora will someday end, as the Jews go or are taken to Israel.

Many American Jews do not appear to believe the "and God said".



Cologne sex attacks: Women describe 'terrible' assaults (bbc) Jan 10, 2016
Cologne attacks: New Year's Eve crime cases top 500 (bbc) Jan 7, 2016

 These "refugees" are reportedly mostly Muslims fleeing ISIS, that is, it is the "good Muslims" that are raping and molesting these women.



So, Obama sells Cuba Hellfire missile (the blaze) Jan 9, 2016




Islam Set To Become The Second-Largest Religion In America By 2040 (daily caller) Jan 8, 2016


Report: Netanyahu to lead effort in thwarting Obama bid for UN chief position (JERUSALEM POST) Jan 9, 2016

Source: the Kuwaiti newspaper 'Al-Jarida,' as reported by JP.




"Here's the full story"

The Militia action in Oregon for citizens Hammonds (theconservativetreehouse.com) Jan 3, 2016

Fed overreach again.


Government "Gun control" is all about crowd control; it's not about preventing crime, but rather about organizing it.


Regarding King Barack Hussein's Executive gun grabbing "Action"

Now the Government is dictating/certifying "Mental Health".

It is hard to imagine anyone, liberal/conservative/whatever would support this.




The New Mid East in One Photo (thomas wictor) Jan 1, 2016

The Arab League has embedded special operators with the Syrian Democratic Forces (QSD), the goal being to destroy ALL oppression in the country and allow for a pluralistic, secular government to be created by Syrians themselves.








Obama is spying on Congress and American Citizens

Column one: Obama’s constitutional overreach… and Israel (caroline glick/Jerusalem Post) Dec 31, 2015


After Obama’s latest dictatorial move, don’t be surprised if 2016 elections are called off (allen west) Dec 31, 2015

Remember the people that said "Vote for Obama"?

"heh heh heh"








December 19, 2015


♪ ♫ ♪ It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christ-Mass! ♪ ♫ ♪


A Very Merry Mixing of the Devil's Cup and YHVH's Cup


Noting how much world nations' commerce is tied to observing the Roman Catholic Church's Mass of Christ.

She is indeed the mother of the harlots.  IN that aspect, Revelation 18 applies to  the RCC, the City of Babylon.  It seems the Jonathon CON Job Harbinger has done much to falsely establish the USA as Babylon by falsely applying Old Testament prophecy to the USA.  Noting that the Islamic State considers the battle for Rome the final one.  Perhaps they have not yet read the book "Harbinger"?


The headline reads:

The Real War On Christmas: Persecuted Christians Around the World Struggle to Celebrate Amidst Islamist Threats  (the blaze) Dec 24, 2015
and that headline is derived from:

“All events related to Christmas and New Year celebrations are contrary to Islamic culture"

and with that, perhaps we should instead see the headline:

Revelation 17 being fulfilled

v15 And he-is-saying to-me: The waters which you-saw, the-place-where the prostitute is-sitting are peoples and crowds and nations and languages.
v16 And the ten horns which you-saw and the beast,
these will-hate the prostitute, and they-will-make her having-been-made-and-still-desolate and naked, and they-will-eat her fleshes, and they-will-burn her down with fire;
v17 For the God gave into their hearts to-do his sentiment, and to-do one sentiment and to-give their kingdom to-the beast, until the words of-the God will-be-finished.
v18 And the woman whom you-saw is the city namely-the great (one) namely-the (one) having (a) kingdom over the kings of-the earth.


A hard word:

I appears then that God is punishing the Roman Catholic Church at this time.


God is not in satan's false-bride/Roman Catholic false-Church:

Revelation 18:4 And I-heard another voice out-of the heaven saying: YOU-come-out, my people, out-of her, in-order-that YOU-might not participate-with her sins, and in-order-that YOU-might not take out-of her blows.


God is not in the Laodician organization:

Revelation 3:20 Behold I-have-stood-and-still-stand on the door and I-am-knocking; if some-one might-hear my voice and he-might-open the door, I-shall-come-in to him and I-shall-take-supper with him and he with me.


Some are refined.

Some come out.

Some open the door.






last year's Christmas cheer

'tis the season for - Christ-Mass:

"a kind of ritual dance" 

The True Meaning Of Christ-Mass


The World Book Encyclopedia defines "Christmas" as follows:  "The word Christmas comes from "Cristes Maesse", an early English phrase that means "Mass of Christ."




BRING OUT YOUR DEAD:  (hope of israel) dec25 - repost


 A.K.A. Merry Christmas


Pope concedes Roman Catholic Church forged date of Jesus' birth (telegraph) Nov 21-repost



Pope concedes Christmas is pagan (telegraph) Nov 20 - repost




Was Jesus really born on December 25th?

Interesting article by John Parsons




The Bridge between Babel and the "church":
Is Mary the mother of God?

Joseph Farah rightly understands why she is not,

but he is not yet convicted (apparently) that participating with the harlot is not good.



Here is how the Catholics explain away their false sacrifice:

The Institution of the Mass


NIHIL OBSTAT: I have concluded that the materials
presented in this work are free of doctrinal or moral errors.
Bernadeane Carr, STL, Censor Librorum, August 10, 2004

IMPRIMATUR: In accord with 1983 CIC 827
permission to publish this work is hereby granted.
+Robert H. Brom, Bishop of San Diego, August 10, 2004

"and God can make the sacrifice of Calvary present to us at Mass"

And that false commentary also passes for RCC doctrine.


Here is the scripture that refutes the Catholic doctrine of the wine being blood, i.e. transubstantiation:

Matthew 26:26 But (as) they (were) eating, the Jesus having-taken the bread, and having-blessed, he-broke-in-pieces and he-was-giving to-the disciples, and he-said, YOU-take, YOU-eat; this is my body.
v27 And having-taken the cup, and having-given-thanks, he-gave to-them, saying, YOU all drink out-of it
v28 For this is my blood, namely-the (blood) of-the new-quality covenant, namely-the (blood) being-poured-out concerning many with-reference-to forgiveness of-sins.

v29 But I-am-saying to-YOU, that by-no-means might-I-drink from just-now out-of
this product of-the vine, till that day at-the-time-that I-might-be-drinking it with YOU (a) new-quality in the kingdom of-my Father.

So there you have it, Jesus said it was still wine.





Washington Post depicts Obama as a Christian

Washington Post depicts Ted Cruz's children as monkeys.

Often enough, Obama has been characterized with larger than life ears, and recently the Russian press has depicted him as a monkey.  Apparently the Washington Post's desperate response to that and to Ted Cruz's increasing appeal to Americans, is to say "No no!!  Obama is not a monkey, Ted Cruz's kids are!". 






Dec 18, 2015

Dreams are weird.




Obama's legacy: genocide

Because of his reprehensible religious intolerance, Barack Obama will go down in history as the bloody handed Muslim president who perpetuated the most barbaric genocide of the 21st century.

v15 And he-is-saying to-me:  The waters which you-saw, the-place-where the prostitute is-sitting are peoples and crowds and nations and languages.

v16 And the ten horns which you-saw and the beast, these will-hate the prostitute, and they-will-make her having-been-made-and-still-desolate and naked, and they-will-eat her fleshes, and they-will-burn her down with fire;

v17 For the God gave into their hearts to-do his sentiment, and to-do one sentiment and to-give their kingdom to-the beast, until the words of-the God will-be-finished.

v18 And the woman whom you-saw is the city namely-the great (one) namely-the (one) having (a) kingdom over the kings of-the earth.




Greece: the first stop on Europe’s refugee trail
(washingtonpost) Dec 12, 2015
Of the nearly 1 million refugees and migrants who have arrived in Europe by sea this year, 800,000 have come through the Greek islands


A Video produced by ISIS encourages suckering all nations into battle and a final battle over Rome.

In this, ISIS appears to - knowingly or unknowingly - define "Babylon" as Rome, as per Revelation ch 18.

Experts Think Syrian Crisis Will End In Third World War As ISIS Publishes New Apocalyptic Video About Final Battle In Rome
(western journalism) Dec 10, 2015

The British news site The Mirror reported on Saturday that experts fear a nuclear conflict will grow out the chaos in Syria, where two coalitions with opposing goals and roughly 70 nations are now combating Islamic State.


Putin Threatens to NUKE ISIS (independent) Dec 9, 2015

Translated: Trigger ready.

Still a Skeptic?

"The burden of Damascus.

Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap."

 Isaiah 17:1




An historical review of Mohammed and Islam,

as formerly taught in Universities from the Library of Universal History, by Israel Scott Clare, ©1897, vol.4, p1362   


Muhammad, Satan, and Muhammad’s Prophetic Call








False Flags

Putin to outlaw anti-semitic Bible commentary. (Israel national news) Dec 10, 2015


"thou shalt devise an evil device" (Ezk.38:10)

Noting Israel is allowing Russia to fly war planes over Israel.


Interestingly, at the same time


Speaking with Forked Tongue (i.e. Beware of the Talking Snake):

Vatican says Jews don't have to believe in JESUS


Wow, if this is a change in RCC doctrine.

BUT, this isn't RCC doctrine, it's a draft:

Drafted by the Vatican Commission for Religious Relations With Jews...Entitled “The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable,”  [and the purpose] the document calls on Jews and Christians to work together to make the world a better place.

So they are not changing Roman Catholic Church doctrine, but rather stating some truth mixed with some false statements. 


* "The Gifts and Calling of God are Irrevocable,”

False or mixed with false:

“While affirming salvation through an explicit or even implicit faith in Christ, the Church does not question the continued love of God for the chosen people of Israel,”

“That the Jews are participants in God’s salvation (false, the Gentile believers are the participants in the blessings to Israel) is theologically unquestionable, but how that can be possible without confessing Christ explicitly, is and remains an unfathomable divine mystery.”

[It is explained clearly by the "redemption-back" propitiation provided by the blood of Jesus/Yeshua the Messiah. Consider Romans 3:24-25, and all of Romans ch11, especially the mercy that Gentile Christians are to have towards Jews that do not accept Jesus as Messiah and the fact that "all Israel shall be saved (future, Romans 11:26), as you consider these passages:

Hebrews 9:15 And because-of this he-is mediator of-a-new-quality covenant, in-which-case a-death (is) having-come-to-pass with-reference-to redemption-back of-the transgressions on the first covenant, the (ones) having-been-and-still-being-called might take the promise of-the eternal inheritance.

Note: some clarification added for "redemption-back" vs. "redeemed", in that Gentile Christians were never under the law, and thus would not be "redeemed" from transgressions on the law.  However, Gentile Christians are also redeemed by the same Just Act of Jesus:

1Corinthians 1:30  But out-of him YOU yourselves-are in Messiah Jesus, who became wisdom to-us from God, both righteousness and holiness and redemption.]

The Church recommended that Jews and Catholics jointly combat all forms of anti-Semitism, and condemned the Nazi slaughter of Jews in World War II. 

“History teaches us where even the slightest perceptible forms of anti-Semitism can lead: the human tragedy of the Shoah (using the Hebrew term for the Holocaust) in which two-thirds of European Jewry were annihilated.” [The Roman Catholic Church was an official religion of Nazi Germany.  Hitler was a Catholic. (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adolf_Hitler%27s_religious_beliefs)  ]

“The Catholic Church neither conducts nor supports any specific institutional mission work directed towards Jews,” 
[A lie, see Catholic Charities]

The document cited the release 50 years ago of the Nostra Aetate — ‘In Our Times’ — that repudiated Jewish guilt in Jesus’ death. [So after persecuting Jews for 1950 years, they changed their mind about that.]

“Judaism is not to be considered simply as another religion; the Jews are instead our ‘elder brothers’ (Saint Pope John Paul II), our ‘fathers in faith’ (Benedict XVI),” the document states.

“Jesus was a Jew, was at home in the Jewish tradition of his time, and was decisively shaped by this religious milieu (cf. ‘Ecclesia in Medio Oriente,’ 20). His first disciples gathered around him had the same heritage and were defined by the same Jewish tradition in their everyday life.”
 [Truthful, BUT - The Vatican does not recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  So who does the Vatican consider to be a Jew today?  Beware of their replacement theology.]

Especially understand that the Roman Catholic Church is NOT Protestant Christianity.  There may be a few Christians in the RCC that have not yet learned enough to "come out" of her as per Rev.18:4, but the RCC is another Idolatrous worship system.  For one example, compare the crescent moon in the Ostensorium and elsewhere in the RCC to the crescent moon on the Temple Mount on top of each Islamic structure...ultimately they are harlots that serve the same false god.  Note that the Pope says Muslims are saved too, but that isn't RCC doctrine either, BUT that is closer to RCC doctrine, as the Pope said it...in their world it carries more weight.


Why do Muslims and Catholics wear collarless shirts?  What's up with that similarity?


Wow, IF possible, even the very elect will be deceived:

Orthodox Rabbis Issue Groundbreaking Declaration Affirming ‘Partnership’ With Christianity (breitbart) Dec 19, 2015

These Rabbis error in calling the Roman Catholic Church "Christian".  They took the bait, hook, line, and sinker.






Harlots cover their face!

Genesis 38:15  "When Judah saw her, he thought her to be a harlot; for she had covered her face."


Genesis 38:15  "When Judah saw her, he thought her to be a harlot (לזונה l'zonah)  for she had covered her face (פָּנִים paniym LXX: πρόσωπον- prosopon);."

What exactly does the Muslim niqab, burqa, and chador  represent?

Genesis 38:21 "Then he asked the men of her place, saying, Where is the prostitute (הַקְּדֵשָׁה), that was at Enaim by the wayside? And they said, There hath been no prostitute (קְדֵשָֽׁה) here."


Strong's H6945 קָדֵשׁ

From about.com:  niqab, burqa, and chador

The niqab did not originate with Islam. The niqab, or face-coverings similar to it, were worn by Christian women in the Byzantine Empire and in pre-Islamic Persia. Islam adopted the practice, which was not, contrary to common perceptions, required by the Koran

 Islam adopted the practice from “Christianity”, but this refers not true Christianity, but rather to the Roman Catholic Church, AKA the Great Harlot and even the Mother of the Harlots. See Rev.17

Muslims apparently consider all women to be prostitutes. Or, perhaps they represent the prostitute that was drugged and "spoke" (via demon possession and or drug use) the Delphic oracle?



The Roman Empire represents the two legs of the image of Nebuchadnezzar's dream referenced in Daniel 2:3,40. (1)  The Roman Empire was the 6th world power.  Constantine built Constantinople, and moved the Roman Empire's capital there.  Previously known as Byzanium, this city was apparently originally founded at the direction of the Delphic Oracle, i.e. by Satan.  "Its situation, said to have been fixed by the Delphic oracle, was remarkable for beauty and security." (2).  In response to a miracle of supposed divine intervention, the early Byzantium inhabitants "erected an alter to Torch-bearing Hecate, and stamped a crescent moon on their coins, a device which is retained by the Turks to this day." (3).  The Byzantine Empire, i.e. the Eastern Roman Empire became "Christian" by emperor Theodosius I  in 380A.D.   Constantine made "Christianity", of which he was the head (Pontifix Maximus) the defacto religion of the Roman Empire in 325 A.D. (some people quibble over the dates and who did it first).  In other words, the pagan religion of the state became "Christianity" by royal decree.  History shows that they just changed the name, not the religion, that is, all the pagan citizens "became Christian" citizens.    This is why the Roman Catholic Church (7th world power) has so much paganism it it's rituals - because they are pagan rituals!

Pre-Islamic Persia worshipped many gods. One was a moon goddess; the Romans also had a moon-goddess:  Luna.  The Roman Catholic Church uses the crescent moon symbol, for example the "Lunette" that holds the "host" in their Ostensorium.  The Byzantine Empire was conquered by the Ottoman Turks (Muslims) in 1453 and after  centuries, in 1930, they changed the name of Constantinople to Istanbul.  This city was originally founded as Byzantium Islam continues to use this same crescent moon symbol, for example, look at their crescent moons on top of their buildings on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem (and elsewhere). 


(1) Apologetics 22-25, R. H. Mount;  Bablylon, C1964-66, p41, R.H. Mount,

(2) The Encyclopaedia Britannica,  Handy Volume Issue, 11th edition, c1910, vol.4 p911, under "Byzantium"

(3) ibid.


to be continued!








Obama issues 'executive orders by another name' (usa today) Dec 14, 2014


President Obama has issued a form of executive action known as the presidential memorandum more often than any other president in history - using it to take unilateral action even as he has signed fewer executive orders.

Like executive orders, presidential memoranda don't require action by Congress. They have the same force of law as executive orders and often have consequences just as far-reaching.

And under Executive Order 11030, signed by President Kennedy in 1962, an executive order must contain a "citation of authority," saying what law it's based on. Memoranda have no such requirement.

The Office of Legal Counsel — which is responsible for advising the president on executive orders and memoranda — says there's no difference between the two.

Explaining Obama's memoranda on immigration last month, Press Secretary Josh Earnest said the president would happily "tear up his own executive order" if Congress passes an immigration bill.

Obama had issued no such executive order. Earnest later corrected himself. "I must have misspoke. I meant executive actions.






Obama’s ISIS Oil Scandal Deepens As Russia Produces Stunning Photographic Evidence 

(endoftheamericandream.com) Dec 2, 2015








In a gun-free zone, in a state that banned "assault" rifles and High-capacity magazines; state created victims cannot defend themselves.

Jihad Terror. "Mass shooting" in California.  This is Islam.

This is Islam, and Obama calls for control of "gun violence". 

 So, obviously, to control this gun violence we kick the Muslims out of the USA.  

It's that simple.


UPDATE:  Pledged Allegiance to ISIS (cnn) Dec 4, 2015

[ BUT*]



Oh, and what happened to the third terrorist???

Certainly, Malik could pass for a man.  So one got away or was let go.

Who was that little Saudi National Boston Bomber accomplice that the Obama's rescued?

Recall: House of Saud/Bush/Clinton/Obama

BUT - the survivors would have by now pointed this out if true?

UPDATE: Geller: The Third Man  (breitbart) Dec 10, 2015

Where is the third man? Is he still at large? Are people at risk? And why was the apartment opened up and the fingerprint evidence destroyed? Why was evidence strewn about?

UPDATE: FBI Says Third Shooter in San Bernardino Jihad Slaughter (pamelageller.com) Feb 20, 2016



Going with what we "know" for now:

Not a nice couple:

Syed Rizwan Farook, 28,- STATE EMPLOYEE

Tashfeen Malik, 27 Female

Left their baby with it's grandmother. Then went and killed co-workers - friends?-  that gave them a baby shower. (theblaze)



From Pamela Gellar and the Daily News

Two years ago, Syed became more religious. “He was very religious. He would go to work, come back, go to pray, come back. He’s Muslim,” his father, Syed Farook, told the Daily News.
Last year, Farook attended the same training/Christmas event hosted by the Health Dept. As a Muslim, Farook was forbidden from attending Christian events of any kind.
I’m supposing Farook was angered by last years theme and prepared this attack over the past year in case the event was again Christmas themed. When he found the meeting was also a Christmas event, he became incensed, left the event in a murderous state of mind, went home to Redlands, armed up with his wife, and returned to the event where he killed 14 people, wounding 17 others.
This was a Islamic religious terror attack with no direct link to any terrorist group other than Islam itself.

Complicating matters is that the family is not forthcoming or trustworthy.

UPDATE: It's all in the family of Islam


This is MODERATE  Islam. 

* BUT Now we are told that during the shooting, the female pledged support to ISIS over her phone.  She did this under another name.  Right.  So the blame goes to ISIS, not the "moderate" muslim.  Never-the-less, there is no distinction, only different levels of devotion to the Koran.  Are there "good" muslims? Sure.  And IF-WHEN they become more devoted to the Koran, they will become "radical" muslims.

Here's an humanistic former muslim's view on How To Tell A Moderate Muslim From A Radical Muslim







Here is a message sent to me by the ANTISEMITIC BRAIN SURGEON Med Ali Zarouk:

"you will never sucsseed to make a country for jews , because you are criminals and cowards ,you are juste using usa and europe to fight for you , soon you ll get your ass kicked , you will die and never see israel as country believe me never "

He ALSO assumes I'm a JEW - a great Compliment, I should keep him around for that reason alone!

Anyway my new hobby appears to be BLOCKING PAGAN ANTISEMITIC TROGLODYTES so I'm just passing this along to warn others.
Oh - and this ISNT the person I mentioned EARLIER. That was way WORSE.



There were worse comments/messages that he could not repost

"This was, clearly, a terrorist attack,"
Blessed be the memory of Nicholas Thalasinos! He loved Yisrael and Jewish people. Muslim extremists had been sending him threatening Facebook messages. He posted one of these messages around 12:00 PM yesterday, one hour after the San Bernardino shooting started! Now we have lost him forever. Nick was very courageous and spoke the truth. It is my honest belief that Nicholas was murdered because of his alliance with Israel and Jewish people. Here is what the Muslim extremest named Med Ali Zarouk wrote Nick around 9:00 PM on December 1, 2015: "you will never sucsseed to make a country for jews , because you are criminals and cowards ,you are juste using usa and europe to fight for you , soon you ll get your ass kicked , you will die and never see israel as country believe me never ". This is a direct quote from Nicholas's Facebook timeline that he posted yesterday around 12:00 PM. Nick started the post by writing, "Here is a message sent to me by the ANTISEMITIC BRAIN SURGEON Med Ali Zarouk:" This was, clearly, a terrorist attack, yet the authorities still will not admit it. Holy G-D let the truth come out and justice be served! AMEN! 


These threat on Facebook to Nicholas Thalasinos are nearly the same as the shooter made:

SB Jihadi warned Christian co-worker: “Islam will rule the world, Christians and Jews deserve to die; and that [the co-worker] was going to die”  (pamela gellar) Dec 5, 2015

Pastor Bruce Dowell of the Shiloh Messianic Congregation in California told Sean Hannity on Friday’s radio show, “[Thalasino’s] wife told my wife… [Farook] said to Nick ‘you will never see Israel.’ That’s according to his wife, Jennifer and that comes straight from my wife. She was with her for the last two days.” The pastor said Farook told that to his congregant “face-to-face” approximately two weeks before the attack


In reading the comments left by  Nicholas Thalasinos' Christian friends on his Facebook page, the beautiful defeat of Satan and Islam is seen and heard.  Nicholas is alive and well with Yeshua now and forever.


Given time, this will be turned around and said that Nick's comments were hate speech in order to justify the Jihad.


The Latest: Friend: Victim, shooter debated Islam at work  (breitbart) Dec 3, 2015

so Obama will call it workplace violence because Syed Rizwan Farook knew Nicholas Thalasinos.  Thus OBAMA ENABLES THE TERRORISTS THROUGH THE SHIELD OF THE "DOMESTIC VIOLENCE" LABEL. However, Farook likely knew all his victims, as it was an office Christmas party!  BUT FAROOK'S immigrant WIFE DID NOT WORK THERE! So this was, clearly, a terrorist attack, NOT WORKPLACE VIOLENCE. The problem irises out of Islam, not the workplace.

They wore body amour and go-pro cameras, connected to other terrorists, deleted email accounts, made bombs, left a bomb and planned to detonate it remotely, family members in CAIR  (Why is CAIR helping the Terrorists?), pledged allegiance to ISIS, hated Israel, made death threats... this was not workplace violence.

Not Obama's Workplace Violence, but a Network of Islamic Terrorists

SB shooter in touch with people being investigated for jihad terror (jihad watch) Dec 3, 2015

Just an average, very devout modern male muslim with terror contacts and REMOTE CONTROLLED pipe bombs.

Their timer malfunctioned.  Remember Ahmed, the Clock Boy?  He made a timer for a bomb and brought it to school, got arrested and then invited to the White House, then to Qatar.


QUESTIONS; were Med Ali Zarouk (left death threat on Nicholas Thalasinos' Facebook page) and Syed Rizwan Farook and Tashfeen Malik acquaintances and/or accomplices? Or just another name used by Farrok?

other good leads:

Drudge Report  headlines 12/3/2015 Thur. AM:

Dropped baby off at grandma's...
Suspicious Neighbor Didn't Report -- Fear Of Being Called RACIST!
Saw Half-Dozen Middle Eastern Men Leaving Apartment...
ISIS Celebrates Shootings With America Burning Hashtag...


Recall: Who was that little Saudi National Boston Bomber accomplice that the Obama's rescued?

Recall: House of Saud/Bush/Clinton/Obama

Covering up the crime scene early  (pamela gellar) Dec 4, 2015



Never-the-less, OBAMA, the Islamic terrorist Enabler in Chief, and his minions, will blame the victims:

Obama blames the victims: “We have to search ourselves as a society.” (pamela gellar) Dec 3, 2015

Translated: Obama blames the victims because the terrorist had assault weapons with high-capacity clips and pipe bombs - all of which are already banned in CA.  The effect of saying it is the victims fault is that the terrorist are enabled to do it again - Obama says they are justified. 

CNN's tripe: San Bernardino Office Holiday Party ‘May Have Been Offensive’ to Muslim Gunman


UPDATE: OBAMA tried to keep FBI from calling it Terrorism  (daily caller) Dec 10, 2015



CONTRAST: Compare, two news outlets, SAME STORY one left, one right:

LEFT: California massacre victim ranted about Muslims on Facebook (the putrid swill, the New York Post) Dec 3, 2015

Interestingly while the headline blames the victim and enables the terrorists, the article itself defines that Islam is the problem.

RIGHT:  Motive? Pro-Israel, Conservative Co-Worker Told Farook Islam Not a Peaceful Religion (jewish press) Dec 3, 2015

Another moderate muslim becomes "radicalized", i.e "more devout".  Understand this much: a "radical" muslim is one that is more devout than a non-radical muslim.  The "radical", more devout muslim considers the less radical muslim to be at best a "bench warmer".  [Just like Christians that are more and less devout.  The distinction, super devout Christians follow more closely the Law of Messiah, which is to love God and love your neighbor as yourself.  They don't murder unbelievers.]This couple was living the American dream, "moderate muslims", "co-existing" for a time, yet obviously preparing many pipe bombs toward a future destructive event. Perhaps the excuse/trigger was a simple conversation wherein  Nicholas Thalasinos stated that Islam was not a religion of peace. It isn't workplace violence, because the trigger really isn't a simple conversation, but rather the trigger is Islam. Islam does not co-exist. Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistan Jihadi wife are akin to the Muslims in Israel that "co-existed" until he/she suddenly decided to stab someone.  They have the knife ready.   It happens everyday in Israel, and it is beginning to happen now in the USA. Islam is the source of terror. The Koran is the common denominator to the moderate muslim AND to the extreme muslim. Ask the victims of "moderate muslims" and the vicitms of ISIS to tell you the difference between the two. Islam is the motive.  It is important to understand that there is no "moderate" Islam.  Islam is Islam.

Here's an humanistic former muslim's view on How To Tell A Moderate Muslim From A Radical Muslim


UPDATE: The San Bernardino Terrorists Weren’t Radicals -- They Were Mainstream  (frontpage) Dec 15, 2015




The go-pro recordings probably would fill in some details regarding motive.
Islam is always the significant factor in Islamic terror.  Islamic Jihad is in and of the Koran.  It seems all Islamic terrorists graduate from once being "moderate" to becoming more devout by reading more of the Koran.  So a possible solution would be sensitivity training for Muslims, i.e. require them to participate in reading the Gospels. 

Yes, this is the solution: Send Muslims to Sunday School.

Jesus is the solution to Islamic terror.


Critical info for all Muslims and everyone else! click!



AG Loretta Lynch Vows to Prosecute Those Who Use 'Anti-Muslim' Speech That 'Edges Toward Violence'...

She's enabling the terrorists.

This is a Shiria attack on the First Amendment.

The First Amendment bans Lynch from doing this.

These Islamic Terrorists had a neighbor that did not report their suspicious activities because he didn't wasn't want to appear "racist".  So people died and he appears stupid.  This action by Lynch simply reinforces this fear of reprisals, as does her promise to persecute those that arrested the Muslim Clock-boy.

Actually, she and Obama probably WANT violence against Muslims so they can impose martial law before the 2016 elections. 



Pamela Geller: If Loretta Lynch Wants to Ban ‘Violent Talk,’ She Should Ban the Quran (breitbart) Dec 5, 2015

Lynch should apply this to Islam and the Koran.  Here are some of the Satanic Verses:

And slay them wherever you come upon them, and expel them from where they expelled you; persecution is more grievous than slaying. But fight them not by the Holy Mosque until they should fight you there; then, if they fight you, slay them — such is the recompense of unbelievers, but if they give over, surely Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. Fight them, till there is no persecution and the religion is Allah’s; then if they give over, there shall be no enmity save for evildoers. (Quran 2:191-193)

Men are the managers of the affairs of women for that Allah has preferred in bounty one of them over another, and for that they have expended of their property. Righteous women are therefore obedient, guarding the secret for Allah’s guarding. And those you fear may be rebellious admonish; banish them to their couches, and beat them. (Quran 4:34)

They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve, and then you would be equal; therefore take not to yourselves friends of them, until they emigrate in the way of Allah; then, if they turn their backs, take them, and slay them wherever you find them; take not to yourselves any one of them as friend or helper. (Quran 4:89)

This is the recompense of those who fight against Allah and His Messenger, and hasten about the earth, to do corruption there: they shall be slaughtered, or crucified, or their hands and feet shall alternately be struck off; or they shall be banished from the land. That is a degradation for them in this world; and in the world to come awaits them a mighty chastisement. (Quran 5:33)

When thy Lord was revealing to the angels, ˜I am with you; so confirm the believers. I shall cast into the unbelievers’ hearts terror; so smite above the necks, and smite every finger of them! (Quran 8:12)

Make ready for them whatever force and strings of horses you can, to strike terror in the enemy of Allah and your enemy, and others besides them that you know not; Allah knows them. And whatsoever you expend in the way of Allah shall be repaid you in full; you will not be wronged. (Quran 8:60)

Then, when the sacred months are drawn away, slay the idolaters wherever you find them, and take them, and confine them, and lie in wait for them at every place of ambush. But if they repent, and perform the prayer, and pay the alms, then let them go their way; Allah is All-forgiving, All-compassionate. (Quran 9:5)

Fight those who believe not in Allah and the Last Day and do not forbid what Allah and His Messenger have forbidden — such men as practise not the religion of truth, being of those who have been given the Book — until they pay the tribute out of hand and have been humbled. (Quran 9:29)

Allah has bought from the believers their selves and their possessions against the gift of Paradise; they fight in the way of Allah; they kill, and are killed; that is a promise binding upon Allah in the Torah, and the Gospel, and the Koran; and who fulfils his covenant truer than Allah? So rejoice in the bargain you have made with Him; that is the mighty triumph. (Quran 9:111)

O believers, fight the unbelievers who are near to you; and let them find in you a harshness; and know that Allah is with the godfearing. (Quran 9:123)

When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks, then, when you have made wide slaughter among them, tie fast the bonds; then set them free, either by grace or ransom, till the war lays down its loads. So it shall be; and if Allah had willed, He would have avenged Himself upon them; but that He may try some of you by means of others. And those who are slain in the way of Allah, He will not send their works astray. (Quran 47:4)



Lynch said that her “greatest fear” was the “incredibly disturbing rise of anti-Muslim rhetoric” in America.

After jihad attacks in Garland, Chattanooga, Boston, Fort Hood, the University of California Merced, and now San Bernardino, that’s the take-away. Jihad slaughter is Obama’s clarion call to impose the blasphemy laws under the sharia (Islamic law). Lynch said: “The fear that you have just mentioned is in fact my greatest fear as a prosecutor, as someone who is sworn to the protection of all of the American people, which is that the rhetoric will be accompanied by acts of violence.” Lynch has also called on Muslim parents to contact her if their children are bullied in school – that’s just grooming more Clockmeds.

Loretta Lynch said that the San Bernardino jihad attack gave her a “wonderful opportunity.

Wow, what a sick, demented woman.

She said, “We’re at the point where these issues have come together really like never before in law enforcement thought and in our nation’s history and it gives us a wonderful opportunity and a wonderful moment to really make significant change.”

“A wonderful opportunity?” To impose the sharia.




Islam is not a race.  It is more like a deadly viral disease of the heart and mind.  People who have the disease of Islam, may, like with the herpes virus, just be a carrier, or be latent, or have an active (lytic) outbreak. 

Here is a discussion on various states of infection with a pathogen:


A carrier state occurs when someone has been exposed to a pathogen (such as TB). A person may live as a carrier of a pathogen (virus or bacteria) and would never know it, unless tested (the immune system still produces antibodies against the pathogen, but the pathogen's own response can evade the host's antibodies). When someone is a carrier of a pathogen, that virus or bacteria basically gets a "free ride" - it lives in the host's body and can be passed on to others, without ever actually causing measurable harm to the host.

In a latent state, the virus is simply "at rest". The person infected with the pathogen will show signs of the disease, at some time in the individual's life. The latent stage is fairly common in many diseases, and is complimented by the "lytic" or active state of the pathogen/ disease. It is common for cycles of latent and lytic states of chronic infections/disease to occur. You can think of the latent state as the time in between "flair ups" of an infection. Just because the pathogen isn't causing obvious symptoms in the host doesn't mean that the infection is gone. In herpes, for example, the true virus lives in the portion of the spinal cord that correlates to the area of the body where the symptoms of the infection manifests. When the virus is latent, it just sits in the spinal cord, evading the host immune response. In the lytic phase, it goes on the offensive, and affects the nerves and tissues of the body.


So substitute ISLAM for "pathogen":

A carrier state occurs when someone has been exposed to ISLAM.  A person may live as a carrier of ISLAM(virus or bacteria) and would never know it, unless tested (the immune system still produces antibodies against ISLAM, but ISLAM's own response can evade the host's antibodies). When someone is a carrier of ISLAM, that virus or bacteria basically gets a "free ride" - it lives in the host's body and can be passed on to others, without ever actually causing measurable harm to the host.

In a latent state, ISLAM is simply "at rest". The person infected with ISLAM will show signs of the disease, at some time in the individual's life. The latent stage is fairly common in many diseases, and is complimented by the "lytic" or active state of ISLAM/ disease. It is common for cycles of latent and lytic states of chronic infections/disease to occur. You can think of the latent state as the time in between "flair ups" of an infection. Just because ISLAM isn't causing obvious symptoms in the host doesn't mean that the infection is gone. In herpes, for example, the true virus lives in the portion of the spinal cord that correlates to the area of the body where the symptoms of the infection manifests. When the virus is latent, it just sits in the spinal cord, evading the host immune response. In the lytic phase, it goes on the offensive, and affects the nerves and tissues of the body.


The only antidote is Yeshua/Jesus the Messaih of Israel, YHVH.  HE can cure muslims.


AS a critical matter of spiritual life vs. death, All Muslims, and Loretta Lynch, and everyone else, need to confess with their mouth and trust in their heart that Jesus is Jehovah.  (See Philippians ch 2. and this link: http://www.acts17-11.com/snip_tract.html)

Thousands of Muslims In Northern Iraq Converting to Christianity  (gospelhearld.com) Oct 30, 2015

After Witnessing ISIS Horror, Ministry Reveals: 'They're Just Sick of Islam'

'Is it true that the Bible has the power to change lives?' I said, 'Yes, of course. It's been changing lives everywhere.



Until they do this, the good advice has always been "Walk softly (Matt.5:37) and carry a big stick (Luke 22:36)."


Lynch attacks the First Amendment, Obama attacks the Second Amendment.

Obama says to walk without a stick (gun). Ignore him. The Second Amendment BANS any infringement on USA citizens' inalienable rights. We don't have and Constitutional rights, the Constitution and Bill of Rights PROHIBIT any violation of the rights we are born with...rights as human beings.  Any infringement is not Constitutional.  Yes, Lynch and Obama and Islam are all against the Constitution, as Islam is not compatible with the Constitution.


Obama and his masters and minions will create more gun laws, more gun free zones, and thus create more places where this terror will happen again. 

and you can bet that Obama is HOPING there will be reprisals against Muslims...by "Christians"...



Obama has done a good job of arming the American people!  He has been fantastic for gun and ammo sales.!  Keep that in mind.  He is a race-baiter-hater, and he obviously wants civil disturbance.  It seems he often uses rhetoric about imposing more gun laws to divert attention from something else he is doing.

Over 100 MILLION Guns Sold in US Since Obama Became President (gateway pundit) Dec 8, 2015

Obama has been good for the gun business.



In the end:

The San Bernardino Terrorists Weren’t Radicals -- They Were Mainstream  (frontpage) Dec 15, 2015



_____________________________BALANCE BEAM____________________________

Here I will place positive stories about Islam:


Thousands of Muslims In Northern Iraq Converting to Christianity  (gospelhearld.com) Oct 30, 2015

After Witnessing ISIS Horror, Ministry Reveals: 'They're Just Sick of Islam'

'Is it true that the Bible has the power to change lives?' I said, 'Yes, of course. It's been changing lives everywhere.


Iran Now Has One of Fastest Growing Christian Population As More Muslims Are Having Dreams and Visions of Jesus  (gospelhearld.com) Oct 30, 2015


Syrian Rebels Line Up Islamic State Prisoners, Force Them to Knees, Then Don't kill them (the blaze) Dec 9, 2015

A fine showing.

Texas Imam Forced Out After He Issues Warning on Radical Islam, Expresses Support for Trump’s Muslim Ban (the blaze) Dec 11, 2015

Ok, so there's another good one, and this one is in the USA.  He got fired by Islam for being a "good" Muslim.  So in Islam, he's considered a BAD Muslim.


So be sure to hug a Muslim! (the blaze) Dec 10, 2015






Why Evangelical Christians Should Not Support Donald Trump (CHARISMANEWS.COM) Dec 2, 2015


Again, still, it appears that Trump's purpose is to get Hillary elected.



Obama In Paris: Mass Shootings Don’t Happen In Other Countries (breitbart) Dec 1, 2015

Choom Gang RELATED:  High-potency marijuana could damage connections in your brain (dailydot) Nov 27, 2015



Remember all the ammo the US Govt. bought for those petty agencies that don't need it and how it can't be accounted for?

ISIS is in US  (threatknowledge.org) Nov 29, 2015




Chinese yuan likely to be added to IMF special basket of currencies (the guardian) Nov 29, 2015





Israel Allowing Russia to Fly Over Israeli Skies  (jewish press) Nov 28, 2015

more manipulation of Israel by the world

Netanyahu suspends negotiations with EU  (jewish press) Nov 29, 2015


Greece to ignore EU's anti-Israel labeling  (jewish press) Dec 1, 2015

Good, interesting.





Benghazi was not about a movie




Obama Wants to Defeat America, Not ISIS (daniel greenfield) Nov 18, 2015


Nov 19, Keeping in mind:

Some  are expecting something that will give Obama excuse to impose martial law and cancel 2016 elections.


Some see Obama as fulfilling the Islamic prophecy of the Son rising in the West.


There are now three popes (Frency, Ratslinger, Black).  A Catholic prophecy has one of more than one pope die a bloody death. 

UPDATE: Muslims plotted murder of Pope: “this will be the last Pope” (pamela gellar) Dec 1, 2015


Both Islam and the Roman Catholic Church share a crescent moon.




A little Jewish Satire break:

France must give land for peace!   (jewish press) Nov 18, 2015



This is just queer:

Obama becomes first U.S. president to pose for cover of LGBT magazine Nov 13, 2015

Obama says "my mom instilled in me"  this crap.

Where was the little bastard's father?  Oh, anyone named "Hussein" has a lineage.

So yeah , Obama frequently disappears for a few days without his "wife".  Got that too.



Obama Enables Islamic State

Obama Throws Total Victory to the Islamic State to Crucify the Levant’s Native Christian “Crusaders”   (theconservativehistorian.com) Nov 17, 2015




Kerry understands "rationale" for Charles Hebdo Islalmic Terror Murders  (jewish press) Nov 18, 2015

 Obama can't make it to a moment of silence for Parisians slain by Moslems, so at least they did have a moment of silence. Kerry can't keep his mouth shut either, and you would likewise be better off if he didn't show up.




Nov 17

Obama now frantic to get Muslim "refugees" into USA...




The Building World Pressure on Israel

South Africa issues arrest warrants against IDF officers  (israel national news) Nov 17, 2015

this is Ham, continually trying to usurp his brothers.


This reminds me of the Waters boys back in Perkinsville. Boyd, the younger brother, decided to run out in the street and lay down in front of an approaching car.  Fortunately, the car stopped.  Boyd's older brother Chris then ran over  and commenced viciously beating the shit out of him.  That's what it takes for some kids to learn a lesson.  That's brotherly love.





Colorado's Gov. Stinkinpooper Enables Islamic Terror

Gov. Hickenlooper says Colorado will accept Syrian refugees  (gazette.com) Nov 17, 2015


Reading between the lines [within brackets] this report so as to make it better understood:

A flood of [almost ALL military aged] men, [with very few] women and children displaced by the civil war [that has been going on for over 1000 years] and Islamic State violence in Syria has entered European countries [of which a direct result was the enabling of a Syrian terrorist (wearing the "refugee" Trojan Horse Cloak) to perform the Paris attack].

"We will work with the federal government and Homeland Security to ensure the national verification process for refugees are as stringent as possible,"
.  This is a lie, as these "refugees" are not US nationals.  There is no INTERNATIONAL verification process referenced.  Syria has no database of Who's Who in ISIS, let alone in the centuries old tribal warfare between Sunni and Shiite Muslims.  Apparently Obama and Hickenlooper are going to take Assad's word on their status.]

As Americans, particularly as Christian American students of biblical prophecy, we can see that there is no daylight between these two sides of Islam, and we should not be manipulated by this "good-cop-bad-cop" routine. Both Sunni and Shiite follow the Koran.  Islamic Jihad is in and from the Koran.  History shows that they won't stop fighting each other and the Koran shows that they won't stop fighting everyone else.    [Note that already a Syrian "refugee" has gone missing in Louisiana]
Morally, both Obama and his lap dog Hickenlooper are wrong.


On the other hand,

I'm all for allowing Jewish and Christian refugees.

It seems that along the way they may come up as bargaining chips. That is the difficult moral question for our Congressional leaders.

The Yazidi would possibly then follow in refugee status.



So Far: Syrian Refugees in U.S. Include 2,098 Muslims, 53 Christians (cnsnews.com) Nov 17, 2015



The Bigger Picture:

In first six weeks of FY2016 we resettled 827 Somalis; all but one are Muslim   (refugee resettlement watch) Nov 17, 2015

while we are going crazy over Syrian Muslims coming into the US, the beat goes on with the resettlement of Somalis which we have been bringing for over two decades



State Department Says No to Iraqi Christians  (philosproject.org) May 14, 2015

Christians are trying to survive in unfinished concrete buildings – such as shopping malls – in the Christian enclave of Ankawa rather than in the UNHCR camp with the other refugees, because they are even threatened by some of the Muslim refugees.


Eight ISIS Members Arrested Masquerading as Syrian Refugees; What Now Obama? (politistick) Nov 18, 2015



Since 9/11, about 2 million Muslims have been allowed into the USA.


The Fort Hood Islamic Terrorist was fully vetted.

The Boston Bomber Brothers were Muslim refugees.


Here's The (LONG) List Of Foreign-Born Islamists Charged With Or Convicted Of Terrorism  (hannity.com)  Nov 18, 2015

Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, Chairman of the Subcommittee on Immigration and the National Interest, has identified at least 26 instances in which foreign-born individuals inside the U.S. were charged with or convicted of terrorism in the last year or so.

Here's a sampling of incidents from that list:...see link for the list.  Then add Obama in the White House.




Sura 9:29-31 (fight against Jews and Christians until they are subdued, because God's curse is on them)

"Fight those who believe not in God nor the last day, nor hold that forbidden which hath been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, (even if they are) of the people of the Book, until they pay the jizya with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued. [YA: "Jizya = the root meaning is compensation. The derived meaning, which became the technical meaning, was a poll tax levied from those who did not accept Islam, but were willing to live under the protection of Islam, and were thus tacitly willing to submit to its ideals being enforced in the Muslim State, saving only their personal liberty of conscience as regarded themselves ... It was an acknowledgment that those whose religion was tolerated would in their turn not interfere with the preaching and progress of Islam ... there were exemptions for the poor, for females and children, for slaves and for monks and hermits. Being a tax on able-bodied males of military age, it was in a sense a commutation for military service."] The Jews call Uzair [Ezra] a son of God, [YA: "I have quoted passages from the Old Testament, showing how freely the expression "sons of God" was used by the Jews. A sect of them called Uzair (Ezra) a son of God, according to Baidhawi."] and the Christians call Christ the Son of God ... God's curse be on them; how they are deluded away from the truth! They take their priests and their anchorites to be their lords in derogation of God, and (they take as their Lord) Christ the son of Mary. Yet they are commanded to worship but One God ..." [YA: "The deification of the son of Mary is put here in a special clause by itself, as it held (and still holds) in its thrall a large portion of civilized humanity."]



and again:

Both "moderate" and "militant" Islamists read and follow the Koran:

Islamic Jihad is in the Koran.





Just think, if not for the Elephatrump ,we might have had a decent president.

"elephatrump" is said "ele-fa-Trump", but understood as "ele-fat-rump"


*Islamic State takes war to Paris Nov. 13, 2015

Muslims slaughter 118 Inside Paris Concert Hall, Multiple Coordinated Attacks, Death Toll Climbs to 160  

(pamela gellar) Nov 13, 2015

A taste of what the EU has invited by allowing an Islamic "refugee" invasion.

Obviously, they aren't refugees...

OBAMA "I don't want to speculate on who did this" (the right scoop) Nov 13, 2015

It will take Obama a few minutes to figure out a way to blame the Jews...


Here's a little help for Obama from his friends:

Suspect: "I'm from ISIS" (infowars) Nov 14, 2015

Paris jihad mass murderer was a Syrian "refugee" who arrived in Greece last month  (pamela gellar) Nov 14, 2015

Obama may be correct in labeling ISIS as the "Junior Varsity" Islamic terror team.  This begs the question: Who is the varsity Islamic terror team?


There is a school of thought that thinks thus:  ISIS was created in order to wipe out Islam.  I think that's crazy...but note that there are many muslims now outnumbered in many countries.


So, anyway...suppose there is a new consensus against ISIS, wherein the world unifies and defeats ISIS...and Israel is a part of that unity alliance...


Back to the present: This Paris outcome was predicted...


When this happens in USA, along with the LEFT's mass student "protests" and black "protests", will we see martial law in the USA?  IF so, no elections, Obama staysOn the other hand, Obama just fades away.  In the meantime the  LEFT (CLINTON, OBAMA, BUSH) will keep trying to unarm Americans:

Obama: Going After Guns is “One Thing” I Still Want to Do (joshuamark5.com) Nov 9, 2015

Obama hopes gun control will be dominate issue...____http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/11/17/obama-hopes-gun-control-will-be-dominant-issue-in-year-eight-of-his-presidency/

French Police: Gun Control Isn’t Working for Us  (breitbart) Jan 2015



Rep. Bennie Thompson, Demoncrat-Miss, Top Member of House Homeland Security Committee Says Monitor US Citizens, not Muslim "Refugees"   (redflagnews)June 24, 2015


Not heard:  ANY Muslims denouncing Islamic Jihad.  That's because it's in the Koran.

so, who nukes Damascus: Putin or Israel?

and at the same time:

bama enables Jihad in America

Ironic  bama Timing – Report: First load of Anticipated “10,000 Syrian Refugees” Has Arrived in New Orleans (theconservativetreehouls.com) Nov 13, 2015

This is very concerning. It would appear most of the “refugees” are economic jihadist males between the age of 18-45 years old. They have recently arrived courtesy of President Obama, Secretary Kerry and the State Department.
Hillary Clinton’s “Rebels” arrive in the U.S.


Remember: White house allows ISIS to come and go (redflagnews.com)  2014

(If they know they are here, they allowed it)


Obama appoints Muslim Brotherhood-linked Muslim to head “Center for Strategic Counterterrorism Communications”

 (jewsnews) Feb 26, 2015



Drudge Report Next Day; SAME DAY: OBAMA Declares ISIS 'Contained'...

If ISIS is contained, then there are no longer any "refugees".

FBI: 1,000 Active ISIS Probes Inside USA...

Muslims on track to exceed Jewish population in USA...

Obama moves to 'increase and accelerate' admission of Syrian refugees...



Canada's Obama is also simultaneously enabling North American Jihad (vdare.com) Nov 13, 2015


bama enables global anti-semitism

Obama approves of EU labeling of Jewish products (israel national news) Nov 13, 2015

This is done irregardless of  the 2012 Levy Report  which proved that Israel's presence is legal according to international law.

This product labeling is the first stage of a planned boycott of all Israeli - goods, people, land. (israel national news) Nov 13, 2015

Israel is being isolated, which is interesting in that they are God's "set-apart" chosen people:

Israel's Pres. Rivlin Cancesl State Visit to EU (jewish press) Nov 13, 2015



bama enables global Jihad:

US to help IRAN build global nuke terror network (freebeacon) Nov 10, 2015

Just calling a spade a spade.



Official: US won't recognize Israeli rule over Golan Heights (israel national news) Nov 12, 2015

Obama wants Netanyahu to play nice between now and the elections, or at least between now and martial law.  Sounds like Netanyahu is jacking with Obama a bit.  HA!


Maybe all the terrorist activity in and around Israel will give excuse for a false "saviour" to rise for Israel.  A lot of thinking is that all the world is against Israel.  Yes, true. BUT they may not appear to be against Israel, thus if possible, even the very elect may be deceived.

UPDATE Nov 17: Putin tells Western leaders: Let's bury our differences and jointly strike at 'barbarian' ISIS (christiantoday.com) Nov 17, 2015



bama  Licenses Iran To Ship Missiles to Hezbollah
The president’s Syria policy poses a direct threat to Israel
tabletmag) Oct 30, 2015


NASA Shock Study: Antarctica Is Growing Not Shrinking (breitbart) Nov 2, 2015
instead of contributing to rising sea levels, the still-very-much-frozen southern continent is actually reducing them by 0.23 mm per year....Unlike previous studies – many largely based on guesswork because the continent is so vast and inhospitable, meaning that data is extremely limited – they use satellite altimeters to calculate changes in the surface height of the ice. What they show is that the amount of ice lost by glaciers collapsing into the sea has been exceeded by the gain in ice mass from accumulated snow. ...According to the new analysis of satellite data, the Antarctic ice sheet showed a net gain of 112 billion tons of ice a year from 1992 to 2001. That net gain slowed to 82 billion tons of ice per year between 2003 and 2008.


ISIS claims it shot down a Russian plane (tpnn.com) Nov 8, 2015

so the stage is set for (a) Damascus bye-bye

PUTIN moving NUKES (tpnn.com) Nov 8, 2015



780 Muslim Attacks on Israelis in October  (frontpage magazine) Nov 3, 2015




bama  enables global Jihad:

Oh look, Obama gave Yemen terrorists $500,000,000.00 in weaponry.  (washington post) MARCH, 2015

Isn't that special?

Enough small arms for and army in a country that has many well armed arms.

 Yemen is estimated to have the second-highest gun ownership rate in the world, ranking behind only the United States, and its bazaars are well stocked with heavy weaponry.

The article points out that $500 Million is nothing compared to the $25 BILLION in arms ISIS has "received" in Iraq...

It gets better:

As part of that strategy, the U.S. military has concentrated on building an elite Yemeni special-operations force within the Republican Guard

Obama is training Iran AND Iranian backed terrorists.

Isn't that special?


Where will that unarmed army of all male "refugees" get their arms armed?


And wow, what kind of dirt did Hillary have on Biden???


bama  enables global Jihad:

Obama's Halloween Bloodletting: Americans Are Inviting Jihad By Criticizing Islam (dailycaller) Oct 31, 2015

"He insisted the conflict between Muslim and Western cultures is not caused by fundamentally different attitudes about freedom and religious solidarity"

In other words, Obama is telling the Jihadists that it is open season on Americans.

Now that Obama is really showing his dark side, the question is who is the most satanic: Obama or Islam?


This is what bama  is purposefully enabling:

Months After Radical Islam Critic Is Hacked to Death, His Publisher Is Killed in the Same Way in Bangladesh   (theBlaze)

Meanwhile, the invasion continues.   (pamela gellar) Oct 31, 2015

Five Million Muslim March

They are not refugees. No women or kids, just military aged men.  And they are "disappearing".

so this is coming to America.


Jihad in America: Muslim knife stabbing attack at UC Merced    (pamela gellar) Nov 5, 2015

"The FBI are now trying to figure out the motives of the 18-year-old"

Hey, here's a clue: "Faisal Mohammad" (get that Islamic connection?). And he carried a manifesto that contained reminders to praise for "Allah" alongside plans to behead people (Fox News, Nov7, 2015), So, Sherlock, the motive is Jihad.

Regarding the manifesto, Sheriff Vern's quality checked (lying through his teeth) comment: “There was nothing to indicate he was doing this because of Allah" inconceivably followed these statements:

“I remember seeing four or five times, scribbled on the side of the two-page manifesto, where he wrote something like ‘praise Allah.’”

“There was a gruesome statement he made about wanting to cut someone’s head off and kill two people with one bullet, and he planned to shoot the police,” Warnke said. “He did not have a firearm with him and didn’t seem to have a lot of experience with firearms because he thought he could kill two people with one bullet. He reminded himself in the list to raise the gun slowly. He scripted everything out in chronological order.”

“He appeared to be a devout Muslim, on the strong side of the belief.”
- that's an understatement, but true.  Another Islamic death cult fanatic.

UPDATE:  Law enforcement sources say UC Merced attacker was on TERROR watch list, college was WARNED of threat (pamelagellar) Nov 9, 2015

UPDATE: Report: UC Merced Stabber Had ISIS Flag (pamelagellar) Nov 10, 2015

UPDATE: more info - a cover up- they knew he was ISIS  (tpnn.com) Nov 10, 2015



Oregon Shooter Was An Isis Attack (media Black Out) (wopular.com) Oct  5, 2015




Archeologists Discover A 4000 Year Old Archeological Find Linking Allah To Lucifer And The “Harlot Religion” (shoebat) Aug 21, 2015

This is the harlot religion system that is behind the Roman Catholic Church.



Oct 2015

This week the World Health Org. says meat is bad for you,

but they don't mention Islam.



Hamas Muslim Cleric Vows: We Won’t Leave a Single Jew, Dead or Alive (pamela gellar) Oct 23, 2015


Illegals from terror nations cross into TEXAS; this happens immediately (allen west) Oct 23, 2015

ISIS Just Miles Away From Texas (jewsnews) Oct 30, 2015

maybe they will end up in the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

FBI: No way to screen ‘refugees’ coming to U.S (pamela gellar) Oct 24, 2015




Proverbs 7:20b  "He will come home at the full moon."



Recent (Oct 2015)

Canada goes into death spiral

Left-wing zealot Justin Trudeau elected as Canada’s next prime minister  (pamela gellar) Oct 19, 2015

May God Bless Prime Minister Stephen Harper for his friendship to Israel.

One less place to go now

Perhaps Mr. Harper will be given the job of running many cities during the millennial Kingdom.



Israel: vast oil discovery in Golan  (jewish press) Oct 7, 2015

Some have suggested that the oil well fires of the Gulf wars had the effect of capping the oil and that it is has "moved" to Israel.

If you followed Thomas Gold's concepts on oil, you could compare how this can happen to water springs.  Locally, note the Iron and Soda springs in Canon City, Colo.

Nations gathering against Israel.  They will want that oil money. 

Russia active in Syria, probably because of new oil find.  Proxy war while Arab Muslims kill Arab Muslims as prophesied in the Bible.

Russia blocks Israel from Lebanon airspace. (ynet) Oct 17, 2015

No doubt the airborne Russian Yugo, A.K.A. "Space trash", is a frightening sight to the IAF.

IF Gog, Gog may get a good spanking.

How Obama Created ISIS in Opposition to Syria’s Assad  (the conservative historian) Sept 18, 2015


30 Islamic Terror Attacks on Israel (support Israel blogspot) Oct 19, 2015

Netanyahu tries to divide Jerusalem (Israel National News) Oct 19, 2015

it appears that the security barrier is in fact an old decision of the Cabinet which was authorized as a pilot program a month ago.
The Cabinet meeting on Sunday night was supposed to deal with means of countering Palestinian Arab incitement, but a considerable portion of it was dedicated instead to fierce criticism against the placement of the concrete barriers, which began just before the meeting.



A FLOOD of mostly young  crappy Muslim men invades Europe.  (pamela gellar) Oct 19, 2015

It is an invasion of all military aged men.


Merkel wants Turkey in the EU.

The Brass Kingdom will have total control (authority) of the area of the ancient Greek empire.

The ancient Greek (& subsequent Roman) system influences much - sports, sororities, fraternities...and in the Roman Catholic Church, much Greek (& earlier Babylonian) paganism is carried into today.  When Jesus was tempted (in two series of three tempting) Satan 1st offered the authority and glory of the OIKUMNENE, "inhabited-earth". In the second series of tempting Satan offered Jesus the glory of the COSMOS, "world".  Jesus rejected the offers.  Later, Mohammed accepted the offer of the glory of the world.


As always check out Pamela Gellar to learn about Islamic terror.


Ted Cruz sounds good (fivethirtyeight.com) Oct 16, 2015




Actual headline:

Scientists at Large Hadron Collider hope to make contact with PARALLEL UNIVERSE in days

If successful a completely new universe will be revealed – rewriting not only the physics books but the philosophy books too.

The staggeringly complex LHC ‘atom smasher’ at the CERN centre in Geneva, Switzerland, will be fired up to its highest energy levels ever in a bid to detect - or even create - miniature black holes.
First scientists proved the existence of the elusive Higgs boson ‘God particle’ - a key building block of the universe - and it is seemingly well on the way to nailing ‘dark matter’ - a previously undetectable theoretical possibility that is now thought to make up the majority of matter in the universe.
But next week’s experiment is considered to be a game changer.

"Normally, when people think of the multiverse, they think of the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics, where every possibility is actualised.
"This cannot be tested and so it is philosophy and not science.
“This is not what we mean by parallel universes. What we mean is real universes in extra dimensions.

(really saying the same thing, as "many-worlds" and "extra dimensions" may be interchanged here.  They split more hairs rather than atoms over whether these worlds can coexist)
We have calculated the energy at which we expect to detect these mini black holes in ‘gravity's rainbow’ [a new scientific theory].
If we do detect mini black holes at this energy, then we will know that both gravity's rainbow and extra dimensions are correct."
I other words: While they DON'T believe in GOD, never-the-less they are making something up in order to support what they believe.  They don't really know what to believe (agnostic), but they are working on their doctrine anyway.

So IF they find a god, they will think "We know we found a god". Many find themselves as their god.

Nothing new here in the buzzwords of vanity.  Hopefully they will find the way of the God...rather than Satan appearing as an angel of light.


Students of -The Word of God-  trust that this "parallel universe" exists:

Enoch 5:24 and Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.

2 Kings 6:17  And Elisha prayed, and said, Jehovah, I pray thee, open his eyes, that he may see. And Jehovah opened the eyes of the young man; and he saw: and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha.


2 Corinthians 12:2  I-am-knowing-absolutely (a) MAN in Messiah fourteen years before,--whether in body I-am not knowing-absolutely, or outside the body I-am not knowing-absolutely, the God is-knowing-absolutely, --the (one) such-as-this-having-been-seized till (the) third heaven.


Colossians 1:16 Because in him [the] all things were created in the heavens and on the earth, the (things) visible and the (things) invisible, whether thrones or lordships or rulers or authorities; [the] all-things have-been-and-still-are-created through him and with-reference-to him;
v17 And he himself is before all (things) and in him [the] all-things have-stood-and-still-stand-together,


John 20:19 Therefore (as it was) being evening on that day, namely-the day (one) of-the Sabbaths, and (as) the doors (were) having-been-shut-and-still-shut where-in-which the disciples were having-been-and-still-were-gathered-together, because-of the fear of-the Jews, the Jesus came and stood into the midst, and he-is-saying to-them: Peace to-YOU.

John 14:1 Let not YOUR heart be-being-disturbed; YOU-are-trusting with-reference-to the God, YOU-be also trusting with-reference-to me.
v2 In the house of-my Father there-are many abodes; but if not I (likely) said to-YOU; I-am-proceeding to-prepare place for-YOU.
v3 And if I-might-proceed and I-might-prepare place for-YOU, I-am-coming again and I-shall-take YOU along to myself, in-order-that where-in-which I-myself-am YOU yourselves also might-be.
v4 And where-in-which I myself-am-withdrawing YOU-are-knowing-absolutely and the way YOU-are-knowing-absolutely.
v5 Thomas is-saying to-him, Lord, we-are not knowing-absolutely where you-are-withdrawing, and how are-we-being-able to-have-known-absolutely the way?
v6 The Jesus is-saying to-him, I myself-am the way and the truth and the life. No-one is-coming to the Father unless through me.


John 3:16 For thus the God cherished the world so-that he-gave his son, namely-the only-begotten, in-order-that every-(one) the (one) trusting with-reference-to him might not perish, BUT he-might-be-having life eternal.



The tower of Babel was not super tall.






Anti-Semitism was prophesied by Jesus:

Matthew 24:9  Then they-will-give YOU over into tribulation, and they-will-kill YOU; and YOU-will-be being-hated by all the Gentiles because-of my name.



Israel's soaring population: Promised Land running out of room? (reuters) Sept 25, 2015

Of course the writers for Reuters, a Cohen and a Sheer, likely do not believe the bible.

There is plenty of room in Israel.  For example, the Negev is barely inhabited. The anti-Jewish World was hoping the Arab birthrate would overrun the Israelis, but as that didn't happen, now they just say there are too many Jews.  Just like Hitler.

US pressure on Israel NOT to build in THEIR land has caused much grief in Israel.


Psalm 95:6 Septuagint translation

"For all the gods of the peoples are demons"

"demons" is from the Greek word δαιμόνια, DAIMONIA.

A HUGE statue of Zeus stands in the United Nations lobby.  These nations' idols are nothing but gold, silver, iron, wood, stone, clay; but backing the idols are demons.

Psa 135:15 The idols of the nations are silver and gold, The work of men's hands.
16 They have mouths, but they speak not; Eyes have they, but they see not;
17 They have ears, but they hear not; Neither is there any breath in their mouths.
18 They that make them shall be like unto them; Yea, every one that trusteth in them.


Pope arrives at UN, to give major speech

In this, the relationship between Roman Catholicism and other pagan religions may be seen.




Eze 38:1-23 ASV - 1 And the word of Jehovah came unto me, saying, 2 Son of man, set thy face toward Gog, of the land of Magog, the prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal, and prophesy against him, 3 and say, Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, prince of Rosh, Meshech, and Tubal: 4 and I will turn thee about, and put hooks into thy jaws, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed in full armor, a great company with buckler and shield, all of them handling swords; 5 Persia, Cush, and Put with them, all of them with shield and helmet; 6 Gomer, and all his hordes; the house of Togarmah in the uttermost parts of the north, and all his hordes; even many peoples with thee. 7 Be thou prepared, yea, prepare thyself, thou, and all thy companies that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them. 8 After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, that is gathered out of many peoples, upon the mountains of Israel, which have been a continual waste; but it is brought forth out of the peoples, and they shall dwell securely, all of them. 9 And thou shalt ascend, thou shalt come like a storm, thou shalt be like a cloud to cover the land, thou, and all thy hordes, and many peoples with thee. 10 Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: It shall come to pass in that day, that things shall come into thy mind, and thou shalt devise an evil device: 11 and thou shalt say, I will go up to the land of unwalled villages; I will go to them that are at rest, that dwell securely, all of them dwelling without walls, and having neither bars nor gates; 12 to take the spoil and to take the prey; to turn thy hand against the waste places that are now inhabited, and against the people that are gathered out of the nations, that have gotten cattle and goods, that dwell in the middle of the earth. 13 Sheba, and Dedan, and the merchants of Tarshish, with all the young lions thereof, shall say unto thee, Art thou come to take the spoil? hast thou assembled thy company to take the prey? to carry away silver and gold, to take away cattle and goods, to take great spoil? 14 Therefore, son of man, prophesy, and say unto Gog, Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: In that day when my people Israel dwelleth securely, shalt thou not know it? 15 And thou shalt come from thy place out of the uttermost parts of the north, thou, and many peoples with thee, all of them riding upon horses, a great company and a mighty army; 16 and thou shalt come up against my people Israel, as a cloud to cover the land: it shall come to pass in the latter days, that I will bring thee against my land, that the nations may know me, when I shall be sanctified in thee, O Gog, before their eyes. 17 Thus saith the Lord Jehovah: Art thou he of whom I spake in old time by my servants the prophets of Israel, that prophesied in those days for many years that I would bring thee against them? 18 And it shall come to pass in that day, when Gog shall come against the land of Israel, saith the Lord Jehovah, that my wrath shall come up into my nostrils. 19 For in my jealousy and in the fire of my wrath have I spoken, Surely in that day there shall be a great shaking in the land of Israel; 20 so that the fishes of the sea, and the birds of the heavens, and the beasts of the field, and all creeping things that creep upon the earth, and all the men that are upon the face of the earth, shall shake at my presence, and the mountains shall be thrown down, and the steep places shall fall, and every wall shall fall to the ground. 21 And I will call for a sword against him unto all my mountains, saith the Lord Jehovah: every man's sword shall be against his brother. 22 And with pestilence and with blood will I enter into judgment with him; and I will rain upon him, and upon his hordes, and upon the many peoples that are with him, an overflowing shower, and great hailstones, fire, and brimstone. 23 And I will magnify myself, and sanctify myself, and I will make myself known in the eyes of many nations; and they shall know that I am Jehovah.


watching.  Thinking about Gog.  Ezk.38 is not Armageddon.


Putin conducts Naval exercises in east  Mediterranean (yahoo-news) Sept 24, 2015


Lebanese Radio: Chinese Military May Get Involved in Syria Alongside Russia, Iran (BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS) Sept 24, 2015


Israel and Russia Create Joint Military Working Group on Syria (Jewish Press) Sept 25, 2015

The Russians have arrived in Syria. Because the United States has taken a pass....
Over the past few weeks Russia has begun moving personnel and weaponry into Syria in an effort to prop up its ally, besieged Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Russia is amassing a military presence, ...

The result of that diplomatic effort by Netanyahu was the establishment of a joint military working group to ensure there were “no misunderstandings between [Russian and Israeli] forces.”




while many see this Gog as a Russian leader, Syria/Assyria is in the "north" also.  AND, Satan is in, or makes himself appear in,  the "north" also, i.e. one that looks "like the Most High".




From Pamela Gellar, (Sept 24, 2015):

Obama: “We are summoned to push back against those who would distort OUR RELIGION for their nihilistic ends.”
Imam Obama say, “Islam is peace.”
Obama say, “the Islamic State is not Islamic.”
Obama say, “The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam.”
Obama say, the Islamic call to prayer is “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”...
Obama say, “We will convey our deep appreciation for the Islamic faith, which has done so much over the centuries to shape the world — including in my own country.”
Obama say, “As a student of history, I also know civilization’s debt to Islam.”
Obama say, “Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance.”
Obama say, “Islam has always been part of America.”
Obama say, “We will encourage more Americans to study in Muslim communities.”
Obama say, “These rituals remind us of the principles that we hold in common, and Islam’s role in advancing justice, progress, tolerance, and the dignity of all human beings.”
Obama say, “America and Islam are not exclusive and need not be in competition. Instead, they overlap, and share common principles of justice and progress, tolerance and the dignity of all human beings.”
Obama say, “I made it clear that America is not – and will never be – at war with Islam.”
Obama say, “Islam is not part of the problem in combating violent extremism – it is an important part of promoting peace.”
Obama say, “Throughout history, Islam has demonstrated through words and deeds the possibilities of religious tolerance and racial equality.”





International brinksmanship dept.:

Putin conducts Naval exercises in east  Mediterranean (yahoo-news) Sept 24, 2015

Obama blocks teen from following him on Twitter (the american mirror) Sept 24, 2015




Over 700 crushed to death in Satanic Islamic idolatrous frenzy (telegraph) Sept 24, 2015

The descriptive term used, "stampede", does not relate to normal human activity.  It was caused by a religious frenzy, and could be demonic possession.  Recall that Legion went into a herd of swine.


Today's America: Firefighters that don't know that fire is a tool. (reuters) Sept 24, 2015

(Smoke calms bees)



Pope's flag up at UN

UNITED NATIONS – A United Nations official confirms that the flag of the Holy See will be raised for the first time outside U.N headquarters the morning of Pope Francis' first visit.
* It is a turnaround for the Vatican, whose U.N. ambassador has said it had "no intention" of raising the flag before the pope arrives Sept. 25.
* The General Assembly last week overwhelmingly approved a Palestinian proposal to raise its flag and that of the Holy See as the U.N.'s two non-member observer states.
* The Palestinians have announced a ceremony for their flag-raising Sept. 30 during the annual U.N. gathering of world leaders. But the Holy See flag is set to be raised quietly.




POPE QUOTE (rephrasing Satan: "Yea, hath God said?"):

"The issue for those who do not believe in God is to obey their conscience."
“Sin, even for those who have no faith, exists when people disobey their conscience.”





Not really conservative short list:

Ann Coulter

That's a big help for the Democrats.

Donald Trump

Drudge Report


Drudge Report bias - Sept.(as of Sept.20) headlines:
Trump 73x...Carson 4x...Cruz...5x....


Perhaps Trump will drop out soon. 

Maybe he really doesn't want to be President.



Barry's World:

U.S. training helped mold top Islamic State military commander (mcclatchydc) Sept 15, 2015



Obama and the Pope continue taking the world back to Babel  (my way news) Aug 29, 2015





Drone season just opened in North Dakota  (the daily beast) Aug 26 2015



Donald Trump makes Joe Biden look presidential.

That's not an accident.

They look like two brothers with different mothers; one democrat mom, one republican mom.




Pappa Frenchy, the pagan Pontifex Maximus (chief bridge builder), the MAN of-the lawlessness, is coming to the USA.

Which Roman Catholic candidate for President will he endorse?

 Candidates who are Catholic, : Martin O’Malley, Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio, Rick Santorum, George Pataki, Chris Christie and Bobby Jindal.


Oh, and Joe:

Vice President Joe Biden, a Catholic,

said the pope's Sept. 23 visit will mark an important moment not only for Catholics but for all Americans.

"Pope Francis has breathed new life into what I believe is the central mission of our faith: Catholic social doctrine," Biden said in a statement to The Associated Press. Invoking key elements of Obama's agenda, Biden added that Francis "has become a moral rudder for the world on some of the most important issues of our time, from inequality to climate change."




Jonathan Cahn (Harbinger flamer of fame) backtracks on set dates as September arrives.  (wnd) Aug 20 2015

Cahn implores those concerned about the Shemitah not to focus on dates but on getting their own houses in order.

Always good advice.
He said he gave dates in his book, “The Mystery of the Shemitah” to show that God often works, especially in economic matters, according to the seven-year cycle given to Moses as Mount Sinai and recorded in Deuteronomy.
And dates helped the book sell.

“The first caution is, God doesn’t have to do anything. He is sovereign. He doesn’t have to work according to our understanding, He is beyond our understanding. Nothing has to happen in September or the autumn. It could be very uneventful,” Cahn said. “And if nothing happens, well then, what will we do? We will praise God, we will be bold for the Lord, we will spread the gospel, we will stand as witnesses for God and we will glorify His name.”
God hasn’t given him any secret knowledge as to what, if anything, will happen on or near the date of Sept. 13 or Elul 29, the once-every-seven years biblical day of reckoning when all debts and credits were wiped clean.


Please see the Jonathan Cahn Con Job Department

IN sum: God will judge all the nations; repent and know that Jesus saves.  The USA (the Puritans were not the USA) has NEVER been a Christian nation (start looking at the Zeus eagle and "in god we trust" on a dollar bill).  Satan has great authority on Earth, and an economic collapse would seem to fall under his control.  Satan states "I will make myself like the most High", and so he will try to make an apparent prophecy outcome to his benefit.  Note that "as in the days of Noah", would indicate buying and selling to the very end.   Cahn may have good intentions at heart.  Cahn's application of Isaiah 9:10 to the USA is a form of replacement theology, and in this particular area of study he is mislead or misleading or both.  His current backtracking on dates - even as the china & USA markets crash - may lend some credibility to his heart condition. However, don't for get to "call no man rabbi".



Environmental Protection (?) Agency pollutes Animas River  (nytimes) Aug 11 2015

Perhaps now IF the EPA is held responsible, the EPA will admit the truth: it's just muddy water.

Follow up: Within a week, EPA says Animas river is as good ever.  In other words, they admit it is just muddy water.



satanic muslim idolaters in action:

anti-muslim blogger hacked to death (yahoo news) Aug 7 2015

and Obama wants more gun control in USA.  Go figure.



Bizarre World

v'dRussia burns "contraband" food

Here's the scary part of Putin's goose-stepping parade:

"a vigilante youth group has begun conducting raids on Russian supermarkets searching for banned European and US products."

The concept of national segregation may be good, as per Babel,

but a militarized youth is not a biblically correct concept.



The Associated (with evil) Press glorifies government attack on citizens.





Iran Deal Worth More than All U.S. Aid to Israel Since 1948 (breitbart) July 24 2015

 much of Israel’s aid is spent back in the U.S.–at least 75 percent of military aid, by law. In that sense, a large proportion of aid to Israel comes back as “our money” as well. Iran, of course, is not obligated to spend any of its foreign currency in the United States


Study: 8 hour work day a thing of the past (fox) July 24 2015

In the Bible, the Mosaic covenant/law (to the Jews) commands them to work 6 days and rest the seventh day (Exodus 20:9,10,11).

Gentiles a not under the Mosaic Law.

 "Work"  (which by extension also includes cheap imported or exported labor) should not become MAN's god.

Perot was right: NAFTA'a giant sucking sound was jobs going "global".  A result is more work for the worker - and that's not saying "more benefit". 

  By Jewish law (Halakah) work is now defined as simple as turning on a light switch on the Sabbath.  So if a Gentile so wishes, meeting the requirements to work six days is simple and easy (which simplicity is corrupted by the likes of NAFTA/globalism, etc)., but more often just simple vanity, which is simply a form of idolatry).  But can an you take a day off?  More specifically, can you rest on the seventh day of the week, which has always been Saturday?

Gentiles, of course, are not under the Mosaic Covenant, and so it is OK if we work ourselves to death...however, it isn't required by God.







The Mormonism and British-Israelism deception continues:

Glenn Beck says the USA = the "lost" tribes of Israel (world net daily) Aug 29, 2013

Radio and television host Glenn Beck is now going public with his belief the United States is among the famous “Lost 10 Tribes of Israel,”


Glenn Beck, γόητες   (go-ay-tes)


2Timothy 3:13 But evil MEN and wizards [γόητες] will-progress on the worse, leading-astray and being-led-astray.




That might be stating things incorrectly.  Beck may just be one led astray...however: The "goaytes" hear a god, i.e. a demon, talking to them.  Beck is one of many that say's "God spoke to me".  That is a big red warning flag.


Those that are not Jews, but say they are, are really the synagogue of Satan. Rev.2:9


Understand that in the New Testament Assembly, true believers can be led astray and then lead others astray.  Beware of Glenn Beck.  For all the good that Glenn Beck appears to do, with his replacement theology he promotes another Jesus.







Patreaus  (sound Roman?)

"After America comes North America" (the new american) July 22 2015



Good info for both Christians, Muslims and secularists:

"Allah" is not The God of Abraham:

ALLAH, HIS HERITAGE FROM PAGAN GODS  (Balaam's Ass) July 20, 2015

Article rescued from extinction from the Web

After reading this paper you will clearly see that Allah wasn't originally known as the God of Abraham and that Muhammad is a self-proclaimed prophet. The Cuneiform text speaks for themselves in showing the origin of IL in Allah to be from the god An. Peace be unto all.




The Donald Trumpet blast:

McCain a war hero?

Hanoi McCain’s Implausible Denial (Jonathan Henderson) July 20, 2015

While America rightfully worried about Obama’s Kenyan past and place of birth, the same was never applied to McCain as an alleged Communist agent for the North Vietnamese and the Soviet Union. Such was the case with Donald Trump again telling the truth regarding Sen. McCain, and what in the following video are accounts of his implausible denial.



There is as pretty good field of Republican Presidential candidates, and Trump's purpose is to detract from them.  The good guys (*and post "debate" so is Fox news) are being marginalized by the Trump circus. 

*the ElephaTrump slurs Megan on Fox News by saying, in a paraphrase, that she is menstrating, and thus biased against him.  So Fox won't give him the circus coverage the American majority want, i.e. they won't learn better. In this, Trump at once diminishes all the Republican candidates and the one leading News source, all for the benefit of the Democrat Party.


An interesting analysis:

Iranian Missiles Aimed at the USA   (John Mcternan's Insights) July 14, 2015



Obama's Historic Mistake for the World (weekly standard) July 14, 2015


Time to Call Obama and Kerry What They Are: Traitors (frontpage magazine) July 14, 2015



In Russia, the prophesied change:

Putin Cracks Down on ‘Foreign Agents’ and ‘Intellectuals’ (That’s Code for the J Word) (jewish press) July 10, 2015

A return to Soviet era persecution of Jews.

It is difficult to blame the Russians for not liking Sorros...

Not all that are Israel are Israel....

but the anti-Semitism runs deeper.



American squeeze play:

Drudge Report headlines 7/10/15:

REPORT: 20 million immigrants in USA struggle with English...
60 million speak foreign language at home...

Once upon a time, God forced a world-wide segregation.

What happened at Babel when the people could not communicate with one another? Babel was history.

Now Obama forces integration in USA  (the global dispatch) July 10, 2015

How's that going to work out?

Now the poor folk will have higher property taxes...


But here's Obama's primary reason for this forced integration:

Seattle mayor offers plan to help followers of Sharia law buy houses  (bizjounals) July 17, 2015

Exploding Muslim immigration overwhelms FBI
  (world net daily) July 18, 2015


Here's a hum, if you can hear this frequency:

Temple Mount Activist 'Survives' Dinner - With 1,000 Muslims  (Israel national news) June 30, 2015
Temple Mount activist Yehuda Glick sat in on a post-Ramadan meal in Istanbul attended by 1,000 Muslim clerics.

The Muslims in Turkey, said Glick, did not see his activities to organize prayer for Jews on the Temple Mount as a problem. “They respect that fact that I am observant, and they realize that we do not have any designs on their prayers or worship. They see no reason why Muslims, Christians and Jews cannot pray on the Temple Mount.”


On July 12, 2015, The Temple Mount Institute says it will make an announcement that will change the world.



The "stage" is being set. 

Keep in mind that satan said he would make himself like the Most High.




Squeeze Plays

Obama Trying to Make US Leftist Jews “Mainstream’ (jewish press) July 4, 2015
By: Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu



Top Israeli official: Nuke deal will set up Iran to take over Middle East  (times of Israel) July 4, 2015

again, Obama's "J.V."  "Islamic State" may not be the Islamic State...

Iran may be Obama's "Varsity" team.


WHEN sanctions lift off IRAN, the oil price drop will hurt the remaining Arab countries not under ISIS control...

and of course the longer range goals here include shutting down USA oil & economy.




A Founding Father

Haym Salomon (jewish press) July 4, 2015



OBAMA blocks attempts by Arab allies to fly heavy weapons directly to Kurds to fight Islamic State

(TELEGRAPH) June 30, 2015

. “There is a lack of coordination in selecting targets, and there is no overall plan for defeating Isil.”


and this may be related:

Islamic State claims it fired rockets from Egypt's Sinai at Israel (TELEGRAPH) June 30, 2015
Egyptian source: If ISIS nears Gaza, Sissi may 'invite' IDF to act against it (
haaretz) July3, 2015



Prophecy in action, all the nations hate Israel

Prophecy in action, the nations get gathered against Israel (?)


IDF Appoints Special Team to Plan Strike on Iran  (Israel national news) June 30, 2015


"As world powers and Iran reach..."



RECALL: Obama Threatens War on Israel if it Attacks Iran (Israel national news) June 23, 2015


"US President Barack Obama threatened to take military action against Israel not to let Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu strike Iran."



And when Israel acts, US and Nations will condemn...and go to war against Israel?

Prime Minister condemns UN report alleging Israeli war crimes (Israel national news) June 23, 2015








But the Earth swallowed up the River, and offered a place of refuge to the Jew (via Diaspora)

Then Satan moved his world power from the  Roman Empire into the Roman Catholic Church in order to pursue the Woman, Israel.

Satan's river of anti-Semitism continues:

Pope backs sainthood candidacy of 'anti-Semitic' priest(yahoo) June 5, 2015
From the June 05, 2015 20:28:46 GMT edition of the Drudge Report.

The god of the Pope is Zeus:

The Scientific Pantheist Who Advises Pope Francis (stream.org) June 22, 2015

With this age winding down, Satan is getting frantic, and the pope's true color shows as he is expressing this:


in Italian? Leaked ---by the Vatican.

Pope demands climate change action(time) June 15, 2015

Pappa Frenchy, in the name of Environment/Earth/Zeus, uses his flock of 1 billion to force Agenda 21 on the world
This nutter's Crowd Control explained In a nutshell: septic tanks are bad.


Pappa Frenchy wants the Russian Orthodox Church's property too? (independent) June 30, 2015

Interesting connection between the Catholic Church and Ukraine - - what's behind the past and current wars there



In the REAL world, it's all cool, MAN:

Britain faces FREEZING winters as slump in solar activity (express) June 23, 2015


Pope says weapons manufacturers can't call themselves Christian (yahoo) June 22, 2015

He's including weapon owners also.

And then, very stupidly, he asks why Auschwitz wasn't bombed. . .

Auschwitz SHOULD have been bombed, and that is a very good argument FOR weapons manufacturers and owners.

Auschwitz came about due to the evil force of Satan in MAN; the people of Europe were predominately Roman Catholic, and were used to being anti-Semitic due to the Roman Catholic Church's doctrine. The US and Allies did not bomb Auschwitz due to their Satanic ant-Semitism, as most of the protestant churches continued to use Roman Catholic Doctrine.


US Military sharing base with Iran in Iraq (bloomberg view) June 22, 2015


US Military supporting Hezbollah (bloomberg view) June 22, 2015



Friday, June 12, 2015

Glenn Beck recaps this week:


here's a video of the exiled Archbishop of this church:



Please join us because Never Again Is Now!






Worth reading:

Directive 11: Obama’s Secret Islamist Plan (front page mag) June 8, 2015

Obama lawyers asked secret court to ignore public court's decision on spying (the guardian) June 9, 2015


June 9, 2015

This week in Israel a bill is considered - releasing the servant indentured  by interest payments.

NIS 10-billion debt forgiveness for Israel’s poor in works

Israel's Justice Minister
Aleyet Shaked put forth a bill Sunday under which the government’s debt-collection agency will forgive the debts of those deemed to have “limited means.”
According to the bill, those of “limited means” are classified as debtors who hold no assets other than their salaries, and for whom collection proceedings are unlikely to churn up meaningful benefit to creditors.

Reminiscent of the biblical seven year and Jubilee year releases...

(Noting that Shaked is reported to be "secular")

How hopeful. If passed, that should spark creativity.




This Battle is for control of Jerusalem:

Supreme Court Strikes Down 'Born In Israel' Passport Law (huff-po) June 8, 2015

In the voting breakdown, the court's four liberals, including the three Jewish justices, joined Kennedy's opinion that sided with the administration and against the Zivotofskys.

They are not recognizing that the State of Israel is God's fulfilling of bible prophecy.

 That is, they are not recognizing God.

The status of Jerusalem has for decades been among the most vexing issues in Israeli-Palestinian relations.

The entire world is "vexed" by the Jew because the Jew, and Israel, prove God's word to be true.  Jesus said that the Jews would be being-hated (a periphrastic future, ongoing) for his name's sake forever, and this prophecy (Matt.24:9) is fulfilled in anti-Semitism.  The world hates the Jew, yes, but moreover, the world hates God.

Israel has controlled all of Jerusalem since the Six-Day War in 1967 and has proclaimed a united Jerusalem as its eternal capital.
The outcome would be scary if not for the fact that God sets up the nation's rulers:
"Recognition is a matter on which the nation must speak with one voice. That voice is the president's," Kennedy wrote.




Home front war on America

Obama's EPA power grab - your driveway is a Federal waterway  (washington times) May 28, 2015



Obama and Hillary lied about Benghazi (daily caller) May 21, 2015



God is drawing all the nations against Israel. The god of the world is mammon/money, so it seems logical that this battle begins with trumped up charges against Israel demanding financial settlement.  Certainly, the nations will come to "settle their debt", like a fish led by a in their jaw.


A quick summary of how this stuff works  (the berean call) May 19, 2015


Hook set, nations gather against Israel:

Israel Ordered to Pay $1.1 Billion to Iran Over Oil (jewish press) May 20, 2015

A Swiss court has ordered Israel to pay Iran $1.1 billion after a long legal battle over a joint venture prior to the 1979 Islamic Revolution, IRNA reports.


France seeks 18-month deadline for Israel-Palestinians peace talks (ynet) May 21, 2015

PA Diplomat: We'll Submit Two Lawsuits to ICC (ynet) May 21, 2015




Why Pamela Geller Is Hated (real clear politics) May 19, 2015

Those who don't fight evil hate those who do.
This is a defining characteristic of the American left.
Today, the world's greatest evil is Islamism (the movement to impose Islam and its Sharia on society). Just as the left loathed anti-Communists, it loathes anti-Islamists, chief among whom is Netanyahu, the prime minister of the country that the Islamists most hate, the country that most confronts violent Islam -- and not coincidentally the country the international left most hates.


Pamela Geller does a fantastic job of reporting the truth about Islam.  She is receiving a lot of flak for hosting a cartoon contest featuring Mohammed.  Usually, Mohammed is portrayed as faceless.  In Christianity, Judaism and the Bible, God (YHVH the Father) is Spirit, and thus invisible, and thus faceless.  Apparently Islamists place Mohammed on an equal level with their god, whom they call Allah.


UPDATE: Pamela Gellar targeted for beheading by ISIS terrorist shot dead

 "ISIS is here. Islamic terrorism is here. now."


Here's Mohammed as portrayed in The Library of Universal History, by Israel Scott Clare, ©1897, vol.4, pp1353:



Mohammed looks confused.

Mohammed looks Caucasian!  have the true Ishmaelites been displaced???



Caricatures may or may not represent historical fact.   However, Mohammed's history is preserved well enough to discern that he was sexually immoral and a sincere crackpot.  Mohammed was the son of a Jewish Christian woman.  His father was an idolater.  Mohammed was a nice preacher until he started talking to a demonic being that he was deluded into mistaking for Gabriel.  This delusion continues in the Koran and Islam.  Oddly, Mohammed decreed that Muslims could have five wives, yet he thereafter had 15. It is illogical to think Mohammed had 15 wives and wasn't stark raving mad.


Things we all, including Muslims, need to know:

Here's an historical review of Mohammed and Islam, as formerly taught in Universities from the Library of Universal History, by Israel Scott Clare, ©1897, vol.4, p1362



The Son Rising in The West Department:


Is this Islamic prophecy depicted in Barack Hussein Obama's symbol?





May, 2015


So the story is that some time ago Naftali Bennett left Benjamin Netanyahu's camp because of disagreements with B.Netanyahu's wife, Sarah.  While this story  is obviously ridiculous, apparently, the left accepts it.  Bennett formed his own political party, Jewish Home. 

Jewish Home was part of Netanyahu's last government.  So during this last Israeli election, Bennett (and Aleyet Shaked, also Jewish Home, who also previously worked for Netanyahu) helped Netanyahu campaign in the USA and Israel, at considerable cost to their party.  Post election,  the left was gleeful that Jewish Home had "lost" and would be relegated to minor appointments.  Making the long story short, in the end Netanyahu "had" to negotiate with Bennett and was "forced" to concede the Justice Ministry position to Aleyet Shaked.


So now the very left leaning Israeli Supreme Court finally faces reform which will favor Zionism, Israel, settlers, - the right minded Israel.  Of course, Netanyahu was "forced" into this position, as he would never have been able to instigate Justice reform from within his own party, Likud.   Likewise, Netanyahu would never be able to "appoint" a successor from within his own party.


Apparently, Netanyahu, Bennett, and Shaked all play chess well.  The Israeli left, not so much.


ON the other hand, Netanyahu might be hanging Jewish Home out to dry.


  It seems to be sort of do or die time for Jewish Home, hopefully they will do well.





Vatican recognizes state of Palestine in new treaty  (ap) May 13, 2015

...makes explicit that the Holy See has switched its diplomatic recognition from the Palestine Liberation Organization to the state of Palestine.

Once again the pope goes against God's will. Leviticus 26:23 (and the rest of the Bible, as inspired by the Holy Spirit YHVH).


Pope Francis – – When You Call Evil Good – Wishful Thinking Can Be A Sin (timesofisrael-Micha Danzig) May 19, 2015


Leviticus 25:23 - The Land of Israel belongs to God.

Genesis 13:15-17 This land was given to Abraham.

Joshua 1:3-4 The land of Israel extends to the Euphrates.

Genesis 35:9-15 The promised land grant to Abraham extend to Israel, NOT Ishmael

Leviticus 25:23 - The Land of Israel belongs to God.

This is non-negotiable.


The pope blasphemes against the Holy Spirit.  Not only is he not a Christian, he cannot be saved. Matt.12:31-32.




The French Liar Friar calls Mahmoud Abbas "angel of peace"  (ap) May 16, 2015

That might actually be true.

 One of Jesus Christ names is Prince of Peace (Isa.9:6).  Satan has said "I will make myself like the most high" (Isa.14:13-14). Satan appears as an angel of light and his angels appear as ministers of righteousness (2Cor.11:14-15).  Of the many false messiahs come and gone and still coming, it is not surprising that they will call themselves "angels of peace".  This "peace" however is not the Shalom of Jesus Christ.


Church officials are holding up the new saints as a sign of hope and encouragement for Christians in the Middle East at a time when violent persecution from Islamic extremists has driven many Christians from the region of Christ's birth.

Note the Roman Church is not doing anything to protect their congregants or fight the Islamists.  This is because they serve the same god, Zeus/Satan.  Recall in "mythology" how the gods and the Titans battled: both groups were and are Satanic in origin and action.




It's a punch line to a bad joke:

And then the Pope called him an "angel of peace"! (israeli cool) May 16, 2015


The reason the Pope is appeasing Islamists that are killing Catholics?  Because they both serve the same god.  Look for the crescent moon on Islam's building tops (for example: on the Temple mount in Jerusalem) and on Roman Catholicism's ostensorium and under their Mary idols.




Is Assad (Syria) really fighting ISIS?



'Egypt is Preparing for War with Israel'   (Israel national news) Apr 6, 2015


Clockwork hype:

Blood Red Moons?


Again, a no show in Israel:



The "red blood moons" do not appear to be biblically designated as signs of prophetic events; however there are biblical prophetic events  occurring, and it is a good thing if the blood moon hype heightens trust in Jehovah God.



Heavy, MAN.

.Israel call for Independent Kurdistan at UN (English)  


excerpt from "Babylon", ©1964 by the late R.H.Mount:

As Abraham stood overlooking the place where Sodom and Gomorrah had stood the entire land went up in smoke. (Gen. 19:28) The same will be true of Babylon. (Rev. 18:8,17,18) Much of the present ruins of the city of Babylon have been used to build other buildings yet when Babylon is finally destroyed this will not be done any longer.(Jer.51:26) The Babylonian Empire will meet its destruction at the hand of Israel.(Jer.51:19­25)(Ps. 149:5-9) Certainly this is sufficient Scripture to show that Babylon has not yet seen its final de­struction. Now if Babylon is not yet finally destroyed it must once again become a great power.


Jeremiah 51  Thus saith Jehovah: Behold,  I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in Leb-kamai, a de­stroying wind. 2 And I will send unto Babylon 'strangers, that shall winnow her; and they shall empty her land: for in the day of trouble they shall be against her round about. 3 Against him that bendeth let the archer I bend his bow, and against him that lifteth himself up in his coat of mail: and spare ye not her young men; 4 destroy ye utterly all her host. 4 And they shall fall down slain in the land of the Chaldeans, and thrust through in her streets.

5 For Israel is not I forsaken, nor Judah, of his God, of Jehovah of hosts; though their land is full of guilt against the Holy One of Israel. 6  Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and save every man his life; be not 'cut off in her iniquity : for it is the time of C Jehovah's vengeance; he will d render unto her a recompense.





8 Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed: 'wail for her; take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed.

Sudden Fall

 Bloody Victory

Fright of the Jews

20 Thou art my battle axe and weapons of war : and with thee will I break in pieces the nations ; and with thee will I destroy kingdoms Israel the Victor

26 And they shall not take of thee a stone_for a corner, nor a stone for foundations; but thou shalt be desolate for ever, saith Jehovah.

No Stones Re-used

43 Her cities are be­come a desolation. a dry land, and a desert, a land. wherein no man dwelle,th, neither cloth any son of man pass thereby.

      Cities Desolate

   A Land  Deserted

44 And I will "execute judgment upon Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up ; and the nations shall not flow any more unto him : yea, the 'wall of Babylon shall fall.

45 Mv people go ye out of the midst of her, and "save your­selves every man from the fierce anger of Jehovah.

Israel Called Out

49 As Babylon bath caused the slain of Israel to fall, so at Babylon shall   Lands Slain at Babylon

 fall the slain of all the  land.


We see that there is a great deal of prophecy to be fulfilled concerning Babylon. The ten horns will be placed on the active head, as they have authority as kings, one hour with the beast. it is interesting to note that only one head seemed to be smitten unto death. Perhaps we may come to a better conclusion by a process of elimination. Head number one represented Egypt and Egypt is present in modern history. Head number two represents Assyria. No country to­day represents the old kingdom of Assyria. History says that the Kurds in the northern part of Iraq are the descendants of the Assyrians. Head three was Babylon, now the country of Iraq Head four was Medo-Persia now called either Persia or Iran. Head five was Greece and we know it by the same name. Head six was the Roman Empire which is the modern Italy. Head seven the Papal Kingdom is now known as the State of Vatican City. Six of the seven kingdoms are presently represented among the world governments. The one missing head today is the one repre­senting Assyria. In 1963 the Kurds began agitation to become an autonomous state.

In Isaiah 31:8, it says,"And the Assyrian shall fall by the sword, NOT OF MAN; and the sword, NOT OF MEN, shall devour him; and he shall flee from the sword, and his young men shall become subject to taskwork'. In Isaiah 37:36-38, we read the account of the destruction of 185,000 of the Assyrian army by an angel of Jehovah. This defeat hastened the end of Sennacherib, king of Assyria. A few more years and Assyria disappeared from history. Could this be the head that received the stroke of the sword? We read of Israel's future victory over the Assyrian. (Mic. 5:6) There are many other prophecies concerning the Assyrian which may perhaps be future but until history develops further, I shall place the ten horns on the Assyrian lion's head, and put the lions mouth in this same head. This eighth empire then will have a leopard's body or a predominantly Greek appearance. This empire will have as the other extremity bear's feet or Persia. The chief ruler will in all probability be the Assyrian lion and the ten horns, kingdoms, which will make up the Middle East.


Let us summarize our conclusions:

I.      We will understand the word translated "per­dition" to mean "destruction", which is the usual meaning.

II.   We will understand the word "abyss" to mean the "deep" or the "sea" in this figurative passage. Often this word does mean a specific place.

III.  Text Box: 70
We will understand the "sea" to be symbolic of the people of the nations.

IV.   The beast in Rev. 17 and Rev. 13 are one and the same beast in different phases.

V.     The beast in Rev. 13 describes the beast in Rev. 17 as he appears out of the abyss. This descrip­tion depicts the eighth kingdom.

VI.   When the beast re-appears, he has a leopard's body, bear's feet, and a lion's mouth.

VII. The lion's mouth will go with the Assyrian or Babylonian lion.

VIII. Babylon will be re-built.

IX.   Babylon will be vanquished by Israel. This has never yet occurred.

X.     Of the seven major kingdoms represented by the heads only one is presently not existing.

XI.   It would seem that this missing head is that of the Assyrian lion. It is probably this head which will receive the lion's mouth and the ten horns.

Later, as Ralph progressed in his bible studies, he changed some of the above teaching, for instance, he no longer believed that the physical city of Babylon would be rebuilt.





Arabs form Army to Fight Iran   (daniel pipes) Mar 28, 2015

Muslims fighting the Muslims that Obama allows to have nukes




Obama's peace partner Iran?

Saudis Prepare to Deploy in Yemen for Iran Showdown (israel national news) Mar 25, 2015

Just last week Obama said

OBAMA: Iran can be a very successful regional power  (weeklystandard) Mar 19, 2015


US Declassifies Report Detailing Israel's Nuclear Program (jewish press) Mar 25, 2015

 titled “Critical Technological Assessment in Israel and NATO Nations.”
It was declassified by the Pentagon in early February – but oddly, the report has been redacted so as to black out or withhold everything the Institute wrote on America’s NATO allies – but to reveal all that American experts assembled in Israel.


Zechariah 12:3 "And it shall come to pass in that day, that I will make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all the peoples; all that burden themselves with it shall be sore wounded; and all the nations of the earth shall be gathered together against it."



Official: White House was part of bid to oust Netanyahu (timesofisrael) Mar 24, 2015



The United Nations is telling lies:

UN says Israel top violator of women's rights around the world (fox news) Mar 19, 2015

Not Syria. Where in 2014 the Assad regime starved, tortured and killed at least 24,000 civilians, and three million people – mostly women and children – are refugees.
Not Saudi Arabia. Where women are physically punished if not wearing compulsory clothing, are almost entirely excluded from political life, cannot drive, cannot travel without a male relative, receive half the inheritance of their brothers, and where their testimony counts for half that of a man’s.
Not Sudan. Where... The legal age of marriage for girls is ten. 88% of women under 50 have undergone female genital mutilation. And women are denied equal rights in marriage, inheritance and divorce.
Not Iran. Where every woman who registered as a presidential candidate in the last election was disqualified.  Women who fight back against rapists and kill their attackers are executed. The constitution bars female judges. And women must obtain the consent of their husbands to work outside the home.
Iran is an elected member of CSW.

Sudan is currently a CSW Vice-Chair.
Not Palestinian men. Not religious edicts and traditions. Not a culture of violence. Not an educational system steeped in rejection of peaceful coexistence and of tolerance.


But Israel? New Israeli parliament has the highest number of women ever  (timesofisrael) Mar 19, 2015





State Dept. Investigated over Anti-Netanyahu Campaign (cbn) Mar 19, 2015

Never-the-less, Obama lost the election, Netanyahu won.

Obama taking off his mask:

US President Obama Punishes Israel for Re-electing PM Netanyahu  (jewish press) Mar 19, 2015

US threatens sanctions against Israel, makes excuses for Iran (weeklystandard) Mar 19, 2015

Obama removes Iran and Hezbollah from terrorist list  (timesofisrael) Mar 19, 2015

According to one Israeli think tank, the removal of Iran and its proxy Hezbollah from the list of terror threats, where they featured in previous years, was directly linked to the campaign against the Islamic State.
Iran, the bear's feet of this beast, transports terrorism around the globe, as Netanyahu outlined in his US Congress speech.

Transcript of PM Binyamin Netanyahu’s Historic Speech to Congress  (Jewish Press) Mar 3, 2015


Stated here earlier: "Again, ISIS may not be the big player.  They might be a pawn of a bigger player yet to surface."  And now we may see that ISIS is being used to set IRAN up.


OBAMA: Iran can be a very successful regional power  (weeklystandard) Mar 19, 2015

Note Obama's gobbledygook regarding Iran...

Iran endorses nuclear EMP attack on United States (washington examiner) Mar 19, 2015

Iranian military documents describe such a scenario--including a recently translated Iranian military textbook that endorses nuclear EMP attack against the United States.
Thus, Iran with a small number of nuclear missiles can by EMP attack threaten the existence of modernity and be the death knell for Western principles of international law, humanism and freedom. For the first time in history, a failed state like Iran could destroy the most successful societies on Earth and convert an evolving benign world order into world chaos.




Netanyahu: If I'm elected, there will be no Palestinian state  (haaretz Mar 18, 2015

Of course that's just election talk, and Obama knows it.


Netanyahu backs away from rejection of two-state solution (timesofisrael) Mar 19, 2015

Nice ploy by either Netanyahu or Bennett to get votes:  Likud gets Jewish Home votes, Netanyahu gets elected, and IF Netanyahu follows through, Bennett could succeed him someday.  Seems kind of a gamble on Bennett's part (unless he was duped), and note that Netanyahu likely did not need Jewish Home votes.  Bennett scares the shit out of all the leftist Israel haters.  He might even scare Netanyahu...and this might be a ploy to get Bennett on board "concessions" towards a Palestinian state.  But Israel politics I know not, they are anyone's guess.


Obama administration rejects Netanyahu backtrack on two-states (timesofisrael) Mar 19, 2015














file under the title "Culture":

ISIS has blown up the historic wall of Nineveh  (speisa.com) Mar 6, 2015
Interestingly, in his 1964 book "Babylon", R.H. Mount stated that these were ruins that would never be rebuilt as per prophetic scripture, that said they would never be rebuilt.  Looks like his interpretation of scripture is correct. 



Transcript of PM Binyamin Netanyahu’s Historic Speech to Congress  (Jewish Press) Mar 3, 2015



God said He would destroy all the nations where Israel has been scattered.

Jeremiah 30:11 For I am with thee, saith Jehovah, to save thee: for I will make a full end of all the nations whither I have scattered thee, but I will not make a full end of thee; but I will correct thee in measure, and will in no wise leave thee unpunished.


Does that include the USA?

Have Jews been dispersed throughout Israel?


The "full end" of the USA won't be Obama's fault, or Bush's fault, or the San Andreas' fault.

But rather "and God said" will be the reason.




Netanyahu's Speech to US Congress

Will the stone soon smash the feet of the image?  Mar 2,, 2015






ISIS Kidnaps At Least 220 Christians In Syria (cbs washington) Feb 26, 2015




Other than news dept.:

Once again, reports should surface of Sasquatch sightings near Aspen.



Wow, nice work, Obama voters! Thanks for the national chaos.

Just this week (2/21/2015)


Obamacare mess continues  (national journal) Feb 20, 2015


Obama revises American History:  Now founded on Islam  (cns news) Feb 20, 2015

The New York Times front page has picture of blindfolded Obama not seeing Islamic terror.

Obama says ISIS just need jobs  (fox news) Feb 17, 2015

DANG! Chris Matthews quotes the bible?  "you will always have the poor"!

On top of that: Jihadi John had a good education and job (the guardian) Mar 1, 2015

Mohammed Emwazi 'the best employee we ever had', says former boss in Kuwait


So Obama brings them to USA

Muslim Immigration Poses Serious National Security Threat  (investors.com) Feb 19, 2015


Judge blocks Obama amnesty

Obama defiantly continues unconstitutional activity (the hill) Feb 20, 2015

Border Patrol ignores Federal Judge block. (national review) Feb 20, 2015


Obama's Jew bashing continues... (ap) Feb 20, 2015




Obama Says Christians as Guilty as Muslims: ‘People Committed Terrible Deeds in the Name of Christ’ (christian news) Feb 6, 2015
Roman Catholicism is not Christianity



Obama is obviously putting a nice dress on Islam.  But it is still Islam; compare the Koran and the Bible to verify that Christians have no call to kill non-believers, but rather to take a message of hope in Messiah Jesus to them.  Muslims on the other hand are indeed told to kill the infidels.
'Homeland Security' Boss: Administration Must 'Give Voice To Plight Of Muslims' (real clear politics) Feb 18, 2015


Obama gives Islam a free pass  (cns news) Feb 18, 2015

Obama Tries to Split Religion from Terrorism at Summit (bloomberg) Feb 18, 2015

No Obama, THIS is Islam:
Saudi Cleric insists sun revolves around Earth
(freebeacon.com) Feb 18, 2015


What do these people eat that makes them think like this?

NO NO, this is an integral part of Islam. 


Total recall (why Obama hates the internet)

Opening a mission to write a new chapter on Islam and the West - from 2009


Next, search the internet for "Obama The Son Rising in the West"

Obama's tyranny will likely get worse:

Obama’s DOJ Sharia Offensive: Seeks to Criminalize Free Speech on Social Media posts that offend Muslims (pamela geller) May 2013



Obama Won't Back Egypt's Attacks on ISIS (the daily beast) Feb 18, 2015


ISIS Burns 45 to Death (daily mail) Feb 17, 2015

5 miles from US military base

Obviously, we are 'Not at war with Islam' (breitbart) Feb 18, 2015


But Obama is at war with Israel:

Obama's Jew bashing continues... (ap) Feb 20, 2015

USA ISSUES TRAVEL WARNING TO ISRAEL (the right scoop) Feb 18, 2015


Obama threatened to shoot down Israeli planes

(Jewish Press) Mar 1, 2015






Here's another bat-shit-crazy Obama lie:

Obama: 'Islam Has Been Woven Into the Fabric of Our Country Since Its Founding' (cns news) Feb 20, 2015

"Here in America, Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding. Generations -- (applause) -- Generations of Muslim immigrants came here and went to work as farmers and merchants and factory workers, helped to lay railroads and to build up America.

"The first Islamic center in New York City was founded in the 1890s. America's first mosque, this was an interesting fact, was in North Dakota." (It was established in 1929).

The article compares the actual facts:
"Both of those milestones happened well after America's founding, however. In fact, the new nation's first dealings with Islam were tense and unpleasant.
According to a
Heritage Foundation paper
, shortly after America's founding, the United States "was dragged into the affairs of the Islamic world by an escalating series of unprovoked attacks on Americans by Muslim pirates, the terrorists of the era," who looted American ships and captured American sailors, holding them for ransom or selling them as slaves.
The paper notes that America's struggle with Muslim pirates from the Barbary States (modern-day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya) began soon after the 13 colonies declared their independence from Britain in 1776 and continued for roughly four decades."


Obama noted that many Americans don't personally know a single Muslim

And thus, most Americans still have their heads!




Reality checks:

Muslim Immigration Poses Serious National Security Threat  (investors.com) Feb 19, 2015


Fifty Shades of Islam


Islam's greatest contribution to the United States was slavery (conservative infidel) Feb 22, 2015

"How about that, Obama?"






A Jew and a Catholic went to Congress (jewish press) Feb 13, 2015

The Jew of course is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the Catholic Pope Frances. Each was invited to speak under the same circumstances, but the reaction to the invitations was totally different.




ISIS Beheads 21 Christians, Promises To ‘Conquer Rome (breitbart) Feb 16, 2015

Libya has largely fallen into a state of civil war and complete lawlessness following the [OBAMA] U.S.-led effort that ultimately deposed its late autocrat Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.


"We will conquer Rome"


What the Media Isn’t Reporting on ISIS’ Beheading of 21 Christian Men (jim daly) Feb 16, 2015

They all died on that beach singing songs to Jesus


Revelation 17:12 And the ten horns which you-saw-they-are ten kings, they-who not-yet took (a) kingdom, BUT they-are-taking authority as kings one hour with the beast.
v13 These are-having one sentiment, and they-are-giving their power and their authority to-the beast.
v14 These will-war
(future tense) with the lamb and the lamb will-have-victory-over them because he-is Jehovah of-lords and King of-kings, and the (ones) with him are called (ones) and chosen (ones) and trustworthy (ones).

Revelation 17:15 And he-is-saying to-me:  The waters which you-saw, the-place-where the prostitute is-sitting are peoples and crowds and nations and languages.

v16 And the ten horns which you-saw and the beast, these will-hate the prostitute, and they-will-make her having-been-made-and-still-desolate and naked, and they-will-eat her fleshes, and they-will-burn her down with fire;

v17 For the God gave into their hearts to-do his sentiment, and to-do one sentiment and to-give their kingdom to-the beast, until the words of-the God will-be-finished.


Come and Hear this Word:

They all died on that beach singing songs to Jesus

Revelation 17:16 And the ten horns which you-saw and the beast, these will-hate the prostitute, and they-will-make her having-been-made-and-still-desolate and naked, and they-will-eat her fleshes, and they-will-burn her down with fire;
v17 For the God gave into their hearts to-do his sentiment, and to-do one sentiment and to-give their kingdom to-the beast, until the words of-the God will-be-finished.


ISIS beheads 21 Christians

They would not deny Jesus.  Singing Hymns to Jesus in this photo.  Satan loses again.


1 Peter 1:6 In which YOU-are-exulting, (a) little-bit just-now if it-is-essential having-been-grieved in Various trials,
v7 In-order-that the means-of-proving YOUR trust much-more-price [than] gold being-perished, but through fire being-proved, it (your trust) might-be-found with-reference-to laudation and glory and honor (price) in uncovering of-Jesus Messiah;
v8 Whom not having-seen YOU-are-cherishing, with-reference-to whom just-now not seeing but trusting, YOU-are-exulting with-joy unspeakable and with-having-been-and-still-glorified.
v9 Obtaining-for-yourselves the finish of-the trust salvation of-souls.

1Peter5:10 But the God of-all favor, the (one) having-called YOU with-reference-to his eternal glory in Messiah Jesus, (you) having-suffered (a) little-bit, he himself-will-render (you) thoroughly-fit (for-the-purpose-intended), he-will-fix (you) firmly, he-will-make (you) steadfast, he-will-found (you).


Revelation 20:4 And I-saw thrones, and they-were-caused-to-be-seated on them; and sentence was-given by-them, and (I-saw) the souls of-the (ones) having-been-and-still-cut-off-with-an-axe because-of the witness of-Jesus and because-of the word of-the God, and (I-saw all) they-who worshipped not the beast nor its image and they-took not the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they-lived and they-became-king with the Messiah (a) thousand years.







Scientists store data inside DNA that could last MILLIONS of years  (daily mail) Feb 16, 2015



Romans 14:11 For it-has-been-and-is-still-written: I my-self am-living, Jehovah is-saying, That to-me every knee will-bend, and every tongue will-acknowledge to-the God.
v12 So therefore each (one) of-us will-give account concerning himself to-the God


2 Corinthians 5:10 For it-is-essential the us all to-be-manifested in-front of-the rostrum of-the Messiah, in-order-that each-one might-obtain-for-himself the-things through the body toward what-things he-practised. whether good or worthless.




Team OBAMA  seeks to stop bloggers from spreading the truth  (washington examiner) Feb 11, 2015


FCC Commissioner: 'Unprecedented Involvement Of Executive Branch In Our Decision-Making'...

(daily caller) Feb 10, 2015


The Internet Knowledge Boom to Bust?

Daniel 12:1 "many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased"

1 Corinthians 13:8 "whether [there be] knowledge, it shall vanish away"





The Islamic State burns a living man to death.

The Roman Catholic Church burned 1000s of living men, women and children to death.

Same core religious system, Mystery Babylon, mother of the harlots.

Except now the beast is getting rid of the great harlot idol, i.e. the image to the beast - the mother goddess

and now the beast, as composite of the seven, comes on stage as the eighth, and he wants to be directly worshipped.  The individual Islamic terrorist remains an idolater; it appears that they are joining the beast's latter day hate of his harlot system (mother goddesses) of worship, so that he will be directly worshipped.


UPDATE: The Jordanian pilot was not burned to death (thomas wictor) Jan 30, 2015



Now this is interesting;

Yazidi militia makes public request for Israeli help  

Yazidis revere an archangel, Malek Taus (the Peacock Angel), whom they believe God entrusted to run the world after he refused to bow down to Adam.  Local Muslims, however, call them devil worshipers, because according to the Islamic version of the story, the angel who refused to bow down to Adam, Iblis, was cast down to hell, where he became Satan.

Note especially: Yazidis are monotheists who follow an ancient syncretic Kurdish religion influenced by Zoroastrianism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism.

On the one hand, a big hint of ecumenicalism.  On the other hand, Zoroastrianism goes back through the seat of authority (through the kingdoms biblical prophecies such as Daniel ch.2 &7 and Revelation ch.13 & 17 deals with) to at least Nebuchadnezzar's Neo Babylonian Empire.

SO:  ---Perhaps--- Israel is being asked to align itself with the Beast???  It will be interesting to to see Israel's response.

Also noting Japan's interesting response to this week's beheading of a Japanese hostage by ISIS.



The source of this Islamic belief is apparently the Koran:


Chapter (2) sūrat l-baqarah (The Cow): [Muhammad Sarwar version]:

2:34 When We told the angels to prostrate before Adam, they all obeyed except Iblis (Satan) who abstained out of pride and so he became one of those who deny the truth.

2:35 We told Adam to stay with his spouse (Eve) in the garden and enjoy the foods therein, but not to go near a certain tree lest he become one of the transgressors.
2:36 Satan made Adam and his spouse err and caused them to abandon the state in which they had been living. Then We said, "Descend, you are each other's enemies! The earth will be a dwelling place for you and it will provide you with sustenance for an appointed time.

The Koran borrowed heavily from the Hebrew scriptures.  Remember that the Muslim prophet Mohammed's mother was Jewish.  Mohammed didn't make his deal with Satan until 622 or 632 A.D. or there about.


From "The Book of Adam" (sometimes called a Pseudepigraphal book, sometimes called an apocryphal book -?-  Read about: The Apocrypha and Pseudepigrapha

"Fall of Satan"
12.1 the devil began to cry with forced tears and the devil told Adam, "O Adam, all the greed and the anger and all the grief of my heart are directed against you because it was through you that I fell from my dwellings, (it was) by you that I was alienated from my own throne. My wings were more numerous than those of the Cherubim, and I concealed myself under them. Because of you, now my feet walk on the earth, which I would never have believed."
12.2 Adam replied to the devil and told him,
12.3 "What is my fault, by which I have done all that to you?"
13.1 The devil replied to him and told him, "You did nothing to me, but it is because of you that I have fallen upon the earth."
13.2 The very day when you were created, on that day, I fell from before the face of God, because when God breathed a spirit onto your face, you had the image and likeness of the divinity. And then Michael came; he presented you and made you bend down before God. And God told Michael, "I have created Adam according to (my) image and my divinity."
Then Michael came; he summoned all the troops of angels and told them, "Bow down before the likeness and the image of the divinity."
14.2 And then, when Michael summoned them and all had bowed down to you,
he summoned me also.
And I told him, "Go away from me, for I shall not bow down to him who is younger than me; indeed, I am master prior to him and it is proper for him to bow down to me.
The six classes of other angels heard that and my speech pleased them and they did not bow down to you.
16.1 Then God became angry with us and commanded us, them and me, to be cast down from our dwellings to the earth. As for you, he commanded you to dwell in paradise.
16.2 When I had realized that I had fallen before you,[B, "by your power] that I was in distress and you were in rest,
16.3 then I aimed at hunting you so that I might alienate you from the paradise of Delights, just as I had been alienated because of you.
17.1 When Adam heard that, he cried in a loud voice and said, "Lord, my life is in your hands. Make this enemy distant from me, who desires to lead me astray and seeks to destroy my race. It is by him that Eve has been lost."
17.2 At that moment, Beliar became invisible.


And the biblical account:

Revelation 12:1 And (a) great sign was-seen in the heaven, (a) woman having-been-and-still-cast-around (with) the sun, and the moon underneath her feet and on her head (a) crown of-stars twelve,

[From Joseph's dream in Genesis 37:5 we may understand that the woman is Israel and that the twelve stars represent the twelve tribes of Israel]

v2 And  having in (her) womb, and suffering-birth-pains she-is-crying and being-tormented to-bring-forth.

v3 And another sign was-seen in the heaven, and behold, (a) great dragon red-as-fire, having seven heads and ten horns and on his heads seven diadems,

[The following stars are not the specific 12 stars of vs.1, but what may be understood as "Satan's angels", or "little-demons", or "divine-inferior-beings".  This is the "Fall of Satan".]

v4 And his tall is-dragging the third of-the stars of-the heaven, and he-cast them into the earth.  And the dragon has-stood-and-still-stands in-sight of-the woman [Israel] namely-the future (one) to-bring-forth,in-order-that at-the-time-that she-might-bring-forth he-might-devour her child.

v5 And she-brought-forth (a) son, (a) male [this is The LORD Jesus Christ], who is-about to-be-shepherding all the Gentiles with (an) iron rod; and her child was-seized to the God and to his throne.

[Jesus ascended to heaven and sits at the right hand of the God.]

v6 And the woman [Israel] fled into the wilderness [the Diaspora], where-in-which she-is-having there (a) place having-been-and-still-prepared from the God, in-order-that there they-might-be-nourishing her (a) thousand two-hundred sixty days.


v7 And it-came-to-pass (a) war in the heaven, the Michael and his angels to-war with the dragon. And the dragon warred and his angels,

v8 And he-was not strong-enough, neither was their place still found in the heaven.

v9 And the dragon namely-the great (one) was-cast, the serpent namely-the ancient, the (one) being-called Devil and the satan, the (one) leading-astray the total inhabited-earth, he-was-cast into the earth, and his angels were-cast with him.

Genesis 3:15 and I will put enmity between thee and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed: he shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel.

This verse is the prophecy of the Gospel in the Garden, and as such, we understand that the woman that brings forth the Messiah is not Eve.  We also understand that salvation (Yeshuah) is of the Jews.  We understand this woman prophetically represents Israel. Satan "bruised" Jesus, but Jesus was ultimately victorious over death and defeated Satan.  Satan was cast out of heaven...not to hell, but to earth, where he walks to and fro seeking whom he may devour...

v10 And I-heard (a) great voice in the heaven saying: Just-now came-to-pass the salvation and the power and the kingdom of-our God and the authority of-his Messiah, because the accuser of-our brothers was-cast-down, the (one) accusing them in-sight of-our God of-day and of-night.

v11 And they themselves-had-victory-over him because-of the blood of-the lamb and because-of the word of-their witness, and they-cherished not their soul unto death.

v12 Because-of this YOU-be-being-merry-for-yourselves, heavens and the (ones) tabernacling in them; woe to-the (ones) residing (on) the earth and the sea, because the devil descended to YOU having great anger, knowing-absolutely that he-is-having (a) little-bit season.



v13 And when the dragon saw that he-was-cast into the earth, he-pursued the woman, one-who brought-forth the male. [Satan now pursued Israel]

v14 And the two wings of-the eagle namely-the great (one) were-given to-the woman, in-order-that she-might-be-flying into the wilderness into her place, where-in-which she-is-being-nourished there (a) season and seasons and half of-a-season from face of-the serpent.

v15 And the serpent cast out-of his mouth behind the woman water as (a) river, in-order-that he-might-make her carried-off-by-the-river.

("the river" is ant-Semitism.)

v16 And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed the river which the dragon cast out-of his mouth.

v17 And the dragon was-made-wroth over the woman, and he-went-away to-make war with the others of-her seed, the (ones) keeping the commandments of-the God and having the witness of Jesus.

Satan, still against Israel, now makes war on earth with Jewish Christians (others of her- Israel's seed). Satan had to go "underground" to do this. This is when he took his authority from the Roman Empire into the Roman Ecumenical Assembly (Roman Catholic Church).  This is Satan's false body of Messiah, or "another Jesus". Gentile believers are grafted into the Hebrew Christians as ONE new man in Messiah (Rom. ch11, Eph. ch. 2 & 5), and were and are also persecuted by Satan via the RCC.  This is not to say that there are no true Christians within the Roman Catholic Church.  There are a few, and their testimony has recently been seen to endure through trial by fire.  These are the Christians we see in world news reports that continue to profess that Jesus is the Christ even as they are being murdered by Muslims.


In the news this week, ISIS (Islamic State) burned a fellow Muslim to death with great fanfare. The Drudge Report posted an image of the New York Post's front page photo of this and the headline "Return of the Dark Ages":


The Headline is spot on.  The major difference is that the Roman Catholic Church burned thousands at the stake during the Inquisition. Most of these were Protestant Christians.  There is a distinction between Catholics and Protestants.  Read Foxes' Book of Martyrs. The Roman Catholic Church and Islam serve the same god, as many religious leaders attest.

They do not serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God YHVH of Israel.


Again, ISIS may not be the big player.  They might be a pawn of a bigger player yet to surface. To date, Feb 12, 2015, Jordan has been kicking ISIS hard.  Will that last?  Obama has used ISIS's murder of muslims as reason to ask Congress to support his meddling.








Obama is using Netanyahu's Congress speech to try and stir up anti-Semitism.

At the same time, he is actively, and illegally interfering with Israel's democratic elections:

Look Who is Behind the New US Democratic-Style Campaign in Israel  (jewish press) Jan 28, 2015
Chicago-style campaigning lands in Israel. And look who and what is running this "non-partisan" campaign. PAGING LOIS LERNER!


Obama Campaign Team Arrives in Israel to Defeat Netanyahu in March Elections (breitbart) Jan 26, 2015

Just days after the Obama White House accused House Speaker John Boehner of “breaking protocol” by inviting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress, a team of up to five Obama campaign operatives has reportedly arrived in Israel to lead a campaign to defeat the Israeli Prime Minister in upcoming national elections scheduled for March 17.

As Jerusalem Post columnist and putative Knesset candidate Caroline Glick reported on her Facebook page, “Obama won’t meet Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington when he addresses the Joint Houses of Congress in March because of Netanyahu’s visit’s proximity to the Israeli elections. And Obama, of course believes in protocol and propriety which is why he won’t get involved.” And yet, Glick adds, “He’s just sending his 2012 field campaign manager to Israel to run a campaign to defeat Netanyahu.”


Inside HQ of 'Obama army' opposing Netanyahu (world net daily) Jan 28, 2015

Dweck’s group, which calls itself V15, short for Victory 2015, attracted U.S. media attention after it hired 270 Strategies, a consulting firm whose senior leadership is comprised mostly of former top staffers for President Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign













"I well remember a girl, slim and with black hair, who, as she passed close to me, pointed to herself and said, '23'."



January 27 is International Holocaust Remembrance Day.





7th World Power Dept.

Pappa Frenchy says it's not nice to make fun of other religions. (yahoo news) Jan15, 2015

And then he put on his fold-out Burger King Dagon fish god hat....the papal hat symbolizing religious authority.


Left & Center: Dagon (public domain). Right; Pope Francis leaving after La Messa del Crisma 17 April 2014. (CC BY-SA 3.0)

The Pope carries a crooked scepter/crucifix - i.e. a septic cross - which depicts a dead Jesus.  The bend in the top of the scepter identifies it as the cross of Mithra.  This illustrates that the Pope serves another (heteros, different) Jesus, a dead Jesus, and not The Jesus, The Living God.  Many Protestants follow this blasphemy.


Frank is the anti-pope to Ratslinger, A.K.A. Pope Benedict (the deposed "infallible" pope).   It would seem likely that these two popes are both aware of the in-church prophecies outlined in the book "Petraus Romanus".

When will the Pope again claim the authority with the triple crown tiara? and which pope? or will they both wear different hats?  


  Do not be deceived by the Babylonian ecumenical movement or the appeals to go to “Mary” or “the Eucharist.”

(church of God news) Nov 7, 2014


The popes have a Mitre and a Tiara.

These may be seen as a dimension of "Two horns like to a ram/lamb", where the Mitre represents religious authority and the Tiara represents civil authority.

Who's authority? The Dragon's authority:

Revelation 13:11 And I-saw another beast ascending out-of the earth, and it-was-having two horns like to-(a)-lamb, and it-was-speaking as (a) dragon.
v12 And it-is-doing all the authority of-the first beast in-sight of-it. And it-is-making the earth and the (ones) residing in it in-order-that they-will-worship the beast namely-the first, of-which the blow of-its death was-healed.
v13 And it-is-doing great signs, in-order-that it-might even be-making fire to-be-descending out-of the heaven into the earth in-sight of-the MEN.
v14 And it-is-leading-astray the (ones) residing on the earth because-of the signs which it-was-given to-it to-do in-sight of-the beast, saying to-the (ones) residing on the earth
to-make (an) image to-the beast, who is-having the blow of-the dagger and it-lived.
v15 And it-was-given to-it, to-give spirit to-the image of-the beast, in-order-that the image of-the beast might even speak, and it-might-make as-many-as might not worship the image of-the beast in-order-that they-might-be-killed.
v16 And it-is-making all, the little and the great, and the rich and the destitute, and the free and the slaves, in-order-that they-might-give to-them (a) mark on their hand, namely-the right, or on their forehead,
v17 Even in-order-that not anyone might-be-being-able to-buy-in-the-market or to-offer-for-sale unless the (one) having the mark or the name of-the beast or the number of-its name.
v18 Here is the wisdom. The (one) having the mind let-him-count-up the number of-the beast; for it-is (a) number of-(a)-MAN. And its number (is) six hundreds sixty six. [Manuscripts show 666, 860,
v646, 706, 616]

Much of this may be understood as past history...




The other pope (Benedict/Ratslinger) has a tiara ready to wear.


Tiara_Benedict_XVI (Public Domain image)

The last pope to publicly wear a tiara was Pope Paul VI

Tiara given to the United States

Pope Paul wore his tiara a number of times in 1963, before, in a dramatic act in November 1963, laying it on the altar of St. Peter's Basilica in a gesture of humility to symbolise the papacy's surrender of any claim to temporal power.

Pope Paul, while choosing not to wear his tiara, nevertheless never abolished the use of papal tiaras, explicitly requiring in his 1975 Apostolic Constitution Romano Pontifici Eligendo that his successor be crowned


 there are in fact over twenty surviving tiaras in existence


Origins of the Papal tiara

Regarding the 2nd crown...."it may have been symbolic of growing papal claims to both temporal and spiritual power, the two tiers in the papal crown contrasting with the single tier of standard monarchical crowns."

Ok, so what about that third crown?

The Papal Tiara originates with Nimrod:

Public domain image from the book, "THE SEVEN GREAT MONARCHIES", by G. Rawlinson

The civil authority of the tiara goes back to Nimrod.  The Papacy/Roman Catholic Church is Babylon, Mystery Religion.

Note the Maltese cross earrings and compare with Pappa Frenchy's red Maltese crosses.  These represent the star of Bacchus.



Each papal tiara since early mediæval times contained two lappets. Their origins remain a mystery, though they are obviously an imitation of the lappets on the bishop's mitre.


What else does the Mitre represent?
The mitres worn by Bishops and Abbots of Western liturgical denominations, such as the Roman Catholic Church and the Church of England also have lappets attached to them, in the same manner as the papal tiara. The lappets are probably a vestige of the ancient Greek headband called a mitra
(μτρα) from which the mitre itself descends.

Mitra is the reconstructed Proto-Indo-Iranian name of an important Indo-Iranian deity, the predecessor of Mitrá, an āditya in Rigvedic tradition and of Mithra, a yazata in Avestan tradition.

Avestan Mithra (Miθra-) gave rise Mithras, the principal figure of the Greco-Roman religion of Mithraism.

Old Persian Mitra or Miθra - both only attested in a handful of 4th-century BCE inscriptions of Artaxerxes II and III - "is generally admitted [to be] a borrowing from the Avesta,"[6] the genuine Old Persian form being reconstructed as *Miça.

 Greek/Latin "Mithras," the focal deity of the Greco-Roman cult of Mithraism is the nominative form of vocative Mithra..... Greco-Roman Mithraists probably thought the name meant "mediator." In Plutarch's 1st-century discussion of dualistic theologies, Isis and Osiris (46.7) the Greek historiographer provides the following explanation of the name in his summary of the Zoroastrian religion: Mithra is a meson ("in the middle") between "the good Horomazdes and the evil Aremanius [...] and this is why the Pérsai call the Mediator Mithra". Zaehner[8] attributes this false etymology to a role that Mithra (and the sun!) played in the now extinct branch of Zoroastrianism known as Zurvanism.

Iranian Mithra

In Zoroastrianism, Mithra is a member of the trinity of ahuras, protectors of asha/arta, "truth" or "[that which is] right".

...As also in Indo-Iranian tradition, Mithra is associated with (the divinity of) the sun but originally distinct from it. Mithra is closely associated with the feminine yazata Aredvi Sura Anahita, the hypostasis of knowledge

Graeco-Roman Mithras

The name Mithra was adopted by the Greeks and Romans as Mithras, chief figure in the mystery religion of Mithraism. At first identified with the Sun-god Helios by the Greeks, the syncretic Mithra-Helios was transformed into the figure Mithras during the 2nd century BC, probably at Pergamon. This new cult was taken to Rome around the 1st century BC and was dispersed throughout the Roman Empire. Popular among the Roman military, Mithraism was spread as far north as Hadrian's Wall and the Germanic Limes.



Great Photo stories on this site, here's one:

Dragon on a large papal crest in the Vatican museum.


Vatis = diviner, can = serpent. Vatican = The Divining Serpent.

From sun and serpent worship 2000 B.C., to Sunday worship in the Church. Satan has infiltrated the Christian Church and most do not understand what has happened or the relevance. Sunday or “dies solis”, the day of the sun came from Satan worship and is his day. The Babylonian mystery religion went straight into the Church of Rome and God calls her mystery Babylon

I don't agree with all their conclusions, but this page well illustrates proof for the preceding statement.


Revelation 12:9 And the dragon namely-the great (one) was-cast, the serpent namely-the ancient, the (one) being-called Devil and the satan, the (one) leading-astray the total inhabited-earth, he-was-cast into the earth, and his angels were-cast with him.





8th World Power Dept.

Islam active in France in the first week of 2015.

Before attack, French began ceding control of neighborhoods to Islamists... (washington times) Jan 7, 2015

Yes, the 8th world power --in a sense--





Military hardware still flowing to local police after Ferguson  (washington times) Dec 30, 2014


The Ferguson riots drew attention and criticism to the massive firepower state and local police are now able to bring to bear on their citizens, and earned scrutiny for the Pentagon project, known as the 1033 program, that helps arm many of those agencies by making surplus military equipment available to them.

President Obama called for a review of the program, civil rights advocates said the local police had become indistinguishable from the military, and even some police departments questioned their own policies.

The federal government shipped nearly 4,000 more assault rifles to local law enforcement agencies in the three months following the Ferguson riots, marking a huge surge in the amount of lethal firearms being doled out to police and sheriff’s offices.

extra extra

The 3,879 rifles the Pentagon shipped was an astronomical increase over the dozen rifles shipped during the same three-month period in 2013, with several police agencies taking delivery of hundreds of rifles soon after the Ferguson riots.

That’s not to say that there haven’t been any changes. Some districts, buckling under public pressure, have refused some of the weapons they’ve previously requested. The Los Angeles School Police Department decided it didn’t need grenade launchers, but did figure it should keep the M-16 rifles and the armored vehicle it had previously received.
But the joint order creates a problem for civil liberties groups, reporters and other watchdogs trying to track who got what from the government.





Pope Francis’s edict on climate change will anger deniers and US churches   (the guardian) Dec 27, 2014

Satan, and his messenger the pope are getting frantic as their time draws nearer to the end of the age.  

The reason for such frenetic activity, says Bishop Marcelo Sorondo, chancellor of the Vatican’s Pontifical Academy of Sciences, is the pope’s wish to directly influence next year’s crucial UN climate meeting in Paris, when countries will try to conclude 20 years of fraught negotiations with a universal commitment to reduce emissions.

“Our academics supported the pope’s initiative to influence next year’s crucial decisions,” Sorondo told Cafod, the Catholic development agency, at a meeting in London. “The idea is to convene a meeting with leaders of the main religions to make all people aware of the state of our climate and the tragedy of social exclusion.”

Plainly, the pope's goal is a one world government.

Pappa Frenchy "argues" that no man should be poor, and that man can effect his outcome by his works:

In recent months, the pope has argued for a radical new financial and economic system to avoid human inequality and ecological devastation.




God says we will always have the poor and that the seasons will not change (i.e. there's no climate change):

Deuteronomy 15:11 For the poor will never cease out of the land: therefore I command thee, saying, Thou shalt surely open thy hand unto thy brother, to thy needy, and to thy poor, in thy land.

No matter how much charity, there will still be poor:

New Testament confirmation:

Matthew 26:11 For always YOU-are-having the destitute with yourselves, but me YOU-are not always having.


God says we will always have the seasons:

Genesis 8:21 (ASV) And Jehovah smelled the sweet savor; and Jehovah said in his heart, I will not again curse the ground any more for man's sake, for that the imagination of man's heart is evil from his youth; neither will I again smite any more everything living, as I have done.
22 While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.


Mankind had a one world religious government at Babel.  This was the ancient Babylonian kingdom of Nimrod.  God created language barriers to separate people into different nations.


The pope does not believe God's word nor serve the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, the God of Israel.  The pope heads the Roman Ecumenical Assembly, A.K.A. the Roman Catholic Church and he heads the Vatican, a sovereign state.   His goal is a one world government/religion.  This is representative of "two horns like to a lamb, speaking as a dragon" of Revelation 13:11.

In the article, the papacy correctly labels "environmentalism" as a religion, with "The idea is to convene a meeting with leaders of the main religions".    The "environment religion" angle facilitates Agenda 21 methodology.


People will be really in awe of Pappa Frenchy, the man of the lawlessness, when he unites an ecumenical "Christianity" with Islam.  It is really not such a stretch as both the RCC and Islam worship the image to the beast: in the RCC this is represented by Mary and in Islam the crescent moon represents the moon goddess or Venus.  Both represent the Queen of Heaven.


And so very related, in the son rising in The West department:

Obama finds an ally on political controversies at the Vatican (washingon times) Dec 30, 2014

with Pappa Frenchy


related: In the son rising in The West department:

Obama's made "peace" with Cuba; next North Korea?

Obama Imposed 75,000 Pages of New Regulations in 2014  (the new american) Dec 30, 2014

While Republican lawmakers have become adept at loudly complaining about the administration’s non-stop executive power grabs and regulations on the campaign trail, so far, they have done virtually nothing to stop it. In fact, despite all of the promises to rein in the Obama administration’s “imperial” presidency if elected to Congress, victorious Republicans, who already dominated the House of Representatives, recently passed a massive spending bill fully funding virtually every decree the White House has spewed since coming to power through next September.

In other words, GOP lawmakers, sent to Washington by outraged voters in November to stop Obama, gave up their most powerful tool to restrain the administration for almost a full year — before the new members could be seated, and for no good reason. The solution to the growing regulatory lawlessness, though, remains simple: Congress can and should defund the decrees and the unconstitutional agencies behind them before Obama's "fundamental transformation" of America is complete.


related: Investing in the ObamaFund  (wall street journal) Dec 29, 2014
Treasury rolls out a new savings plan without a Congressional vote.








 The Great Heist

Did The Saudis And The US Collude In Dropping Oil Prices? (oilprice.com) Dec 23, 2014

That the price is lowered "at will" shows that the typically high oil price is theft.



Russian Financial Crisis Spells Devastating Losses for Israeli Farmers (JEWISH PRESS) Dec 25, 2014


Russia Expresses Support for PA's UN Resolution (israel national news) Dec 26, 2014

Giving away land won't help Israeli farmers...



In Israel:

A Chanukiah, a Christmas tree, a Cresent moon. (times of israel) Dec 22, 2014

Reflecting the growing ecumenicalism.




potentially a real slow news day...

Ibuprofen adds 12 years to life!  (express) Dec 19, 2014
In laboratory tests, ibuprofen was found to extend the lives of worms and flies by the equivalent of about 12 years in human terms.

So there you go.  Yeast/humans same/same.


The Nations gather against Israel

Palestinian draft resolution submitted to UNSC: Israeli withdrawal from West Bank by 2017 (jpost) Dec 18, 2014



Linked at Drudge Report

So, while Obama tends to human rights champion Cuba,

ISIS Slaughters 150 Females in Iraq for Refusing to Marry, Have Sex with Them (breitbart) Dec 17, 2014

The tribe is Sunni, which holds the same belief of Islam as the Islamic State, but now, they view the tribe as a threat.

Interesting that Islam killing Christians doesn't make the news,

but Islam killing Islam does.



Obama’s Bailout for Communist Dictators (frontpage magazine) Dec 18, 2014

Carter couldn’t save Castro, but Obama did. This was not a prisoner exchange. This was a Communist bailout.


USA-Cuba relatiing (yahoo news) Dec 17, 2014

Cuba USA Canada Vatican City

Vatican working toward ecumenical assembly.

"The Whole World is Her Seat"


Cubans should profit on old car sales to US collectors.

Related marketing of old car parts in the USA probably won't off-set the loss related to the collapsing Russian economy.




Tame tornadoes: Quietest 3 years for twisters on record (usatoday) Dec 14, 2014

The U.S. experienced fewer tornadoes in the past three years than any similar span since accurate records began in the 1950s. Yet meteorologists aren't sure exactly why.

 Explanations for the decrease in twisters the past three years range from unusual cold to unusual heat, or just coincidence.
That is quite the range...

In the "rabbi" Jonathan Cahn ~con-Job Dept:

Using the premise Cahn and other self proclaimed "watchmen" which often pontificates the doom destruction by "acts of God"  upon America due to her ungodliness, we must then, now conclude that America has, for the first time ever, become a Godly nation.  And of course the United States never was and has not become such, and of course these "good fellas" are just capitalizing on "Christian" ignorance of history, science, and scripture.

A somewhat aside: "in God we trust" refers to Zeus. See Discourse 6, p10, R.H. Mount.


Here is a good critique of Jonathon Cahn by Ken Silva:



 In his classic commentary The Book of Isaiah the great scholar Edward J. Young lists these verses 8-17 of Isaiah 9 as “The approaching destruction”. It was specific to Israel.

As I see it, Jonathan Cahn clearly implies America is on the same pattern for judgment as ancient Israel.

For Cahn to do so is to draw a parallel with God’s covenant nation Israel. So, while he claims he is not saying this, the logical conclusion is: If Israel as a covenant nation with God was warned thusly, then for God to warn America in the very same way, Cahn has implied the United States is also in some kind of covenant with God.


And of course, the USA is NOT in a Covenant with God.

(but note those Roman sandals!)


-- Cahn is a bookseller.--


 Another good critique of Jonathon Cahn by Erin Benzinger:

 Implications of The Harbinger (christian research network) June 28, 2012

In listening to Cahn, it doesn’t take long to hear his genuine concern for the state of America, and his passion to relay what he believes to be a prophetic message to the nation. Yet, this passion and concern means nothing when Scripture is mishandled in order to communicate it.

It is difficult to argue the impending judgment of this nation. In fact, this may be taken one step further to say that America already is under judgment. To make this statement, one need not look to a prophetic passage designed for Israel, and one need not even declare America to be or to have ever been “dedicated,” “committed” or in covenant with God. One need only look to Romans 1. If ever there was a pattern for the judgment of a nation, this opening chapter of Paul’s great epistle is it.

For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who by their unrighteousness suppress the truth. For what can be known about God is plain to them, because God has shown it to them.

[This article] ...was written out of concern for those whose focus may be lifted off of Christ, and instead placed upon “harbingers”.



And another look at "Harbinger" (Cahn's book) by David James:

 Read this: The Harbinger: Fact or Fiction?  (biblicalintegrity.org) April 26, 2012

David James graciously allows that Cahn is simply misled and or misleading, and that might be the case:

The overall purpose of The Harbinger is to call America to repent for turning her back on God and moving away from the foundations upon which the country was built. It is also to warn of the danger of God’s judgment that this represents. Not only is this a valid message, but one that needs to be proclaimed. Jonathan Cahn is to be commended for his passion and commitment to sharing this message with as wide an audience as possible.

However, because of serious flaws throughout the book, the potential dangers may well outweigh the benefits. Many of the author’s views and ideas as presented in The Harbinger are misguided, having both significant exegetical and theological problems. Additionally, the book could well leave its readers with serious misunderstandings about how to appropriately interpret and apply the Word of God.


 ...the author has stated that he does not believe that America is the “New Israel” or has replaced Israel in God’s program. However, a number of exchanges between The Prophet and Nouriel Kaplan could easily leave The Harbinger’s readers with a different impression. The Prophet builds the case for the connection by referencing the thinking and intentions of America’s founders:

Cahn's replacement theology:
[The Prophet] But there was one other—a civilization also conceived and dedicated to the will of God from its conception . . . America. In fact, those who laid its foundations . . .”

[Kaplan] “The Founding Fathers.”

[The Prophet] “No, long before the Founding Fathers. Those who laid America’s foundations saw it as the new Israel, an Israel of the New World. And as it was with ancient Israel, they saw it as in covenant with God.”19

Although the author denies this, the argument of the book seems to specifically depend on the idea that America’s founders and early leaders had indeed established the nation to be in a covenant relationship with God similar to that of ancient Israel. If it were not for this belief there would be no book. However, God established a covenant relationship with only one nation through His covenant with Abraham. Abraham entered into the covenant by faith, forever establishing Israel as a unique nation in a unique relationship with God that would be enjoyed by no other nation.

While The Harbinger does not state that God has completely rejected national Israel, there is no reference to either modern-day or future Israel at all. This is a significant omission because the sense one gets from the book is that Israel had failed to heed the warnings of the prophet and was subsequently permanently annihilated. This impression is compounded by the fact that there is no mention of Isaiah 9:1-7


The bottom line is this: If a theological idea cannot be supported by the Bible, then someone simply made it up. Unfortunately, this is precisely the nature of the Isaiah 9:10 Effect—it is made up.






Putin Warns Obama – You’ve Turned USA & West Into Godless Sewer, Declares His Christian Faith  

(christian political party) Dec.10, 2014

Yeah buddy.

Putin is building support by appealing to (and by being appealing to) the church's anti-Semitism.  You can pick any church that claims they are the Bride of Christ.   For a time, Islam might have appealed to the "church's" sense of right and wrong.  Then they butcher "Christians".  So meanwhile all the assemblies (churches) are being gathered into one ecumenical assembly and Putin may be trying to capitalize (and/or facilitate) on that.


Russia wants Israeli explanation for 'aggressive actions' in Syria (jerusalem post) Dec.10, 2014

"The Kremlin is seeking clarifications from Israel regarding the air strikes that hit Syria on Sunday reportedly destroying Russian-made arms bound for Hezbollah"
How could it possibly be made more clear?  

As I understand it, this is the problem:  RUSSIAN MADE ARMS BOUND FOR HEZBOLLAH!  

The Russian government sent a letter to the United Nations protesting Israel’s “aggressive action.”

So no, Putin does not serve the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.   He is not a true Christian.

of course though, he says some things that are true.


Remembering that Obama told Putin he could work with him after his re-election.

  Obama is taking care of the Islamic side.(?)

Both working toward the battle for Jerusalem.  Both work against Israel.

The nations are against Israel:

Kerry Summons Netanyahu To Rome For Urgent Meeting Before Pa Bid To Un (jewish press) Dec.10, 2014

"The Whole World is Her Seat"


The Papacy is again more active (ny times) Dec.19, 2014






Scientists Discover An Invisible Shield Surrounding Earth, Baffled At How It Formed  (inquistir.com) Nov 29, 2014



Ferguson violence broke the mold in three ways — one of which is just unfolding now  (jewish press) Nov 26, 2014

A gobbledegook read: Media driven pre-planned riots are the power!  Or something


Obama Lectures America About the Justified Anger Towards Law Enforcement in Minority Communities (breitbart) Nov 26, 2014

Always the angry black man President.  Always obvious that he hates this country.

We're here to talk about immigration, but part of what makes America this remarkable place is, being American doesn't mean you have to look a certain way or have a certain last name or come from a certain place, it has to do with a commitment to ideals, a belief in certain values, and if any part of the american community doesn't feel welcomed or treated fairly, that's something that puts all of us at risk.

Read: "In other words, you don't have to be a citizen to be President of the USA. Just look at me!"


A grand jury made a decision yesterday that upset a lot of people. And as I said last night, the frustrations that we have seen, are not just about a particular incident. They have deep roots in many communities of color, who have a sense that our laws are not always being enforced uniformly or fairly. That may not be true everywhere. And it's certainly not true for the vast majority of law enforcement officials, but that's an impression that folks have and it's not just made up. It's rooted in reality.

Separate and apart from the particular circumstances in Ferguson, of which I am careful not to speak to, because it's not my job as president

I have instructed attorney general Eric Holder not just to investigate what happened in Ferguson

Read: "It is likely true that the Black Man in Ferguson should be frustrated and angry. I'll do what I can to stop "the man" and so should you (you angry black people)."


Obama's Ferguson and Obama's Amnesty are just two recent things that show he is "nation building"; i.e. a new nation.  The Republican Party silence shows their acquiescence, which really is not surprising when we recall the Bush call for a "New World Order".   Apparently a mix of power hunger and greed lust drive this, blown along this path by ---prophecy.  All of God's prophecy is self-fulfilling, so we should at least be aware in some degree of what we are seeing.  There's hope in this; Obama will get old and die and be forgotten, as will all evil men.  Time to watch the movie "Defiance" again...

The rabble in Ferguson and on our borders are not the "defiant".



Obama's amnesty is, among other things, an attack on the Second Amendment.


Israeli Jews making fun of American Jews? 

Yes. After three years of running to bomb shelters and so forth participating as victims - also known as sensitivity training - they will be better prepared psychologically to "handle" a gun.  And DO NOT watch that Defiance movie. 




5 DEAD IN Palestinian attack on Jerusalem Synagogue (via pamela gellar) Nov 18, 2014

The death toll rises while Muslims dance in the streets in Gaza, and the world doesn’t just stand by, but votes to give these savages a state in which to wage their jihad.

Three American citizens were among the victims in the attack — Rabbi Moshe Twersky, 59, formerly of Boston, Rabbi Kalman Levine, 55, and Rabbi Aryeh Kupinsky, 43, Israeli officials said. The fourth dead victim, Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Goldberg, was a British national.


The Islamic State Has an Army of 200,000 and Growing (pamela gellar) Nov 18, 2014


"Commander in Chief" fires up his troops

Obama Met With Ferguson Activists – Said He’s Concerned They “Stay on Course” (pamela gellar) Nov 18, 2014

Obama is a real rabble rouser.


IRS steals citizen's money (nytimes) Oct.26, 2014



Elections by "amnesty"

President Obama lets slip his scheme for a permanent majority (washington times) Oct.22, 2014


As previously suggested here [Bush knew Obama would be President?], Obama was picked out to perform certain chores that the Republicans didn't want ownership of.  So the Republicans have got their health care and cheap workforce.  Of course the Democrats have known about the backwash of future elections, and so they are betting on a voting surge from their illegal aliens (that the Republicans wanted to provide cheap labor for big business).  Gun control has not advanced as far as "they" ("the powers that be" - we may not understand this, but here's an older reference:  ).   Bill and Hillary's kid married a Jewish man, so Hilary might get the American Jewish vote to swing back to the Democrats.  Unfortunately, American Jews are not much tuned into the reality of Israel (i.e. they are not much help to Israel at election time, which is a strange mystery.) 


UPDATE: oh look, GOP Plans to Ignore Executive Amnesty  (breitbart) Nov.23, 2014



This is Islam in the USA:

New York City: Muslim genitally mutilates wife after raping her (pamela gellar) Oct.12, 2014



"Christian" Clerics to Europe: Recognize 'Palestine'  (israel national news) Oct.12, 2014
Arab Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Lutheran prelates in Israel tell Europe to force through Arab state with Jerusalem as capital.

Former Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbah, the Greek Orthodox archbishop of Sebastia, Atallah (Theodosios) Hanna,
and Lutheran World Federation president Bishop Munib Younan were signatories on the letter. The current Latin patriarch, Fouad Twal, was not among those signing.

"Europe has a moral, legal and political duty to hold Israel accountable and support Palestinian non-violent initiatives to end the Israeli occupation, including the recognition of the State of Palestine on the 1967 border with east Jerusalem as its capital."

Despite its complete lack of any historical presence, and the full legality of Israel's presence in Judea and Samaria, the Biblical heartland of Israel, several EU countries have already recognized "Palestine," including Bulgaria, Cyprus, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Malta, Poland and Romania.

These are not true Christians. 


There are true Christians in these assemblies, or at least there is one:

Greek Orthodox priest Father Gabriel Nadaf, a leader of the Aramaean Christian minority in Israel, spoke before the

 UN Human Rights Council last month, saying "Israel is the only place where Christians in the Middle East are safe."

Nadaf's support of Israel had led the Greek Orthodox patriarchate in Israel to ban him from entering Nazareth's Basilica of the Annunciation, and repeatedly threatening
Greek Orthodox priest says “‘Israel the Only Place in Middle East Where Xtians are Safe’

(jews news) Sept 23, 2014



US Complains It Was Not Notified Of Sukkah-Building Frenzy  (jewish press) Oct.11, 2014



Sadly, it is believable. Still funny though.


Klayman files for deportation of Barack Obama  (world net daily) Oct 4, 2014



First-Ever Case of Ebola Diagnosed in U.S. (the blaze) Sept 30, 2014

"the patient returned from Liberia on September 20, and didn’t show symptoms until around September 24."
"Ebola does not spread from someone who’s not infectious"

Ok, so the guy is infection for four days in Dallas.  So they are saying there are slim chances of him infecting anyone in Dallas, because apparently living in Dallas is like living in a cave. 

 UPDATE Oh yeah, throwing up all over the place, knew he had ebola  (breitbart) Oct 3, 2014






New federal study confirms that climate change is caused by nature, not by man.  (tpnn) Sept 28, 2014




Sept 26, 2014, Oklahoma; This is Islam:

FBI "looking into" BEHEADING after suspect tried to convert others to Islam (kfor.com) Sept 26, 2014

The FBI is now looking into Nolen’s background after his former co-workers said he tried to convert them to Islam after recently converting himself.

At this time, it is not known if the suspect’s beliefs played a role in the attack.

Of course, it is certainly apparent.


Second Oklahoma Beheader Arrested, Said He Represents the Islamic State  (pamela gellar) Sept 28, 2014



Much related:  Obama roots for Islam:

Obama UN Speech Praises Muslim Cleric Who Backed Fatwa on Killing of U.S. Soldiers (freebeacon) Sept 24, 2014



Sept 22, 2014

Obama bombs someone in Syria.

Assad is not dead yet, but who is the USA fighting, and helping?



the Khorasan group.(the blaze) Sept 22, 2014

 The terrorist organization, the terror cell, which is working in conjunction with Syria’s main Al Qaeda affiliate, Jabhat al-Nusra.


And not everyone buys into the jibber-jabber:

the Khorasan group does not exist (national review) Sept 27, 2014

You see, there is a purpose behind this dizzying proliferation of names assigned to what, in reality, is a global network with multiple tentacles and occasional internecine rivalries.

As these columns have long contended, Obama has not quelled our enemies; he has miniaturized them. The jihad and the sharia supremacism that fuels it form the glue that unites the parts into a whole — a worldwide, ideologically connected movement rooted in Islamic scripture that can project power on the scale of a nation-state and that seeks to conquer the West. The president does not want us to see the threat this way.

For a product of the radical Left like Obama, terrorism is a regrettable but understandable consequence of American arrogance. That it happens to involve Muslims is just the coincidental fallout of Western imperialism in the Middle East, not the doctrinal command of a belief system that perceives itself as engaged in an inter-civilizational conflict. For the Left, America has to be the culprit. Despite its inbred pathologies, which we had no role in cultivating, Islam must be the victim, not the cause. As you’ll hear from Obama’s Islamist allies, who often double as Democrat activists, the problem is “Islamophobia,” not Muslim terrorism.



Obama sends 3000 troops into airborne ebola (the common sense show) Sept 21, 2014

Is this lunacy, or cold, calculated murder?

Certainly, Obama does not like the military...

Ebola has killed 2400 in West Africa. Obama "fights".

How many has Boko Haram Killed?  Where's Obama? Our military could actually fight Boko Haram.



Obama is ok with infringing on the American citizen's right to keep and bear arms

And he is OK with giving ISIS related "Syrian rebels" 600 tons of weapons (the daily sheeple) Sept 20, 2014

and is going to give them more.



Having done so well in preventing the Scots from having their own state,

British MPs to vote on motion calling for Palestinian state (jerusalem post) Sept 21, 2014

having forgotten the British Mandate...and their partition of the land that gave the Arabs their state, which they rejected, and which land Jordan annexed.



Playing Jeopardy:

Answer: So, ISIS in USA, sooner or later if not now through Obama's open border.  No surprise. 

The Question is: How do you get around the 2nd amendment to control the people?

And play double jeopardy with ebola.

Well, That's what we are supposed to think? Yes?



It seems with ISIS on the Mexican border, (judicial watch) Sept 4, 2014

and with ISIS in the USA,  (freebeacon) Sept 19, 2014

and Russia flying bombers at us,   (freebeacon) Sept 19, 2014

that it is a no-brainer that Norad would be a likely target of ISLAM, hoping to open US up to attack with attack.  ISIS is, after all, cowardly satanic little pricks with guns. (the blaze) Sept 21, 2014

Being about 85 air miles from Cheyenne Mountain, I'm probably just being paranoid in hoping for west winds.

Attorney General Eric Holder is mostly concerned about

renaming hunters (Americans with guns)  as domestic terrorists.  (wnd) Sept 21, 2014

Well, that's what we are supposed to think? Yes?




Keeping Papa Frenchy in mind:

Pope Francis On Frantic Quest To Unite All Religions Under Rome  (now the end begins) aug 3 2014



Everyone else calls them “ISIS.” Obama calls them “ISIL.” Is there a reason? Yep!   (three percenter nation) Sept 13

ISIS is an acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which includes only territory within the clear borders of those two sovereign countries. ISIL is an acronym for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The “Levant” includes Israel.

Ostensibly, anyone referring to this nest of rats as ISIL, and only as ISIL, while the rest of the civilized world refers to them as ISIS, is denying the existence of Israel,


another take:

ISIS vs. ISIL: Why Obama stands alone  (world net daily) Sept 11

As they apparently follow Rabbi "Con", it is difficult to make sense of what they are saying...



Israel tells US it will act if IS reaches Jordan  (times of israel) Sept 12

Israel is not buying Obama's "I got this"

 10 key Middle Eastern governments, including Jordan, agreed to back President Barack Obama’s newly announced campaign against the Islamic State

The signatories of the document, which is known as the Jeddah Communique, also include Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates (UAE),.... Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, and Sunni states in the Persian Gulf





Obama set to arm ISIS...possibly

‘Vetted Moderate’ Free Syrian Army Commander Admits Alliance with ISIS (pj media) Sept 11


much related:

Syrian rebels said to control most of the border with Israel (times of Israel) Sept 13

So we have on Israel's border with Syria, "rebels" affiliated with ISIS, armed by Obama,  all in preparation to attack Israel.





Is ISIS' caliphate a harbinger of the Antichrist? (world net daily) Sept 7

Again, quite possibly.  And/or ISIS is a tool to bring the nations in unity.  That is, Islam, the West, the Roman Catholic Church, the European community - may all "unite" to fight ISIS.  Keeping in mind that the very elect will be deceived, if possible.

Joel Richardson correctly concludes:

 now it the time for the Church to wake up and diligently study the Scriptures to discern if all of these events indeed provide us with a genuine harbinger of the coming Antichrist and the soon coming return of Jesus.

“It will be good for those servants whose master finds them watching when he comes.” (Luke 12:37)


so, much related:

Have Plans For The Antichrist Confederacy Just Been Announced In Turkey?  (prophecy news watch) Sept 4

The Sunni and Shiite sects of Islam both want their Caliphate.

The Shoebats state:

"What we see here is the beginning embryo and birth of a grand idea set by between Erdogan and the spiritual head of the Sunni Muslim world in which its declared that such confederacy for the Caliphate will be established in Istanbul, Turkey as the center for all these different states."

Elsewhere in the article, Shoebat is incorrect on some theology, as Satan has long been kicked out of heaven,

going to and fro on the earth, seeking whom he may devour

Shoebat continues:

the new emerging Mediterranean confederacy will be the “bruised head,” the arising “sick man of Europe,” the “wounded beast” that is coming back to life under the Turkish Neo-Ottoman revival. It constitutes the Revival of the Roman Empire as well as the Grecian, Babylonian, Medo-Persian and Egyptian, altogether.

Shoebat is well to look, but misses seeing much, including the Donation of Constantine, and Satan's seat moving from the Roman Empire to the Roman Catholic Church.  
Shoebat has an interesting conclusion:
Let us be all be wrong and Christ alone be right when He said that Pergamum (Turkey) and not Rome, by this Christ was telling Turkey: “thou art the seat of Satan (Antichrist)”:

“To the angel of the church in Pergamum write: These are the words of him who has the sharp, double-edged sword. I know where you live—where Satan has his throne.(Revelation 2:12-13)”

I would caution that Prophecy Watch is watching what the Farmer's Almanac has always called a "strawberry" or "pink" new moon...therein losing some credibility.


And also related:

Middle East Time Bomb: The Real Aim of ISIS Is to Replace the Saud Family as the New Emirs of Arabia

(huffington post) Sept 6





Christians in Lebanon Prepare for Invasion by the Islamic State (ISIS/ISIL) (pamela gellar) Sept 7





As Obama sends US Army to fight Ebola (read "bring it home"),

Israeli company ready to produce cure for Ebola Prof (jews news) Sept 7




Filipino force defied UN commander in Golan to surrender to jihadists (pamela gellar) Sept 1

The UN, yet again, shows they are the arm of the jihad force



Imminent Terrorist Attack Warning By Feds on US Border (Judicial Watch) Aug 30



Iran becomes first country to arm Kurds (times of Israel) Aug 26



UN Palestinian Refugee Body Under Complete Control of Hamas, Islamic Jihad (brietbart) Aug 26


Following Israel’s 1948 war of independence against Arab aggression, UNRWA was formed to provide relief and public works programs for displaced Arabs who lived in the former British mandate of Palestine.


Some history:  God made a covenant with Abraham; God blessed Ishmael (Genesis 17:20-21, and see the Genesis Apocrathon regarding Abram's walk for an outline of the land's borders.).  God's covenant to Abraham was extended through Isaac to Jacob (Genesis 28:4,13), who became Israel (Genesis 35:10).  God gave the Holy Land to Israel (Genesis 35:12).  The blessing God gave Ishmael  will extend (future, Isaiah 19:23,24) to all Arabs that do not follow the idolatry of Islam.  Note the Arab demeanor described in Genesis 16:11-12 - a "wild ass among men: his hand shall be against every man". Note that "Arab" does NOT equate to "Islamist", although most Arabs are Islamists.  The blessing was and is NOT to the Islamists...

The bible says that God will make a full end of all the nations where Israel has been scattered.


Israel disobeyed God. God "put Israel away" for a time and punished her (dispersion, galut, holocaust, diaspora), but remembered his covenant with her, and took Israel back. During this punishment, the 6th world power, Rome, conquered Jerusalem and plowed it under, banished Jews and renamed the land after the Jew's enemy (Philistines) to Philistia (Or some similar English spelling, which became "Palestine") in order to add insult to the Jews.  So history shows that the very mis-named name of "Palestine" came about directly because of the Jews possession of the Holy Land, the land of Israel.  After about 2000 years of the land lying desolate, in May of 1948, God brought Israel back. The British Mandate had parted God's land.  The Arabs rejected this partition, and went to war against Israel.  Jordan annexed (took away) the land that had been partitioned for the "Palestinians".

[more scripture references to the above forthcoming]



What is UNRWA Doing in Gaza? (israel national news) Aug 26

How can the “Palestinians” of “Palestine” be deemed to be “refugees” if they live in their claimed homeland?


...between 1947 and 1950, approximately 750,000 Jewish refugees were driven from Arab countries in the Middle East. There was no United Nations agency to serve their health, educational, and social needs.





Hamas Admits: we kidnapped and murdered the three teens (jerusalem online) Aug 20
For the first time since the identification of the bodies of three abducted teens, Gil-Ad Shaer, Eyal Yifrah and Naftali Fraenkel, a senior Hamas official admitted that the members of the organisation's military wing are responsible for the kidnapping and murder.

So there you have it. Ham-ass started it.




Yazidis Commit Mass-Suicide After Rape by Islamic State Fighters  (israel national news) Aug 17


Report: US offers to act as guarantor in Gaza cease-fire talks  
(jerusalem post) Aug 16
The United States has also become involved in the talks, agreeing to serve as a guarantor that Israel will uphold what has been agreed to thus far in Egypt,

In other words, Obama is working against Israel.


Evil Talking Plants Use DNA Communication  (nature world news) Aug 16
Obama's Dept. of Justice forces Michigan school to teach in Arabic.
 (usa today) Aug 16


Islamic State Slaughters, the World is Silent
 (Israel national news) Aug 16


Eikev: A Miracle in Our Times?
 (Simon Jacobson) Aug 7

A fair assessment. The author might be missing seven periods of "church" history by lumping all Christians together with the Roman Ecumenical Assembly (the Roman Catholic Church). Some are escaping (Sardis, beginning during the Reformation, named "protestant", coming out of Thyatira), and others (Philadelphia) were (and as now are) never in the RCC). It's a subject that has been well confused by Satan.

It should be noted that many of the "Christians" around the world that are being persecuted right now are Roman Catholics. The RCC exists as Satan's false "body/assembly of Christ" (A.K.A. "church" which is Mystery Babylon within the Thyatira assembly period. The suffering of Catholic Christians might be seen as fulfillment of Revelation. 2:21-23 - and yes, I believe that there are true Christians in all the assemblies. I just wonder about these things...

Mosul is the area of Ninevah. Baghdad is the area of Babylon (ancient physical city).
Both Assyria/Syria and Babylon are represented historically by a winged lion.
ISIS, or the Islamic State seems a likely candidate to be the Anti-Christ's empire, although the re-established Kurdish kingdom is also viable. Islam now controls the area of the Greek empire. The lawless-one (a pope), and the RCC are not technically anti-christ(s), as they do not deny the Father and the Son. They add the Queen of Heaven, which aligns with Islam's moon gods. Both the RCC and Islam hate Israel, as Israel is fulfilling biblical prophecy (Isaiah.66:8). (Contrast - Israel denies Jesus is the Son of God - they were blinded to this (Romans 11), but they do not deny the Father and the Son - Psalm 2.) In a sense both the RCC and Islam represent the beast that "was and is not and is to come" (Rev. 17:11) - Mystery Babylon, Nimrod's ancient kingdom. The RCC is the seventh power and Islam is the eighth.

Or something like that...so yes, these are interesting times. Keep watching & praying Luke 21:36. I've read that "fear not" is one of the most often repeated commandments in the bible...


edit; and of course those Turkeys are in the mix:

The Demonic Turkish Iranian Alliance Just Begun in the Land of Antichrist (shoebat.com) Aug 20

"The Iranian delegates were careful and remained silent on the Sunni-Shiite divide focusing solely on the support of Gaza and Palestine which was the main focus of the event billed as an attempt to reduce sectarian tensions and to focus on liberating Jerusalem.

Sufism is also the ecumenical force in which it is the best uniting factor between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. Sunni Sufis adore Shiite icons and like Shiites are mystical and charismatic and even provides a link between Islam and shamanism.

Erdogan ... intends to use his Sufi brand of Islam to unite the entire Muslim world.

Sufis are not simply a sect of Islam, but rather heirs of an ancient mystical tradition within both the Sunni and Shia branches of the faith combining their inward quest with war and expansion worldwide while uniting the two sects of Shiite and Sunni brands of Islam. The event definitely advances an a Turkish-Iranian alliance.

But this is not only done to infuse strange spirits into the souls of men, the Sufis are the most demonically possessed fighters. Sufism is what makes Chechen fighters fierce. Christians need to understand what process is used in mystic Islam to comprehend the biblical warnings of the type of warriors whom the system of Antichrist produces in which the demonic bark-like sounds are clearly heard even in group sessions"





Obama Blocks Israel Missile Shipment  (Israel national news) Aug 15

the request was [initially] approved by the military, without Obama or US Secretary of State John Kerry being approached for approval, given that their approval was not required for such a transfer.
A US defense official added that the standard review process in such requests was properly followed.

In other words, Obama went out of his way to stop the shipment.


Miami Rabbi Shot and KIlled on His Way to Synagogue  (pamela gellar) Aug 9

This is a result of CAIR promoting Islamic Jihad in the USA.

The Rabbi of a Miami Beach synagogue was murdered earlier today on his way to synagogue. The Rabbi was shot dead in cold blood only two blocks away from the synagogue that was defaced with Hamas, swastikas and Jew-hatred last week after a Hamas-CAIR hate demo.


Catholic pawns (and ISIS?) used to align Iran, USA, and Roman Catholic Church.

- A hard saying,

(requiring some understanding of the prostitute, 7th & 8th heads/powers in Revelation 13 & 17);

Obama: 'America Is Coming to Help'  (weekly standard) Aug 8


So many have been slaughtered, and finally, not "already":

Already, American aircraft have begun conducting humanitarian airdrops of food and water to help these desperate men, women and children survive. 

ISIS has Catholics surrounded on a mountain in Iraq (note the possible parallel to Jesus' commandment to Jews in Matt.24:16, "flee to the mountains".  Is this part of Satan's mimicry? - "I will make myself like the Most High",  [Isa.14:13-14] ).  The USA is helping Iran:

 "I’ve, therefore, authorized targeted airstrikes, if necessary, to help forces in Iraq as they fight to break the siege of Mount Sinjar and protect the civilians trapped there.

Note the plural "forces"; Iraq, Iran, Kurds are currently opposing ISIS. 

Twisted sisters: Iran has been supportive, if not instrumental, in founding ISIS.  So, like the Catholics (papacy - "kill them all, god will find his own"), ISIS may be pawns that are used to align the West - political and religious powers - with Islam, or, ISIS may overtake Iran and even be the anti-Christ's empire (reappearing winged-lion that historically represents the area of both Assyria and Babylon).  What about the Kurds?  ISIS may overtake the Kurd's territory also?  Will the USA strengthen the Kurds? (Are the Kurds are a good candidate for becoming the anti-christ's empire?  Maybe not, as the Kurds are not Arabs...)

At any rate, the USA is now aligned with Islamic forces in the area of the winged lion in "helping" Roman Catholics.


These are interesting times.



Read Pamela Gellar's website for updates on Islamic atrocities.







Wall Street Journal Confirms That Obama is Arming Hamas Terrorists  (conservative tribune) Aug 4






Senior infantry officer describes divine protection in Gaza (times of israel) Aug 1



Haters got to hate:

UN Condemns Israel's Latest War Crime: Not Sharing Iron Dome with Hamas  (breitbart) Aug 1


Reminder: Most Gaza UNRWA Staff are Hamas Supporters  (frontpage) July 31

The UNRWA in Gaza is an arm of Hamas.





IMF urges higher energy taxes to fight climate change (yahoo news) Aug 1

more taxes, save children, bla bla bla = using global climate spoof to gain physical control via monetary control

This article was linked on the Drudge Report; on that same report:

Record low temps outpacing record highs 2-1 in USA...

Lake Superior 20 degrees colder than in '12...

Montgomery, AL shatters record low set in 1889...

Coldest July ever in Indianapolis...

3,151 days and counting without FL hurricane...

Now that it is glaringly obvious to all that there is no climate change, it is amazing to watch the near panic of the puppet masters as they rush in greed to steal money via taxes.  The emperor has no clothes.





USA, such a problem for thought control with the 2nd Amendment.

How do you control such a crowd?

1. It takes time to tenderize a degree at a time.

2. Intervene to save the children:

Global Ebola?  (cbs charlotte) July 31

Obama says African Show must go on  (daily caller) July 31



UNRWA Finds Another Rocket Stockpile in Gaza School (israel national news) July 30

United Nations Relief and Works Agency

relief and works for Hamas

UNRWA finds another rocket stockpile at one of its schools in Gaza, the third time since the beginning of Operation Protective



Safe from Hamas, Italian Reporter Reveals Truth About Gaza (jewishpress) July 30


Hamas Executes Dozens of Palestinians in Gaza (jewishpress) July 30





This is Obama:

Obama: Muslims Built 'The Very Fabric of Our Nation' (breitbart) July 28


Obama demands an immediate, unconditional ceasefire in Gaza    (ynet news) July 28

He's trying to save Hamas.  Obama at risk for serious expose of his administration's involvment in Hamas terror?

Hamas better fits the "new world order" than Israel:

Obama's one world vision in his own words: (washington post) July 23

"...we’re trying to see if we can put together a government that actually can function, to ongoing terrorist threats - to what’s happening in Israel and Gaza.  Part of peoples' concern is just the sense that around the world the old order isn’t holding and we’re not quite yet to where we need to be in terms of a new order that’s based on a different set of principles, that’s based on a sense of common humanity, that’s based on economies that work for all people."

In other words, he is additionally, and applying "we’re trying to see if we can put together a government that actually can function" to Israel, that is, he is trying to put together a government different from the Israeli government. The Washington Post writer may not hear the punctuation here, but that is what he said.  Obama acts like he may or may not understand what he is saying; that is he acts like a dolt by playing a lot of golf and having parties at the White House. But most certainly he is not a stupid vain man, acting without purpose.  He's a smart, vain, purposeful man.  Satan's promise appeals to human vanity; "you will be as God" Gen.3:4).  That rappers are getting high in the White House reflect Obama's vanity primacy, and is very indicative that Obama does not care about the children his policy brings to the USA's southern border.  So he is also quite spiritually ill.

The Sate of Israel does fulfill biblical prophecy, irregardless of whether or not this government is secular.  And so satan and his government ministers (possibly sometimes even in Israel) are against that.  Satan said "I will make myself like the most high" [Isa.14:13-`4], and God said satan transfigures himself as an angel of light (2 Cor.11:14,15), so a lot of folks that are not -at all! - "religious" will become "converted" in the near future (Rev.13:3,4).



Obama to Netanyahu: I demand that Israel agree to a unilateral ceasefire and stop all offensive actions — especially air strikes. (jihad watch) July 29



an important article by Caroline Glick:

Our world: Israel, Hamas and Obama’s foreign policy   (jerusalem post) July 29
Americans are the ones who need to be most alarmed by what Obama’s actions on behalf of Hamas reveal about the general direction of American Middle East policy under his leadership.
For the past five years, Americans from all quarters have concluded that the manifold failures of Obama’s Middle East policies – from Iraq to Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Egypt, Syria, Israel, the Palestinian Authority and beyond – owe to a combination of Obama’s personal disinterest in foreign affairs and his presumed preference for withdrawal and isolationism over engagement.
Obama himself has often encouraged this perception with his endless golf games and his talk about fighting “the war at home.”
Obama’s open, public engagement in Hamas’s war against Israel shows that the popular assessment is wrong.

Obama is as involved in the Middle East as all of his immediate predecessors were. He is personally leading US policy on every front. Kerry is not an independent actor.
The problem is that in every war, in every conflict and in every contest of wills that has occurred in the Middle East since Obama took office, he has sided with Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, against America’s allies.
Under Obama, America has switched sides.

more of this Obama:

Smidgens and smidgens.
(caintv) July 30






This is Islam:

Jihadists in Iraq Order Women Undergo Genital Mutilation  (breitbart) July 25



Report: Hamas Morale Collapsing, Terrorists Flee IDF  (breitbart) July 25

This should cause Obama and the UN great panic.



Pictures of Palestinian Kids  (freedom outpost) July 24

The UN is involved in this child abuse, housing Hamas missiles in UNRAW schools.



Drought drains critical US water supply  (financial times) July 25

FT buys into the Agenda 21 concept of controlling rural areas by regulation.

On the one hand, blaming the water loss on unregulated ground water use.

More than 75 per cent of the loss was due to the rapid depletion of groundwater from underground aquifers that many farmers depend on for irrigation,

Reality: In COLORADO, as in Colorado River, water has been very regulated since the 1800s.

The researchers found the rate of decline of groundwater, much of which is non-renewable and poorly managed, was roughly six times greater than the losses in Lake Mead and Lake Powell, another large reservoir further upstream on the Colorado River.

"further upstream" - In other words, California and Las Vegas have always mismanaged water.

Authorities are spending more than $800m to tunnel under Lake Mead to maintain access to water because the stunted flow of the Colorado River means the lake has shrunk so much that two higher tunnels may no longer be able to channel water to Las Vegas and other cities.

So the cities, not the farmers are using the surface water.
The rapid rates of groundwater depletion are likely to lead to further falls in Colorado River stream flows.

So the article contradicts itself here.
The study’s authors say declines in the snowpack that feeds the river, and population growth, could threaten the long-term ability of the Colorado River Basin to meet water allocation commitments to the seven basin states, which includes California, and to Mexico.

Apparently nothing feeds the aquifers. 


They are saying groundwater use is diminishing the flow of water into the Colorado River dam, and also saying that the groundwater use is occurring below dam, while calling for more restrictive use regulations above the dam.

This is a hit on rural - independent - lifestyles, and nothing more.



Obama's border fiasco

Rick Perry deploys National Guard


So Obama to completely circumvents border

Giving new meaning to "border tax"

U.S. Considering Refugee Status for Hondurans (new york times) July 25

Obama redefining "refugee" as those fleeing street gangs,

while Obama funds Hamas, PUG and Islamic State street gangs.




Israel singles out Qatar as key Hamas terror sponsor  (times of israel) July 23


Obama Sells $11 Billion Worth of Arms to Hamas’s Sponsor, Qatar (pamela gellar) July 24



"150 Hamasnik scumbags surrender to the IDF" (jews news) July 24

They are assuming they will get released later.




For second time, rockets found at UN school in Gaza (times of Israel) July 22

So the UN gives them to Hamas.


$47 Million

US defends aid to UNRWA despite rocket caches (times of Israel) July 22

So the US gives money to UNRAW, which hides rockets for Hamas.





FAA tells US airlines not to fly to Tel Aviv  (ap) July 22

An obvious attempt to get Israel to accept US ceasefire demands.

Timed as US Sec. of State Kerry is flying in and out of Ben Gurion in yet another attempt to save Hamas.


The reality, in other words,  is that Israel must retake complete control of Gaza in order to keep the airport open.

Israel MUST fill the void left by removing Hamas...


This ban should be good for El-Al?


Finally, Obama leads from the front: The Hamas-FAA move against Ben Gurion

(libertyunyielding.com) July 23


FAA lifts ban after Sen. Cruz threatens to retaliate (cbs news) July 24

It is ridiculous and offensive to think the ban was motivated by anything other than anti-Israel bias




UN Vehicles being used to transport Hamas Terrorists (lev haolam @youtube) July 22


Iraq Catholic leader says Islamic State worse than Genghis Khan  (pamela gellar) July 21

Islamic jihadists have decimated the ancient Christian community in Iraq — and Barack Obama is upset with…Israel.



After 2,000 Years, the Last Christian is Forced to Leave Mosul (breitbart) July 20

Mosul is the area of Ninevah.  Baghdad is the area of Babylon (ancient physical city).

Both Assyria/Syria and Babylon are represented by a winged lion.

ISIS, or the Islamic State seems a likely candidate to be the Anti-Christ's empire, although the Kurdish kingdom is also viable.  Islam now controls the area of the Greek empire.



Four Front War: First time in History Israel attacked from Lebanon, Syria, Gaza, Sinai

(pamela gellar) July 14



Jihad in America

VIDEO: Violent Muslims beat Jews with sticks at large pro-Israel rally in Los Angeles, DHS fires at wespon at attackers

(pamela gellar) July 14


 Hamas Hatefest Depicts Jews Eating Christian Babies and Drinking Their Blood (pamela gellar) July 14

Here is the poison fruit of the cultural and political sanction of Islamic Jew-hatred and Islamic supremacism in Seattle


The old blood libel continues


The signs being waved and the chants hollered constituted a shocking public display of shameless Jew hatred right in the heart of Seattle.


For some strange reason Israel agrees to an Egyptian backed "truce" with Hamas, a terrorist organization.

Hamas didn't stop firing rockest, so Israel says they resume Op  (ynetnews) July 15

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that Hamas' rejection of the cease fire "gives Israel full legitimacy to expand the operation to protect our people."
"We agreed to the Egyptian proposal in order to give an opportunity for the demilitarization of the (Gaza) Strip - from missiles, from rockets and from tunnels - through diplomatic means," he told reporters during an earlier press conference with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
"But if Hamas does not accept the ceasefire proposal, as would now seem to be the case, Israel would have all international legitimacy to broaden the military operation to achieve the required quiet."

Historically, this kind of nonsense only yields the lie of "international legitimacy" to Islamic terrorism and anti-Semitism (which in the islamic reality, means anyone Jewish).


Of course, the Obama backed "truce" is designed to give Hamas time to reload.

Iran rearms Hamas (pamela gellar) July 15

Iran arming Hamas proves yet again that Islamic Jew-hatred trumps Shia (Iran) hatred for Sunnis (Hamas).



Obama's Border Sideline

UN wants to get control of US via border mess by calling illegals "refugees"  (wnd) July 15

Officials privy to the U.N. discussions have explained to WND it’s “a tricky situation,” because the Central American immigrants are not part of any group the U.N. has designated as victims of political or religious persecution.

In other words they are liars.



IAF Chief: No need for ground op, let Air Force continue attacks  (ynetnews) July 12

He's got a point:


Israel Air Force smashing Hamas to pieces (jewishpress) July 12



Previously: Fatah (yes, Abbas' party) has joined Hamas in Gaza to shoot rockets at Israel.  

How's that working out?

Two major Palestinian West Bank cities hit by rockets fired from Gaza (ynetnews) July 12


Muslim Brotherhood Org that Met with Obama WH Calls for Islamic War Against Israel  (breitbart) July 1

so, with this, we may understand Obama's Open Border another facet tactic (besides economic and racist divides) towards the destruction of the USA:

Islamic State to Hamas: Before We Support Your Fight Against Israel, We Must Attack America   (pamela gellar) July 12

Obama is letting them in.


The Obama Regime is funding and training al-Qaeda affiliated al-Nusra Front terrorists (barenakedislam.com) July 11


FACTS AND ONLY THE FACTS  (guerrilla israel) July 10



Islamic State(ISIS) also in Gaza shooting missiles at Israel  (Israel national news) July 10

They say they have a SCUD missile.


In the third day of Operation Protective Edge, Israel hasn't even gotten started with their chastisement of Hamas, and Obama comes to Hamas' rescue:

President Barack Obama is telling Israel's leader that the United States is willing to negotiate a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas. (ap) July 10

Blatant hypocrisy, as usual from Obama.  Where was his "peace" imitative before Israel began to retaliate for Hamas' constant rocket fire? 

BTW, Fatah (yes, Abbas' party) has joined Hamas in Gaza to shoot rockets at Israel.  This is the PUG that Obama still endorses and by that, we Americans fund their actions against Israel.  And when Israel finally decides enough is enough, Obama "is willing" to "negotiate" a cease fire between Israel and the terrorists he is funding???  It is against the law for any US citizen to have anything to do with Hamas (terrorist organization).


Hamas’s (and Iran’s) fail-safe strategy  (caroline glick) July 10

Caroline Glick explains how Obama strengthens a weak Hamas. 


Op-Ed: Land Invasion: Beware the Trap Laid by Hamas (israel national news) July 10

If Israel goes into Gaza, they should "possess" the land.

This also means to "dispossess" the inhabitants.

Fight to win this time. (israel national news) July 10



In this ever stranger world Putin says:

 'I support the struggle of Israel' (israel national news) July 10
On the surface, he appears to mean that he supports Israel, not that he supports Israel having to struggle.

In reality, Putin is saying the same thing to Netanyahu:

"Putin called for an end to the conflict in Gaza."

Punch line:  And so, the rabbi blessed Putin.



Pope Stirs Controversy Amongst Evangelicals  (worthynews.com) July 3

"...a mouth that spake great things..." - Dan.7:20.

The pope, A.K.A. "Pontifex Maximus" is

the MAN of-the lawlessness

He speaks great things against the Most High God:

In his weekly address from St. Peter's Square, the Pope said, "No one becomes Christian on his or her own! Is that clear? No one becomes Christian by him- or herself."

This follows Roman Catholic Church Doctrine. ( The RCC is Mystery Babylon)

This is not new, but interesting in light of Pappa Frenchy's earlier comments:

Repost:  Pappa Frenchy: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven  (independent ) 9-11

targeting the Roman Catholic Church's alignment with Islam


It should be noted that many of the "christians" around the world that are being persecuted right now are Roman Catholics.

The RCC exists as Satan's false "body/assembly of Christ" (A.K.A. "church" which is Mystery Babylon - see Apologetics 22-25 by R.Mount) within/alongsidethe Thyatira assembly period.


Revelation 2:21 And I-gave to-her time in-order-that she-might-repent, and she-is not willing to-repent out-of her prostitution.
v22 Behold I-am-casting her into a bed and the (ones) committing-adultery with her into great tribulation, if they-will not repent out-of her works;
v23 And her children I-shall-kill in death; and all the assemblies will-come-to-know that I myself-am the (one) searching kidneys and hearts, and I-shall-give to-YOU to-each (one) according-to YOUR works.


Related: Eikev: A Miracle in Our Times?





Hamas rockets reach Jerusalem and Tel Aviv   (jerusalem post) July 8

Islamists prove Jerusalem is not their holy site.


4 Million Israelis -- Half of Country's Population -- In Bomb Shelters  (TRUTH REVOLT) July 8


Donate: Israel Bomb Shelters



After many, many rockets over many years, and after a long delay with the recent increase in rocket attacks, Israel decides to go after Hamas in Gaza.

Noting ISIS is in Gaza and the west bank areas of Israel already - and ISIS is in Syria, and on the border of Jordan.

It seems Hamas has been allowed to be sort of a "straw-man" terrorist organization in Gaza.  That is, Israel has let them blather away and shoot missiles into fields and in return Hamas sort of keeps other Islamic terror groups from getting too close.  So with the approach of ISIS, Hamas has a choice, fight them or join them.  There is no money in making peace with Israel (obviously Hamas' best short and long term option) so they would likely join ISIS.  And ISIS presence recently documented among Hamas shows this to be the case.  So Israel has to "go through" Hamas in order to help Jordan.  (But of course Hezbollah (better trained than Hamas, may jump in, and Israel's intervention may be timed to stop that) So it seems likely that ISIS will also attack from the north border of Israel.  They will use Israel's policing of Hamas as fodder to call in help from Muslims around the world - a rallying cry from the new caliphate.  Beyond that, ISIS may still be a pawn of Iran and or Turkey...waiting for a war weakened Israel.



When they say "peace and safety"

It is continually being called for, but it cannot yet be said to be in effect.

1 Thessalonians 5:3 "At-the-time-that they-might-be-saying: peace and security, then sudden ruination is-standing-by-for-itself for-them as-altogether the birth-pain to-the (woman) having in womb, and they-might not flee-out."


Obama's doublespeakeasy:

Peace is the only path to true security for Israel and the Palestinians  (haaretz) July 8

by Barak Hussein Obama

The United States has also demonstrated our commitment to Israel’s security through our enduring commitment to a lasting peace in the Middle East..... the United States will never give up on the hope of a lasting peace, which is the only path to true security for Israel.


Obama distinguishes Hezbollah’s and Hamas’s rockets, and finally laments the "tragic" deaths of Naftali Fraenkel, Gilad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach. Then he laments the "senseless" death of Mohammed HUSSEIN Abu Khdeir (perhaps noting a familiar connection). Then he equates the actions of the IDF with Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists in saying ", ALL PARTIES must protect the innocent and act with reasonableness and restraint, not vengeance and retribution".

Among the other lies, such as "peace and security" (see UN Charter's Preamble), at least part of one Obama statement here is true:
"Just as the Israeli people have the right to live in the historic homeland of the Jewish people, the Palestinian people deserve the right to self-determination". In other words, Jews have historic rights to the land of Israel and the "Palestinians" have the right to imagine/determine that they do. While it is not beneficial (Exd. 20:16) for the Palestinians to "think whatever they want" (i.e. make things up), but that is their prerogative. Unfortunately Obama considers that the figment of their fervent and fanatical imagination should be realized with a "final solution" of an Islamic state within the Jewish homeland.

It is a blessing to have trust that God has great plans for ethnic Israel's greater fullness (Rom.11:12) in HIS land (Lev.25:23; Matt.6:10) even if we Christians cannot always fully comprehend how (Rom.11:33-36; 1Cor.13:12).


At the same time, Netanyahu is also calling for peace and security

 (Facebook post) July 8

The State of Israel is in the midst of a campaign for the restoration of peace and security to our citizens.

Will not tolerate rocket fire on towns and iishobino, so I ordered a significant expansion of the IDF operation against Hamas and terrorists against the terrorists of other terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip.

I did it only after all attempts to restore the peace, Hamas refused and opted for escalation. We battle, but confidence our citizens and our children first. Do whatever is necessary so that peace is prevailing here in recent years will continue.

The IDF operation aimed against the terrorists of Hamas and against innocent civilians. While Hamas deliberately hiding behind civilians, and thus is liable when they get hurt accidentally.

Citizens of Israel, I ask you to abide by provisions of the home front command, they save lives. I call you to learn patience, because this operation can take a while.

In terms of terrorist organizations around the State of Israel are one front, and all citizens of the State of Israel are one thing. We must therefore stand together as one man – a cohesive, unified and safe in righteousness.

We act decisively and firmly to restore peace in place and continue to operate until peace returns to our citizens and our children can live safely. (Translated by Bing)


There will be war until the presence of the Messiah...with a short time where they say they have "peace and safety".



Donate: Israel Bomb Shelters





Israel's Moloch Syndrome (daniel greenfield) July 7



ISIS Is About to Destroy Biblical History in Iraq (thedailybeast) July 7

 Islam is idolatry.  This idolatrous worship system mimics God's theocracy even in the inclusion of idolatry.  In the eyes of the Islamist, the Christian is an idolater.  To say Satan controls Islam is similar to saying that Satan controls the Roman Catholic Church.


Here's what God says Satan says:

Isaiah 14:12 How art thou fallen*  from heaven, O day-star (KJV has "Lucifer"), son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, that didst lay low the nations!
13 And thou saidst in thy heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; and I will sit upon the mount of congregation, in the uttermost parts of the north;
14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will make myself like the Most High.
15 Yet thou shalt be brought down to Sheol, to the uttermost parts of the pit.


* Revelation 12:9 And the dragon namely-the great (one) was-cast, the serpent namely-the ancient, the (one) being-called Devil and the satan, the (one) leading-astray the total inhabited-earth, he-was-cast into the earth, and his angels were-cast with him.



Isaiah 14 further details current events.

These are interesting times...



Hezbollah and Mexican Gangs form Partnership (100percentfedup.com) July 7

Oh, now there's a news flash.

 Tip:  Those beheadings in Mexico are not a part of any Mexican or South American Culture.

But anyway, at least some remote fringe (remnant?) has the scoop:

"Yeah...Hezbollah is far better than Al-Qaeda. They're far better trained. Far more deadly. They are the "A" team of terrorist organizations."

Note, this was known long before Obama opened the southern border.

"there was a congressional report done and that report stated that Hezbollah and the drug cartels of Mexico have kinda joined forces"

Obama "kinda" knows what he is doing.






Chicago much more violent than Israel (abc news) July 6



Government Data Show U.S. in Decade-Long Cooling  (forbes) July 6



The Light Rail Destruction is More than Meets the Eye (Israel National News) July 6



Obama getting your mind off Benghazi, etc:

Below, a list on the Drudge Report on July 4, 2014 (INDEPENDENCE DAY):


A wonder: How many Americans would there be without abortion?  Without birth control?

Of course, Obama isn't making a god play of correcting past abortion errors...





Rome will be conquered next, says leader of ‘Islamic State’ (pamela gellar) July 3


The New Russian Anti-Semitism (the moscow times) July 3



The Peace Process is a Game Israel Can't Win (Danilel Greenfield)  July 3, 2014



Gaza (Hamas) Rocket Hits Jewish Nursery School  (Jewish Press)  July 3, 2014

God is watching:

"filled with young children, escaped injury and death by the grace of a bomb shelter door."

No, they are saved by the grace of God.



ISIS calls on Muslims worldwide to join its holy war   (debka) July 2



ISIS Parades SCUD Missile Heading Towards Israel   (Israel national news)  July 1, 2014





The bodies of the three Israeli boys have been found. (Times of Israel)  June 30, 2014

The spiritual reality - the reality - is that not a hair on their heads has been lost.


Arabs Throw Stones at Ambulance Carrying Bodies of Murdered Boys  (truthrevolt.org)  June 30, 2014




Muslims turn suspected "honor" murder into excuse to riot in Israel (breitbart)  July 2, 2014

Jewish Murderers Not “Right Wing Settlers (jewishpress)  July 6, 2014

Police are not being very forthcoming in allowing information to be released regarding the suspects in murder of Mohammed Abu-Khder, but Walla has made a point of saying they are not part of any “right-wing” ideological group, and they are part of a completely different extremist organization.
They aren’t “settlers” either.
Originally 6 people were arrested, 3 adults and 3 minors. Some have already been released as definitely not having any connection to the murder.


US State Department rebukes Israel for arrest of American (national review) July 6

That's much more severe than their reaction to Hamas killing an American.

"the high school student was in Israel “attending a demonstration following the death of his cousin, Mohammed Abu Khdeir,” a 16-year-old"

Translation from Paliwoodese to English: "Trained from birth that 'jihad' is good, he was performing acts of terrorism in the riots in Israel."



 US Muslim Who Attacked, Stoned Police During Riots Alleges He Was Beaten in Israeli Custody; Obama Springs into Action (pamelagellar.com) July 6

 The malevolent lopsided treatment of the jihad onslaught in Israel by the Obama administration (and the enemedia) is at a fever pitch.
The kidnapping and murder of three Jewish kids was a passing news story. But the subsequent murder of a Muslim teen in Jerusalem and today’s story of a US Palestinian’s arrest has lit up the administration and the worldwide media

 “The Israeli police say the youth resisted arrest and attacked police officers. He was detained with a slingshot in his possession used to hurl stones at police, along with six other protesters, including some armed with knives, police said, adding that several officers were hurt in that specific protest.”

“The suspect himself was one of six masked Palestinians that were arrested by undercover police officers. Three of them were armed at the time.”




Conversely, where's the rioting by Israelis???

Police leaning toward nationalistic motive after Hussein Halifa, a taxi driver, confesses to killing Afula resident

 (timesofisrael)  July 6, 2014




Facebook Messing with You

We are the product that Facebook has been testing  (financial times)  July 2, 2014

 "Making all users agree to a catch-all list that does not provide a clear, specific description of a study fails the 1979 consent test for US academic research."



You Messing with Facebook

Making Facebook the product of the test:

1. close Facebook in your browser

2. go to
[Here is the file: http://software.addpcs.com/get.php?dl=9]

(this older version works fine)

3. download, unzip/install and run Temp File Cleaner v3

4. open Facebook in your browser.

 After a half hour or so of your typical Facebook usage, run Temporary File Cleaner again.

5. repeat often

What good reason could Facebook have for writing that much to your personal computer?

There is no good reason.






Fungus Fights Superbugs (wall street journal)  July 1, 2014

Scientists at McMaster University in Ontario discovered that the compound almost instantly turned off a gene in several harmful bacteria that makes them highly resistant to treatment with a class of antibiotics used to fight so-called superbug infections. The compound, called aspergillomarasmine A, or AMA, was extracted from a common fungus found in soil and mold.

...researchers found that AMA, extracted from a strain of Aspergillus versicolor and combined with a carbapenem antibiotic, inactivated the NDM-1 gene in three drug-resistant superbugs—Enterobacteriaceae, a group of bacteria that includes E. coli; Acenitobacter, which can cause pneumonia and blood infections; and Pseudomonas, which often infect patients in hospitals and nursing homes.






 Facebook Emotional Experiment Linked To Pentagon Research On Civil Unrest (infowars)  July 1, 2014



President Obama admits he uses "crack"

Oh ha ha.  Obama is happy and gay.

Michelle Obama states that the crack is NOT in the pies.




Is it Turkey Time?

Big "non-news" news:

Netanyahu calls for Independent Kurdish state (jewish press)  June 29, 2014

Over the weekend, Israel received it first shipment of crude oil from the fledgling independent Kurdish state, after nearly every other country in the world was afraid to take it due to threatened repercussions from Iraq. The Kurdish oil is piped to Turkey, where it is then shipped by oil tanker overseas.

Tangled web: At the same time...

Hamas Asks Turkey to Stop Israel from Responding to Terror Attacks (jewish press)  June 30, 2014

(Hamas asked Turkey) to find a way to block Israel from attacking Gaza terrorists.
The request came on the same morning that Gaza terrorists had launched a barrage of 15 rockets at southern Israel.




Scroll down for  "Another view on Turkey"



Strategic Coalition Forming: Russia Supplying Iraq (jewish press)  June 29, 2014

Soviet fighter jets arrive in Iraq.  Someone has to fly and maintain them.

So it's been said that ISIS is a pawn.

The US did train some ISIS.  Could anyone have long-range plans to draw Russia back into that quagmire?




ISIS in Gaza and Sinai (jewish press)  June 29, 2014

Pamela Gellar's report is more accurately detailed (pamela gellar)  June 29, 2014

As already noted, ISIS puts pressure on Hamas.


Jordanian Bedouin hoist Al Qaeda flag in Ma’an (debka)  June 29, 2014

- 104 km from Eilat. US, Israeli forces on the ready



Islamic Caliphate declared (reuters)  June 29, 2014

ISIS/ISIL changes their name to "Islamic State"



Gaza rocket hits Sderot factory, setting it ablaze (ynetnews)  June 29, 2014



Another view on Turkey

Leaked Document Reveals Who Is Behind Jihadists ISIS Recruitment   (freedom outpost)  June 27, 2014

Here's a Hint: Obama Just Released 5 Taliban Leaders to Them
A secret document was revealed (see References) which was issued by the Qatari Embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli, revealed that Qatar was able to equip some 1,800 volunteers from North Africa to fight in Iraq’s notorious ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant).


and yet another view on Turkey from Caroline Glick

Turkey’s high-risk power play  (caroline glick)  June 25, 2014

"While Turkey and Iran are rivals in undermining the international system, their goals are the same, and their strategies for achieving their goals are also similar. But while their chaos strategy is brilliant in its way, it is also high risk. By its very nature, chaos is hard, if not impossible to control. Situations often get out of hand. Plans backfire.
What we are seeing today in Syria and Iraq and the wider region demonstrates the chaos strategy’s drawbacks.
As Pinchas Inbari detailed in a recent report for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, the Syrian civil war is causing millions of Syrians to leave the country and their migrations are changing the face of many countries.
For instance, their arrival in Lebanon has transformed the multi-ethnic state into one with a preponderant Sunni majority, thus watering down Hezbollah’s support base.
The Kurds in Iraq may feel they need Turkey today, but there is no reason to assume that this will remain the case for long."




Noting again that ISIS/ISIL is not a big military operation.  Ragtag, yes. Fanatics, yes. Rich gang-banger, yes.

Isis might not last forever.  (shoebat)  June 19, 2014

Note: This guy, a Christian, says that Turkey is the Leopard of scripture prophecy.  That is the kind of things that Christians do.  Christians say things. 

Compare with the Muslims around the world. Muslims behead people. Muslims behead other Muslims.

 See the difference?


June 29

So, some acts in this play:  ISIS is on the border of Bahgdad, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Jordan and northern ISRAEL.  Oh, and the USA's southern border is open to them, thanks to Obama, as the little kids there are just a cover.  And when they grow up, they will vote for a Democrat, but their parents can vote for Democrats now (see Nancy Pelosi on the border).  And of course, also into play is Obama's anti-gun policy; with the riff-raff of Mexico and Central-South America as new "citizens", real Americans will be more likely to agree with the line that the Second Amendment Rights should be infringed upon.  Also, the Republican machine is happy too, as cheap labor (really, enslavement of all) arrives.  And Obama's racial dividing continues.  However, IF this season never ends, the current Hispanic vote will soon go all Republican, as they will be loosing their jobs to lower wage workers.  So the Republicans are playing (acting) a fine line on whether they want a new slave labor force or not.  Understand by looking at "third world countries" where we are heading...we can subsist on very little.....with very few...as the open border allows disease to spread. Not talking common colds here.  We don't take care of our own homeless so of course the s. border fiasco is a sideshow. A purposeful sideshow.

There are more things simultaneously connected here, but this is sufficient to show that Obama is not acting in ignorance.




US: Jordan may ask Israel to go to war against ISIL (timesofisrael)  June 28, 2014

If Hamas were normal minded, they too would take note of ISIS mass murder of other muslims and get aligned with Israel instead of kidnapping Jewish boys.  Of course Hamas might think that Isis might not last forever.

also noting: "On Friday, a senior Israeli military commander announced that almost the entire Syrian side of the Golan Heights is now under the control of rebel forces, including radical Islamist groups."






Israel Goes to War Over a Muslim Teenager (breitbart)  June 23, 2014

A "Palestinian" Israeli.


Poll: Most Palestinians want to wipe Israel off the map (times of israel)  June 25, 2014


The reality is that Israel has no peace partner. NONE.

Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

(the "Peace of Jerusalem" is the Messiah)




Concerning physical Babylon:


Amazing.  ISIS is a just big bunch of gang bangers.  Yet look at the power they wield. 

How?  This power is given to them...(by Turkey?, by Iran?, by USA?  By hasatan.)

Note Obama is letting other (?) gang bangers in via the US/Mexico border...

Obama's power is also given to him...

These things don't really "fit" on the Torah | Torah page...perhaps a general "Living Torah", A.K.A.  "Living Word" or "Future Prophecy Now"  study/note page would help set some things in order.



Intel Official: Americans Have Joined Militant Group ISIS (cbs washington)  June 25, 2014

Amazing.  Muslims killing Muslims because they are not "crazy Muslim" enough.  Just as when the Roman Catholic Church killed Protestants (Inquisition), this too is Satanic activity.

Their (ISIS and RCC) hope is the same as American's hope to defend against them or any other intruder: the love of Jesus Christ. John 3:16

Without that love, no one has any hope.  The world is testifying to this truth...



Jordan Air Force bombs invading al Qaeda (ISIS) (debka)  June 24, 2014


ISIS threatens nuke attack on Israel (wnd)  June 23, 2014

ISIS (islamic terrorist) call for destruction of Israel.

It is getting difficult to separate "world news" from "Bible views". 

Don't be surprised if Israel wipes Iraq or ISIS  off the map:


Pentagon Defends Jordan Valley Pullout: No Worries When ISIS Invades Jordan (jewish press)  June 25, 2014





Jeremiah 51:1 Thus saith Jehovah: Behold, I will raise up against Babylon, and against them that dwell in Leb-kamai, a destroying wind.
2 And I will send unto Babylon strangers, that shall winnow her; and they shall empty her land: for in the day of trouble they shall be against her round about.
3 Against him that bendeth let the archer bend his bow, and against him that lifteth himself up in his coat of mail: and spare ye not her young men; destroy ye utterly all her host.
4 And they shall fall down slain in the land of the Chaldeans, and thrust through in her streets.

[All her host have not been slain.  No total bloody victory yet.]
5 For Israel is not forsaken, nor Judah, of his God, of Jehovah of hosts; though their land is full of guilt against the Holy One of Israel.
6 Flee out of the midst of Babylon, and save every man his life; be not cut off in her iniquity: for it is the time of Jehovah's vengeance; he will render unto her a recompense.

[The flight of Jews out of Babylon may have occurred recently (within the past few years).]


Jer 51:8 Babylon is suddenly fallen and destroyed: wail for her; take balm for her pain, if so be she may be healed.

[There has not yet been a sudden fall of physical Babylon.]


Jer 51:19 The portion of Jacob is not like these; for he is the former of all things; and Israel is the tribe of his inheritance: Jehovah of hosts is his name.

20 Thou art my battle-axe and weapons of war: and with thee will I break in pieces the nations; and with thee will I destroy kingdoms;

[Israel is God's "battle axe" / maul.  Israel is the victor.  Israel has not yet destroyed physical Babylon/Iraq.]


Jer 51:26 And they shall not take of thee a stone for a corner, nor a stone for foundations; but thou shalt be desolate for ever, saith Jehovah.

[Stones from ruins have been and still are used in Babylon in structures. This will be stopped.]


Jer 51:43 Her cities are become a desolation, a dry land, and a desert, a land wherein no man dwelleth, neither doth any son of man pass thereby.

[Babylon has not been desolate.  Men dwell there.  Men pass through.  This will be stopped.]


Jer 51:44 And I will execute judgment upon Bel in Babylon, and I will bring forth out of his mouth that which he hath swallowed up; and the nations shall not flow any more unto him: yea, the wall of Babylon shall fall.
45 My people, go ye out of the midst of her, and save yourselves every man from the fierce anger of Jehovah.

[again as vs6, this appears to have recently happened.  All Jews out of Iraq now?]


Jer 51:49 As Babylon hath caused the slain of Israel to fall, so at Babylon shall fall the slain of all the land.

[All the land has not fallen slain at Babylon.]


[Note the Greek word for city, '"polis" can represent a city, or an empire.  A caliphate is an empire...]

Anyway, this is what the bible prophecies.  A few people are aware of this, some of those people believe it, some do not, most people are "unaware-don't care". It seems of the few that are aware, even those in this group that don't like what it says never-the-less believes it will come to pass.



Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.



Kurdish Soldiers: ISIS Close to Surrounding Baghdad

Kurdish military leaders say ISIS surrounding Baghdad
Amazing statements:

The Kurdish peshmerga forces reportedly are the biggest force standing between ISIS and a complete control of Iraq

While the Kurds continue to fight ISIS and remain the most organized and feared military in Iraq, the United States government is urging Kurdish leaders to abandon dreams of sovereignty.





Concerning spiritual Babylon:

Precursor to the Roman Catholic Inquisition; The Fourth Lateran Council.

excerpt from chapter three:

"We excommunicate and anathematize every heresy that raises against the holy, orthodox and Catholic faith which we have above explained; condemning all heretics under whatever names they may be known, for while they have different faces they are nevertheless bound to each other by their tails, since in all of them vanity is a common element. Those condemned, being handed over to the secular rulers of their bailiffs, let them be abandoned, to be punished with due justice, clerics being first degraded from their orders. As to the property of the condemned, if they are laymen, let it be confiscated; if clerics, let it be applied to the churches from which they received revenues. But those who are only suspected, due consideration being given to the nature of the suspicion and the character of the person, unless they prove their innocence by a proper defense, let them be anathematized and avoided by all 1-intil they have made suitable satisfaction; but if they have been under excommunication for one year, then let them be condemned as heretics. Secular authorities, whatever office they may hold, shall be admonished and induced and if necessary compelled by ecclesiastical censure, that as they wish to be esteemed and numbered among the faithful, so for the defense of the faith they ought publicly to take an oath that they will strive in good faith and to the best of their ability to exterminate in the territories subject to their jurisdiction all heretics pointed out by the Church; so that whenever anyone shall have assumed authority, whether spiritual or temporal, let him be bound to confirm this decree by oath. But if a temporal ruler, after having been requested and admonished by the Church, should neglect to cleanse his territory of this heretical foulness, let him be excommunicated by the metropolitan and the other bishops of the province. If he refuses to make satisfaction within a year, let the matter be made known to the supreme pontiff, that he may declare the ruler's vassals absolved from their allegiance and may offer the territory to be ruled lay Catholics, who on the extermination of the heretics may possess it without hindrance and preserve it in the purity of faith; the right, however, of the chief ruler is to be respected as long as he offers no obstacle in this matter and permits freedom of action. The same law is to be observed in regard to those who have no chief rulers (that is, are independent). Catholics who have girded themselves with the cross for the extermination of the heretics, shall enjoy the indulgences and privileges granted to those who go in defense of the Holy Land."


Apparently, this law/canon of exterminating those outside the Roman Church has never been rescinded.



 Come out from Mystery Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church, (Rev.18:4; Prov.6:24)

Revelation 18:v1 After these-things I-saw another angel descending out-of the heaven, having great authority, and the earth was enlightened out-of his glory.
v2 And he-cried with (a) strong voice saying: Babylon the great fell, it-fell, and it-became (a) residence of-little-demons and (a) guard-house of-every unclean spirit and (a) guard-house of-every unclean and having-been-and-still-hated bird-of-prey,
v3 Because all the Gentiles have-drunk-and-still-drink out-of the wine of-the anger of-her prostitution, and the kings of-the earth committed-prostitution with her, and the merchants of-the earth became-rich out-of the power of-her haughtiness.
v4 And I-heard another voice out-of the heaven saying: YOU-come-out, my people, out-of her, in-order-that YOU-might not participate-with her sins, and in-order-that YOU-might not take out-of her blows.
v5 Because her sins were-united unto the heaven, and the God had-in-memory her unrighteous-acts.
v6 YOU-give-back to-her as she also gave-back, and YOU-double the (things) double according-to her works; in the cup in-which she-mingled YOU-mingle to-her double;
v7 As-much-as she-glorified her(self) and she-ran-riot, YOU-give to-her this-much tormenting and mourning; because in her heart she-is-saying, because I-am-sitting queen and I-am not (a) widow also by-no-means might-I-see mourning;
v8 Because-of this in one day her blows will-be-present, death and mourning and famine, and she-will-be-burned-down with fire; because strong (is) Jehovah the God namely-the (one) having-judged her,


This beast hates idolatry, and so the beast hates the Roman Catholic Church.  (Note this "idolatry" is not the same as the idolatry of scripture, but rather, this beast of islam just consider anything non-crazy-islam as idolatry.  In reality, ISLAM IS IDOLATRY.)  A lot of Catholics are being killed by the muslims now.  Note the RCC has "mingled" the cup of satan (communion) with the cup of Jehovah (passover).


1 Corinthians 10:11 But all these-things, (as) patterns, were happening to-those, but it-was-written toward admonition of-us, with-reference-to whom the finishes of-the ages has-arrived.
v12 So-that let the (one) seeming to-have-stood-and-still-be-standing be-looking (that) he-might not fall.
v13 Trial has not taken-and-is-still not taking YOU if not (a) human (one); but the God (is) trustworthy, who will not allow YOU to-be-tried above what YOU-are-being-able, BUT he-will-make with the trial also the outcome (for) YOU to-be-being-able to undergo (it).
v14 For-which-very-reason, my cherished (ones), YOU-be-fleeing from the idolatry.

1 Corinthians 10:21 YOU-are not being-able to-be-drinking (a) cup of-Jehovah and (a) cup of-demons; YOU-are not being-able to-be-sharing of-a-table of-Jehovah and of-a-table of-demons.



Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.





Weather or Not

The scandal of fiddled global warming data (telegraph)  June 23, 2014
The US has actually been cooling since the Thirties, the hottest decade on record

Summers used to be hotter in the US (steven goddard)  June 23, 2014

and Using Thermometer Data Is Now Considering Data Tampering




Iraq loses control of Syrian, Jordanian borders (yahoo news)  June 23, 2014
Tribal leaders were negotiating to hand the post to Sunni Islamists from the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) who took two main crossings with Syria in recent days and have pushed the Shi'ite-led government's forces back toward Baghdad.
Ethnic Kurdish forces control a third border post with Syria in the north, leaving government troops with no presence along the entire 800-km (500-mile) western frontier which includes some of the most important trade routes in the Middle East.
For the insurgents, capturing the frontier is a dramatic step towards the goal of erasing the modern border altogether and building a caliphate across swathes of Syria and Iraq

USA and Iran "on the same side".



ISIS finds Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction (wnd)  June 19, 2014

members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Sham – may have access to a secret sarin poison gas production facility in northeast Iraq as a result of a new alliance with a top military commander who previously was an aide to executed Sunni Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein, WND has learned.

And they also may be working with a man who’s known for his expertise in making sarin

A WND request to the State Department for a response to the revelation that ISIS may already have access to a working sarin poison gas production facility as a result of the Douri alliance with ISIS went unanswered.

Similarly, the State Department did not respond to a WND inquiry as to why old chemical weapons stockpiles at the Al-Muthana chemical complex were never destroyed before U.S. troops left Iraq in December 2011

Like all the military hardware, the chemical weapons were left for a reason; which reason is becoming apparent.



Demographic Upheaval: How the Syrian War is Reshaping the Region   (jcpa.org)   June 17, 2014




A week after the terror attack, while calling for restraint,

Whitehouse spokeswoman "Psaki" can't name kidnapped American boy (jewish press)   June 18, 2014

He's Jewish. 

Remember last week while Obama let 5 Islamic terrorist out of Gitmo to rescue a deserter that converted to Islam, he was saying we don't leave Americans behind.

Except if they are Jewish American.

or a Marine in Mexico.

or a Christian in Korea.


Draw your own conclusions:

Michelle Obama Wants Students to Monitor Family Members for Racial Insensitivity (toprightnews)   May 19, 2014


Chewbacca will probably need a stunt double  (justkillingti.me)   June 17, 2014

(Photo: Creative Commons)





Obama Funds Kidnappers of American Citizen Naftali Franke (breitbart)   June 17, 2014

The sad truth is that the United States is funding the kidnappers of these boys, including an American citizen. It is currently illegal to fund any organization connected with Hamas. Nonetheless, the Obama administration is doing it after the formation of a unity government between the Palestinian Authority and Hamas; $400 million American taxpayer dollars will go to that entity in violation of law. 18 US Code Section 2339B demands:

Whoever knowingly provides material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization, or attempts or conspires to do so, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 15 years, or both, and, if the death of any person results, shall be imprisoned for any term of years or for life. To violate this paragraph, a person must have knowledge that the organization is a designated terrorist organization (as defined in subsection (g)(6)), that the organization has engaged or engages in terrorist activity (as defined in section 212(a)(3)(B) of the Immigration and Nationality Act), or that the organization has engaged or engages in terrorism (as defined in section 140(d)(2) of the Foreign Relations Authorization Act, Fiscal Years 1988 and 1989).





IRS Getting Rich Quick Schemes

Do you have money outside the U.S.? You may owe the IRS $10,000 (marketwatch)   June 16, 2014

Comment section: "Perhaps one could claim their financial records were lost because of a computer crash. The IRS seems to think that is a valid legal argument now"

No. That won't work.  The Govt. will take your money for the welfare of the masses from the south.




The Great Satan is who??? Axis of Evil becoming seen.

Iraq crisis prompts reconciliation between Iran and the West  (independent)   June 16, 2014

- from Great Satan to the great rapprochement

IRAN frequently calls for the destruction of Israel.

Epic US-Iran military cooperation in Iraq coincides with

Israel’s war on Tehran’s Palestinian ally, Hamas  (debka)   June 17, 2014


Of course, the USA should NOT be involved AT ALL in the Mid-east. But they are:

Blowback! U.S. trained ISIS at secret Jordan base  (wnd)   June 17, 2014

The stage is being set for World War III  (homlandsecurityus.com)   June 16, 2014

It seems like the BBQ use will increase out of necessity?




Has the Dept. of Homeland Security become America’s standing army? (your houston news)   June 16, 2014




Ambassador Oren: the U.S. should rescind its hasty recognition of the Fatah-Hamas PUG    (jewish press)   June 15, 2014

Hamas is behind the kidnapping of the three Israeli boys from Gush Etzion on Thursday night.
Hamas publicly praised the kidnapping, and has ordered Palestinian Arabs in the territories to obstruct Israel’s rescue efforts.



Sure gas price will rise.

But not because of anything happening in Iraq.

U.S. Imports from Iraq of Crude Oil and Petroleum Products  (eia.gov)   June 14, 2014

Comparative import chart



The IRS cannot lose Lois' emails (the blaze)   June 14, 2014



Leading Rabbi: Evangelists More Exalted than Persia's Cyrus   (herald sun)   June 12, 2014



Australian Banksters stealing citizens money  (herald sun)   June 12, 2014

Obama likes their gun confiscation.  He probably really likes this.


Eric Cantor voted out.

Wall Street Journal slanders Dave Brat  (breitbart)   June 12, 2014



US admits Hamas "unity" government can launch rockets and still get US funds   (jewish press)   June 11, 2014

.... even though Hamas is a member of the Palestinian Unity Government, the US admits that Hamas independently controls Gaza, and admits that Hamas launches rockets at Israel, and admits that the US will ignore all that continue to work with and fund the Palestinian Unity Government of which Hamas is a full member and consequently, a recipient of those US funds.
Read the amazing interview.  Incredibly cruel.
At the end, Psaki answers that the rocket launches really aren’t large enough of an attack to get the US to change its position.

Note "Psaki" is not a slur.  That is the name of Obama's spokeswoman.


Obama lied about Benghazi  (the blaze)  June 11, 2014

Right after they left the consulate in Benghazi and went to the [CIA] safehouse, they were getting reports that cellphones, consulate cellphones, were being used to make calls to the attackers’ higher ups...
The new report, which cites multiple sources, raises fresh questions regarding why the White House made the claim about the video even though it appears senior administration officials knew during the attack that terrorists were responsible.

Q. "What difference does it make?"

  A. Now we know it's murder by proxy.


The Evil Google All-seeing Eye  (wired)  June 11, 2014



June 11, 2014

The Kurds are back on the history page. Perhaps the Assyrian Lion's head of the beast of Revelation 13.

Iraq is "falling apart".  This (replacement?) kingdom will probably have the ten horns and extra lion's mouth. (?)


 Also note Babylon has never been destroyed as prophesied in scripture.  It (Iraq) will be (has been) rebuilt and Israel will destroy it.

This week, Iraq's 2nd largest city fell to "ISIS"

The siege of Mosul: What's happening? Why is it significant? (cnn)  June 11, 2014

They're part of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, or ISIS, an al Qaeda splinter group. Here's how extreme the militant group is: Even al Qaeda has disowned it.
The Mosul siege has made ISIS the single most dangerous, destabilizing radical group in the region.

Remember, according to Obama, al Qaeda is "on the run".

Iraq asked for help, Obama said no.

They are driving pick-up trucks and winning battles.  Iraq is USA trained?

ISIS is al Qaeda.  Now they have hundreds of millions of dollars AND Blackhawk helicopters. (zerohedge)  June 12, 2014

Blackhawk helicopters: with the power to sting as a scorpion in their tails?


June 13 - note name change of ISIS to ISIL Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant ?

Iran against terrorists?   (reuters)  June 12, 2014

What a ploy.

Sunni vs. Shia Explained  (pamela gellar)  June 12, 2014

Obama comes from the Sunni sect. The Muslim Brotherhood is Sunni....

Valerie Jarrett is MB?

Team Obama: ‘Too Politically Sensitive’ to Evacuate US Personnel in Iraq  (jewish press)  June 15, 2014
In this situation, there is no possible explanation for not evacuating at least the non-essential personnel from the U.S. embassy and consulates in Iraq.

Iran sending troops to defend islamic holy sites June15-16

Obama sends 250-275 troops to defend Embassy June 16

Axis of Evil becoming seen.


Perhaps Obama is sending troops to destroy the Embassy???  (glenn beck)  June 17, 2014

Beck: "I don’t know if it’s an NSA listening post or what it is. But that’s not a normal run-of-the-mill embassy. Period."



Reuven Rivlin is Israel's new President.

An interesting analysis on Israeli politics:

How Rivlin nearly lost the presidency, and why it matters  (times of israel)  June 11, 2014

in other words, things change overnight in Israeli politics...



Fearing jihadi attack on Israeli planes, Egypt sends troops to border (times of israel)  June 11, 2014

Cover story?  But keeping in mind prophesied in-fighting.




Border Brat Swarm . (washington times)  June 10, 2014

Hussein Obama continues his attack on the USA.

Maybe he will probably get the UN on US border?  Noting reports that the border is open, could Obama's ploy be primarily to allow terrorists in among the flow of children?  Of course it is.

Our Southern Border Is Crumbling: (iamnotashamedofthgospelofchrist.com)  June 10, 2014

Crisis Leaves ‘Vast Swaths’ of Border Unprotected, Cartels ‘in Control’

It appears that Obama’s policies on the border have affected huge increases in trafficking and those crossing the border. His administration say’s that violence in Central America is causing the regugee crises? So why are we not hearing of this daily in the news? Now he has called Fema to take over the housing of these youths? They are building facilities inside military bases, like Fema Camps? Does this not worry anyone? Where is the accountability? Where is the truth? Why has this become a crises? And why is the Federal Government taking over thousands of Children? ... The Border Patrol is a federal agency which comes under the Commander in Chief. So why has he cut the hours and manpower for them during a crises?
Could it be the Cloward Piven strategy of the 60′s ? You know the one where they said to flood the welfare system to bring down the economy? Well that’s not just conspiracy talk anymore.
They don’t even try to hide it anymore. They have laid out the last phase of their plan to bring down the dollar and the economic system of America. The last phase to crumble our once great nation. David Rockefeller said “All we need is the right Great crises and the nations will accept the new world order.”

Nelson (not Rockefeller): "All we need is a Great fence to restore some order."

35,000 illegal immigrants per month in Texas alone

Whatever happened to the "militia" that was patrolling the border?

Record Numbers from Terror Hot Beds Illegally Crossing Texas-Mexico Border  (breitbart)  June 17, 2014

the Islamic infiltration - thanks to Hussein Obama




"radical" Jews protest Catholic "Christian" reverence of post A.D. 70 building. (ynet news)  June 10, 2014

Both way off the mark.

Jerusalem was PLOWED under by Rome (Roman Empire Rome, as the Roman Catholic Church Rome did not exist yet.)

Likud MK Feiglin leads some 30 religious Jews to Cenacle, or Upper Room, on Mount Zion where they cause furor.

at best, MK Feiglin does well to assert the State of Israel's sovereign rights. At worst, MK Feiglin does harm in equating Israel with Rabbinical Judaism. 




Hamas calls on armed wing to kill soldiers and settlers (times of israel)  June 10, 2014

PUG Partners. (PUG = Palestinian Unity Government)


Vatican to host islamic prayers for first time in history  (jews news)  June 8, 2014

Noting that outgoing Israel President Peres, in his last days in office, is at the Vatican praying with Abbas (PUG) and the Pope.




The Evil Banksters

Americans are being prepared for a political and financial shakedown  (the blaze)  June 5, 2014

the redistribution of power is not due to Obama’s incompetence, or his lack of knowledge of where the Crimea is, or the fact that he doesn’t know that the Taliban mean business. He knows all that. He wants American power to shrink so that the power of China, India, Brazil, and Russia can rise. The latest exchange of the American soldier for the Taliban guys, with Obama, you know grinning and giggling, while people who have been shooting at Americans chat on the phone is just a small window into this man’s psyche.


Here's a ploy and a half:

European Central Bank imposes negative interest rate  (the blaze)  June 5, 2014
Even though some of the measures, like the move to negative rates on deposits were expected, European shares moved higher on the ECB announcement.

so...the banks pay less for money...

...and charge you more for yours:

Then of course bank shares will go up.  Their profit is guaranteed.

The math is simple: 1/2 of nothing is still nothing.   If the interest rate on a loan is 1% you pay extra.  Therefore if the interest rate is negative - you get paid. The banks just pass the buck; they WILL charge interest on their loans to you.   

 But liars figure.  They simply plan to steal our money.  They have developed a system that requires credit card purchases - and thus a bank account to fund the credit card.  Now they feel the time is ripe to harvest the fruit of their evil labors.


Because, really, the little people (the lower and so called "middle" class) don't count. On cue:

Economist: U.S. Banks Preparing to Charge Customers For Deposits (infowars)  June 6, 2014

Armstrong, who is noted for calling the 1987 economic crash to the very day, warns that U.S. banks are preparing a raft of new account fees that will serve as a de facto negative interest rate.

“In the USA, we are more-likely-than-not going to get the negative rates directly passed to consumers by the banks who will claim it is the Fed who will do so at the requests of the banks. Larry Summers has set the stage. This is just how it works. He flew the balloon to get everyone ready. This is likely to be bullish for the stock market,” writes Armstrong, noting that, “The talk behind the curtain is to impose negative interest rates on the consumer.”

This will help the rich get richer:

Bill Gates can afford to buy every home in Boston and still have a billion dollars left! (WA post)  June 6, 2014

In other words, he could take care of all the illegal immigrants and the unemployed.  The US Government is much richer than Bill.  Of course Bill pays more taxes - it is NOT about taxes, or really even about money. it is about control.


And as a part of this "wealth" redistribution by Obama, add the influx of illegal aliens that do not pay property taxes.  This cannot be sustained by the current taxpayer base, therefore the current taxpayer base will lose their property also.


BTW, What curtain?

Did you hear about the Trilateral Commission in the news?  No. (infowars)  May 27, 2014

A media blackout on the weekend’s elite Bilderberg Group meeting in Copenhagen Denmark is in full force. Not one single major news article has been published about the meeting despite the fact that 140 political, financial and business leaders from 22 countries around the world will gather in one hotel for four days.

Beware the Trilateral Commission's Committee on Wildlife and Ecosystem Conservation and Management

On the local level we see the Trilateral Commission's Agenda 21 plans affected on us by means of increased County regulations (septic, well, building, land use, fire bans, etc).  Of course big brother forges ahead with the EPA and "homeland" security...


(Also note the depth of the Trilateral Commission - in this year's annual secret meetings,

 US Sec. of State John Kerry falsely labeled Israel as an apartheid state (Jewish Press) May 7.


In Truth, these banksters and regulators don't really count:

"If thou seest the oppression of the poor, and violent perverting of judgment and justice in a province, marvel not at the matter:  for he that is higher than the highest regardeth: and there be higher than they."  - Ecclesiastes 5:8

God is watching.

Hebrews 10:34  For YOU also suffered-together with-the prisoners, and YOU-welcomed the seizing of YOUR goods with joy, coming-to-know yourselves to-be-having (a) better and remaining existence.







Temple Mount closes to muslims.  War does not break out. (Jewish Press)  June 3, 2014

"This is the first time Israel has ever almost completely closed the Temple Mount to Muslims. Only some Waqf officials, and elderly were allowed to stay on the Jewish holy site.  And despite the constant threats from the police and the left that the Arabs would riot and war could break out if Israel were to do that – nothing happened.

In an unusual move, the police instead opened the Temple Mount to 400 Jewish visitors, and did not cause the religious Jewish visitors any delays or problems like they normally do.

There have been proposals to create a time-sharing arrangement on the Temple Mount, so Jews can pray there without being harassed by Hamas inciters. If today works out smoothly, perhaps this will become a more permanent arrangement."

Setting the stage for a future "agreement" or covenant, which Israel does not need, as they just proved by kicking the muslims off the Temple Mount for a day.



Hussein Obama gets 6 muslim terrorists out of jail (dailymail)  June 3, 2014

5 from Gitmo

1 AWOL collaborating with the enemy?

ALLEN WEST: It is time for Articles of Impeachment  (tpnn)  June 3, 2014

'IMPEACHMENT' IF HE DOES IT AGAIN (the hill)  June 3, 2014
why wait?



Obama supports Hamas-Abbas terror unity against Israel (yahoo news)  June 3, 2014




This is Islam:

Muslims mutilate and murder Christian father in front of his son (pamela gellar)  May 31, 2014


The people who do this are ordinary Muslims, not militant extremists, as our politically correct leaders and news media would have us believe. They would do this to me, an apostate (ex-Muslim), if they could find me. I know these people well; I was one of them."





Turkey cuts off Euphrates flow (wnd)  May 31, 2014


Revelation 16:12 "And the sixth poured-out his pan on the river namely-the great Euphrates; and its water was-dried-up in-order-that the way of-the kings namely-the (ones) from rising of (the) sun might-be-prepared."

Outflow update: As Iraq runs dry, a plague of snakes is unleashed  (jews news)  June 28, 2014


Pappa Frenchy heads to the Holy Land (yahoo news)  May 22, 2014

Noting that  there is another pope (the Nazi) waiting in the background in case things don't work out well for Frenchy.  He seems to make things tough for his security detail, and I would bet Netanyahu is well aware of certain inter-church prophecies and will take great measure to ensure his security so as not to be blamed for any bad thing.

"the pope will on Monday hold a mass at the Upper Room where Jesus held the Last Supper."


2 Thessalonians ch2:  v1 But we-are-interrogating YOU, brothers, in-behalf-of the presence of-our Lord Jesus Messiah and leading-together-completely of-us upon him,
v2 With-reference-to YOU not to-be quickly stirred from the mind nor to-be-being-alarmed, neither through spirit nor through word nor through epistle as through us, as that the day of-the Lord has-stood-in-and-still-stands-in.
v3 Might not anyone delude YOU according-to not-one manner; because (that day will not come) if not the apostasy might-come firstly and the MAN of-the lawlessness might-be-uncovered, the son of-the destruction,
v4 The (one) opposing and being-exceedingly-lifted-up over every-thing being-called God or venerated-object, so-that he to-seat with-reference-to the sanctuary of-the God, pointing-out himself that he-is god.
v5 Do YOU not have-in-memory that still being with YOU I-was-saying these-things to-YOU?
v6 And now YOU-are-knowing-absolutely the-thing holding-fast, with-reference-to him to-be-uncovered in his season.
v7 For the mystery of-the lawlessness is already operating for itself; only
the (one) holding-fast just-now till he-might-become out-of (the) midst.
v8 And then
the (one) lawless will-be-uncovered, whom the Lord Jesus will-carry-off by-the spirit of-his mouth and will-render-inactive by-the clear-appearing of-his presence,
Of-whom the presence is according-to (an) operation of-the Satan in all power and signs and wonders of-a-lie

See "Pope Note":




DHS Emails Reveal Obama May Have Terrorist “Hands Off” List (judicial watch)  May 12, 2014

The disturbing details of this secret initiative were made public this week by Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, who has obtained DHS electronic mail discussing what could be a terrorist “hands off” list.


Issa Subpoenas Kerry To Testify On Benghazi  (breitbart)  May 2, 2014

Are the Republicans covering for Hillary or Obama by calling for Kerry to testify?

Obama lied to congress.  What are they (all) waiting for?





Men That Actually Do Physical Work Earn Less Than They Did 40 Years Ago (npr.org)  Apr 29, 2014


James 5:4  "Behold the hire of-the workers having-mowed YOUR cultivated-fields, the (hire) having-been-and-still-deprived from YOU is-crying, and the shouts of-the (ones) having-harvested have-come-in-and-still-come-in into the ears of-Jehovah of-hosts."




US Financial Showdown With Russia Is Far More Dangerous Than It Looks (prophecy news watch) Apr 22, 2014


and so the Fed will race even faster to create more wildernesses

Counties won't receive Pilt funds.

Already, you have to pay a yearly tax to - walk - on Colorado State Land, which is the State is removing from local property tax rolls via purchase from landowners.  This is going in the wrong direction.

solution: equitable sales of public land to Americans.  Hence the race to make illegals citizens, as "equitable" is misunderstood.



Jews ordered to register in Ukraine “face deportation, citizenship revoked and see their assets confiscated”

(Pamela Geller) Apr 17, 2014

The hatred of Jews is always real.


World Council of Churches: In solidarity with unrepentant murderers  (Jewish press) Apr 17, 2014


World Council of Churches Stands By As Christians Perish, Churches Wither  (gatestone institute) Apr 17, 2014



Revelation 13v4 And they-worshipped the dragon, because he-gave the authority to-the beast, and they-worshipped the beast saying: Who (is) like to-the beast and who is-being-able to-war with it?
v5 And (a) mouth was-given to-it speaking great-things and blasphemies, and authority was-given to-it to-do forty two months.
v6 And it-opened its mouth with-reference-to blasphemies toward the God, to-blaspheme his name and his tabernacle and the (ones) tabernacling in the heaven.
v7 And it-was-given to-it to-make war with the holy-ones and to-have-victory-over them, and authority was-given to-it over every tribe and people and language and nation.
v8 And all the (ones) residing on the earth will-worship him, of-whom his name has not been-and-is-still-written in the little-book of-the life of-the lamb, namely-of-the (one) having-been-and-still-slain from casting-down of-(a)-world.
v9 If someone is-having (an) ear let-him-hear.


Matthew 24v9 Then they-will-give YOU over into tribulation, and they-will-kill YOU; and YOU-will-be being-hated by all the Gentiles because-of my name.


2 Corinthians 11v13 For the (ones) such-as-these (are) false-apostles, treacherous workmen, transfiguring-themselves into apostles of-Messiah.
v14 And no marvel, for the Satan is-transfiguring-himself into (an) angel of-light.
v15 Therefore (it-is) not (a) great-thing if his ministers also are-transfiguring-themselves as ministers of-righteousness; of-whom the finish will-be according-to their works.


The World Council of Churches worship the dragon and the beast and are opposed to true Christians that do not reside (in spirit) on earth:

Philippians 3v20 For our community is-existing in heavens, out-of the-place-where we-are also waiting-anxiously (a) savior Jehovah Jesus Messiah,





The Myth of Palestinian Christianity  (gatestone institute) Apr 19, 2011



New type of Inheritance Tax  (cbs news) Apr 13, 2014

Suddenly, children must pay for their parents' Government's incompetence of past years.




Israeli Institute Prepares Priests for Jerusalem's Third Temple  (us news & world report) Apr 10


An amazing article. Fantastic photograph.

Mark 11:16 "And he-was not letting-be in-order-that any-one might-bring-through (an) article through the temple."
Jesus stopped the Levitical priesthood. If not here, at the cross (Matt.27:52, Heb.10:19-20).

The article's first sentence says they are training towards a Passover sacrifice. This is the same Israel that rejected Yeshua as Messiah; they were petrified, given a spirit of compunction, and their Passover seder was made to be always a snare, by YHVH (Rom.11:7-10). "How much more their fulness"(vs12), YES, but not until they accept Yeshua (Zech.12:10; Phil.2:9-11). We look forward to the third temple being built, but not as participants, for as believers,
"the sanctuary of the God is in you" (1Cor.3:16). Of course at the return of Messiah, believers are made imperishable and immortal...so really, if you are trusting, no worries. I wonder if the third temple is destroyed by Messiah at Zech.14:4...

A fascinating quote:
"The third temple will mostly look like the Second Temple, and there’s an organized plan for the Chamber of Hewn Stone, the seat of the Sanhedrin"

Isaiah 9:10a "The bricks are fallen, but we will build with hewn stone". Note vs. 8 -"Jacob", indicating the 12 tribes, and vs. 9 "The people" - indicating the congregation of Israel.

Other interesting statements from the article:

“The Second Temple didn’t have an ark, either,”

“The location of the altar where sacrifices are allowed on the Temple Mount is not within the bounds of Al-Aqsa,” he says, “so at least they should let us sacrifice on the Temple Mount.”

This allows for a "covenant", or agreement between Islam (8th world power) and Israel.

"The third temple will have cameras that will transmit what’s happening there to the whole world. The simulated sacrifice this Thursday can also be viewed online on the Temple Institute website.
This shows how the two witnesses can be seen.



South African tourist’s organs save 5 Israeli lives  (times of israel) Apr 8

Lydia Labuschagne. Wow.


200 BLM cops steal cattle from last rancher in S. Nevada  (bizpacreveview) Apr 8

In a way, it is encouraging to know they are that incompetent.

Update: Feds back down after infowars expose on Harry Reid & China solar deal (infowars) Apr 12

Meanwhile, in Utah, BLM overgrazes public land with wild horses. (yahoo) Apr 12



Has The Bill of Rights has been Revoked?  (misguidedchildren.com) Apr 8


"The Antikythera Mechanism"

Absolutely amazing!


Media blesses Government theft of private citizen's art collection  (indystar) Apr 3

note - 91 year old owner not charged or arrested.  Has a Ham radio tower showing his pre-internet age.  A hobbyist.

It appears the FBI is "in it for the thrill of discovery."


The Obamacare Nightmare

Regarding Obamacare Medicaid: Colorado Estate Recovery Program

it really isn't welfare for those over 55

Is this justifiable, or is it government theft of the right of the firstborn?

The Colorado Deal

The poor are not offered lower premiums or lower out of pocket costs

but rather forced into Medicaid, where those over 55 lose property rights.

Connect for Health Colorado cannot provide advance premium tax credits to Coloradans who are eligible for Medicaid.


Medicaid Estate Recovery


So, try and get out if you can:

From the Colo. Marketplace:

Several groups of people are exempt from the requirement to obtain coverage, including:

•People who would have to pay more than 8 percent of their income for health insurance
•People with incomes below the threshold required for filing taxes (in 2012, $9,750 for a single person and $27,100 for a married couple with two children)
note IRS says $20K
•People who qualify for religious exemptions
•Undocumented immigrants
•People who are incarcerated
•Members of Federally-recognized Tribes and certain American Indians


But from Healthcare.gov:

Hardship Exemptions (14) from the evil Obama care

Exemptions from the payment
Under certain circumstances, you won’t have to make the individual responsibility payment. This is called an “exemption.”
You may qualify for an exemption if:
•You’re uninsured for less than 3 months of the year
•The lowest-priced coverage available to you would cost more than 8% of your household income

Note the IRS says this can ONLY be claimed on tax return form

You don’t have to file a tax return because your income is too low (Learn about the filing limit.)
•You’re a member of a federally recognized tribe or eligible for services through an Indian Health Services provider
•You’re a member of a recognized health care sharing ministry
•You’re a member of a recognized religious sect with religious objections to insurance, including Social Security and Medicare
•You’re incarcerated, and not awaiting the disposition of charges against you
•You’re not lawfully present in the U.S


But from the IRS, somewhat different exemption qualifiers


Application for Exemption from the "Liberty Tax" for members of a Health Sharing Ministry

IRS says you can do this on your tax return also.

Application for Exemption from the "Liberty Tax" for the Colorado Poor

"Instructions" (ten page form)

Use this application to ask for an exemption for months in the future. If you want this exemption for a whole calendar year, you need to request it before the year starts (note deadline for sign up now April 31!). You can also (!) claim an exemption on your federal income tax return if you’re unable to afford coverage.

So, if anyone answered “No” to question 12 above—meaning that they aren’t offered health coverage through a job—we need
you to submit an application for health insurance to your state’s Marketplace, complete the process, and send us 2 things:
1. A copy of the eligibility notice from your state’s Marketplace that shows your maximum premium tax credit.
2. A copy of the screen from your Marketplace’s plan comparison tool that shows the premium of the lowest-cost bronze plan
available to everyone who is requesting this exemption. If there isn’t a single bronze plan that covers everyone in your tax
household who is requesting an exemption, send us the screens showing the lowest-cost bronze plans that add together to
have the lowest cost for everyone.
If you need help locating this information, you can call your state’s Marketplace
.←sweet. "No help here."





Obama loves chicken

Feds List Lesser Prairie Chicken as Threatened  (abc news) Mar 28

"the birds are not crucial to the ecosystem"

"federal agencies are colluding with like-minded special interest groups and using "sue and settle" tactics that encourage lawsuits that can be settled on terms favorable to the groups that filed them."




Can an artificial protein defeat infection by supercharging immunity? (la times) Mar 26

A genetically reengineered version of an immune system protein called properdin appears to activate a robust immune response against invading pathogens
"vaccine refusal" - a form of civil disobedience, leads to miracle microbe discovery?

Nice, mutant microbes up your nose...



This is Islam

Hamas Lawmaker: Koran Says We Must Massacre Jews (israel national news) Mar 24

some call it asslam



West turning blind eye to genocide of Christians (israel national news) Mar 23



Abbas and Kerry in Cahoots to Throw the Peace Talks Bomb at Israel (Jewish Press) Mar 24

By: Tzvi Ben-Gedalyahu

Yes, the USA is pressuring Israel to concede Land and People.

on the other hand, the USA's meddling sort of keeps  kept USSR at bay...for a minute.




New Big Bang evidence supports Biblical creation, says Orthodox physicist (times of israel) Mar 20


The Real Reason Obamacare Must GO (derick wilburn/Freedom Journal) Mar 20




On Putin's Popularity

As Putin’s Popularity Soars, Voices of Opposition Are Being Drowned Out (nytimes) Mar 16

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

Old enough to know what a "refusnik" is.

Would not want to be a Jew living in Russia in the days to come, just in case that "bear" refers to her.

UPDATE, July 3, 2014: The New Russian Anti-Semitism (the moscow times) July 3

Interesting that in past time God has given more authority to individuals than they have exercised.  This can be a "not as bad" thing, for certain people in certain areas.  On the other hand, the captivity can also be more severe.

Time to review World History...


Much related, the push-pull of the gathering of the nations;

On the one hand, the Greek Orthodox church:

Vladimir Putin Vows to Defend Christianity Worldwide  (christian post) Mar 24

Interesting. Someone for the very elect to rally behind? 

Yet  I recall "refusnik".


Note, simultaneously from the Roman Catholic church:

Vatican Chief Justice: Obama’s Policies ‘Have Become Progressively More Hostile Toward Christian Civilization’

 (cbs st louis) Mar 24





Al Qaeda calls for car bombs in America (breitbart) Mar 16

Al Qaeda has a magazine?

Wouldn't the US have the capability to nuke a magazine?

At least "stop the presses"?


USA gives up control of internet (daily caller) Mar 15

internet tax coming

“U.S. management of the internet has been exemplary and there is no reason to give this away — especially in return for nothing,” former Bush administration State Department senior advisor Christian Whiton told The Daily Caller. “This is the Obama equivalent of Carter’s decision to give away the Panama Canal — only with possibly much worse

"knowledge, it-will-be-rendered-inactive" 1Cor.13:8


GOOGLE  wants info about their email scanning blocked  (bloomberg) Mar 15

After the switch to scanning unopened e-mails, Google began creating profiles of people “from which they could extrapolate additional advertisements,”



Air Force Academy take down cadet's bible verse



Ahmad & Abdul, along with Iranians with stolen passports,

Malaysian Jet disappearance: First look a week later at the pilots names. Duh.  (the guardian) Mar 15

pilot - Zaharie Ahmad Shah

 co-pilot - Fariq Abdul Hamid

A Good Muslim Boy.  (daily mail) Mar 16

Profiling satan:

a key to what is happening?: The hunt for the plane will therefore require military and diplomatic co-operation. 

Hmmm - did China really screw up with their satellite imagery?

um, Indian Ocean? (jews news) Mar 26



Gazans bombard southern Israel in massive rocket attack  (times of israel) Mar 12

Over 60 rockets rain down; no casualties reported

Well, that miraculous. Of course the bible says the Israelis can expect these attacks - and miracles.



Uncovered in Jerusalem, 9 tiny unopened Dead Sea Scrolls  (times of israel) Mar 12



Explosion rocks Manhattan building (times of israel) Mar 12

16 injuries reported; two buildings collapse; gas leak suspected


China boom bust?  (telegraph) Mar 11



900,000 "enrollees" have not paid yet

and the secret Mandate exemption  (wall street journal) Mar 11

again, Obamacare was just to get things rolling....



Life is good Dept:

Country living hope: the bindweed mite

A super nifty little bug that lives only on bindweed! Kills bindweed!


Mar 6

Jonathon Pollard hospitalized.




EPA Not Blowing Smoke – Decrees Nationwide Woodstove Ban (gopthedailydose.com) Feb 20

Can we burn millionaires?



Eighth World Power Dept. (This is Islam):

Under threat of death, Syria's Christians sign accord with Islamists  (haaretz) Mar 4
While Christians opt for a medieval-style 'protection agreement' and tax over conversion or death, Assad bolsters standing as the preferred option in Syria


House Armed Services Chairman Rejects Defense Review for First Time in History  (the blaze) Mar 4

War hype continues.  Bible says it is going to happen.


Keeping in mind that America may be a daughter of Babylon. And that is distinct from being Babylon.  Sinful, yes, but perhaps not liable for the sins of her mom.


Team Obama wins fight to have Christian home-school family deported  (fox news) Mar 3

Update: Now they can stay!  (the blaze) Mar 4

This is an amazing turnaround in 24 hours. Praise the Lord.
Proverbs 21: 1 “The king’s heart is like a stream of water directed by the Lord, He guides it wherever He pleases.”


About last week

Obama curses Netanyahu and Israel (breaking israel news) Mar 3

You really have to trust God to accept Romans ch.14!!!

Understand that God is ultimately in control.  Not easy for a man to comprehend.

But with God, all things are possible.

Then Putin makes not nice.

So About this week:

Obama goes easy on Netanyahu  (times of Israel) Mar 4

Interesting that Obama's saber rattling has thrown a cog in Kerry's wheel of fortune...

So the "who is on first?" question is "Did he do it with that purpose in mind?"



The Eighth World Power Department:

Muslim terrorist attack with knives in China (the guardian) Mar 3

China calls it "China's 9/11"; don't lose what they are saying - not belittling 3000+ killed in USA but pointing out that this is Islamic terrorism.



Ukraine's Lesson for Israel: 'US Guarantee Worthless' (Israel national news) Mar 2


Interim Ukrainian Prime Minister: Actions by Russian Military Is ‘Declaration of War’

(the blaze) Mar 2



The Costs of the Environmentalism Cult (victorhanson.com) Feb 11

by Bruce S. Thornton / Frontpage Magazine

Economic death from "suicidal stupidity".

 The central mistake of the romantic environmentalist is to gloss over the profound differences between human beings and the natural world. We are not “natural” creatures. What makes us human is everything that exists nowhere else in the natural world: the mind, language, consciousness, memory, higher emotions, and culture. None of these exist even in the highest primates. Apes do not craft tools, marry, name their offspring, bury their dead, live by laws or customs, or respect inalienable rights. This radical uniqueness of human identity means that we do not have a “harmonious” relationship with nature, but an adversarial and conflicted one. The natural world is the alien, inhuman realm of blind force, indifferent to suffering, death, and beauty. It is meaningless, for only humans bestow meaning on the world. And that meaning reflects our knowledge that each of us is unique, a creature that appears only once, and that each of us must die.



Obama says his supporters are doing "God's work"  (weekly standard) Feb 26



IRS threatens: Obamacare Tax Must Be Paid with Tax Return  (atr.org) Feb 26

IRS doing Obama's work


This is Islam:

THIS IS SYRIA: Muslims Strangle A Young, Innocent Girl To Death..And The World Remains Silent   (jews news) Feb 22

A graphic video shows a girl being strangled to death in Syria for refusing to conform to extremist Islam beliefs.

This is Islamic Jihad training in the USA (pamela geller) Feb 22



7-4-0-1 (virtual jerusalem) Feb 19

Do you think God does not work in your life?



 Colorado lets the drug cartel operate free in exchange for cash (myfoxdetroit) Feb 21

Denver: A Mile High and then some.

Banks won't touch the money because it's dirty. But the State takes tax in cash.



 Black Rifle woes  (washington times) Feb 20

scrap metal

"poodle shooter" - the late Col. Jeff Cooper



Pigs in Space (secular)

Update:  FCC says they will back off for now (the blaze) Feb 22

Obama Crackdown on Press Freedom Escalates (brietbart) Feb 20

Obama admin wants State run media  (wall street journal) Feb 20



Israel Built a Massive City in The Middle of the Desert That No One Lives in  (israel video network) Feb 20


+106%: Obama Has More Than Doubled Marketable U.S. Debt  (cns news) Feb 18

$5,749,916,000,000.00 - just under six thousand billion dollars...or...something.
The gaze of the glassy eyed runner, starved for O2, panting:  "We are creating wealth because interest rates are lower now...that's why it's called "marketable".  AND by the way, you ain't smart enough to vote!"

Statistically speaking of the majority of the majority that voted to re-elect Obama; Them there 71%ers -regret it. (washington examiner) Feb 18

Yet 79% would vote to re-elect him again

So then, was it the71%ers initial inability to do the math, or is it the 78% continued inability to add that should morally prevent their voting? 


Obama takes time out from "golfing without his wife, again" to condemn Uganda's ant-gay law (yahoo) Feb 16

♪ ♪ ♫ If I were a gambler, ♪♪♪ I'd say he can't say that with a straight face ♫ ♪. (wrong song?)

How long until the 70-something-percenters figure out that it really isn't about golf?



Update: "Homeland" "Security to buy yet another 704,000,000 rounds of ammo (cns news) Feb 19

  By anyone's arithmetic, this adds up to potentially tons of lead introduced into the environment. oh, the horror.

plus all the following:

"Homeland" "Security" to buy another 75,000,000 rounds of ammo  (daily caller) Feb 12

For the DHS Army of  70,000.

Note the dishonest reporting, as this repost shows 1,600,000,000 rounds "budgeted" for in  2013:

Repost 1.6 Billion Rounds Of Ammo For Homeland Security? It's Time For A National Conversation  (forbes) Mar 1, 2013

Denver Post: Homeland Security aims to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammo Feb. 15, 2013

previous media and Fed explanation:

"Federal solicitations to buy the ammo are known as "strategic sourcing contracts," which help the government get a low price for a big purchase, says Peggy Dixon, spokeswoman for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center in Glynco, Ga. The training center and others like it run by the Homeland Security Department use as many as 15 million rounds every year, mostly on shooting ranges and in training exercises."



Lasers used to create nuclear fusion (independent) Feb 12

Light energy



Trending: John Kerry’s framework, fantasies & fairy dust  (times of Israel) Feb 9

by Leslie Ann Stoffel


National Guard training to fight Second Amendment supporters.   (mediatrackers) Feb 11

i.e. American citizens are already being targeted by National Guard



Just Amazing No Amazing Grace Dept.

For Some Believers Trying To Connect With Jesus, the Answer Is To Live Like a Jew  (tablet) Feb 4

Oy.  The Messianic 's State of the Union.


What constitutes a replacement theology?  Key quotes:


"These are non-Jews who have no intention of converting to Judaism yet follow laws, customs, beliefs, and practices commonly associated with Judaism."

"Many.... , wear tzitzit. Many keep kosher and observe the Sabbath and Jewish holidays. Some of the men have beards and peyos. Some have even undergone adult circumcision and/or have circumcised their children."

"And many are fulfilling mitzvot that aren’t explicitly stated or detailed in the Torah, such as praying the rabbinic liturgy and observing Hanukkah."

And so they too add to the law - which God forbids (Deut.4:2)- which they claim to follow, just as the Jews did and do.  The Jews have an excuse; God blinded them - Romans 11:8.  BUT, "how much more their fullness" (future, Ro.11:12).


These folks say they are NOT "Christians" (apparently because they don't celebrate Christmas or Easter) and not "Jews"?

At least they have apparently figured out that "Messianic" means the same thing as "Christian".  

"And while they do believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God and the messiah—though in these circles he goes exclusively by his Hebrew name, Yeshua—they are emphatically not Christian."

I suppose that is why the term "Hebrew-roots" is used.  "Messianic" of course is Hebrew for the English "Christian", which is a transliteration of the New Testament Greek word "Χριστιανούς"See Acts 11:26.

...and they (Hebrew-rooters) are not Christians! -               


"Hebrew Roots, then, is arguably the first non-Jewish movement to approach Torah the way contemporary Jews do"

In fact, they are striving to be Jews.

"Followers of Hebrew Roots believe that Christian practice has been, over the last two millennia, corrupted by pagan influences and like to say that they’re aiming for a pure, first-century version of their religion."

They should read the book of Jude to get an idea of what the 1st Assembly was like.  And "Oh foolish Galatians" also comes to mind quickly.


"In other words, they want to understand and observe the Torah the way they believe their messiah Yeshua did."

That is likely an accurate statement.  Their mind is made up...

There is quite a bit of humor here also:

"In another room about 50 people were practicing Israeli folk dance, though here it was called Davidic Dance, and it was regarded as a form of prayer."

A very telling observation - they are making things up, i.e. "they want to understand and observe the Torah the way they believe"


What the Jew sees (the author is Jewish):

"I asked Camero, as I asked everyone else I met, why he doesn’t simply convert to Judaism."

"There aren’t usually shofars at an Orthodox service, and very rarely is there a microphone. That aside, the service was, to a remarkable degree, Orthodox."

"Being Jewish, it seemed, was something to brag about, a mark of authenticity of something that, at least overtly, wasn’t supposed to matter."



"Virtually everyone I spoke to at Revive had similar stories about how they originally got involved with Hebrew Roots. They had been raised Baptist, Evangelical, Seventh Day Adventist—one or another Christian denomination that takes the Bible very seriously."

Many -not all- have lost their first love, "Jesus".




Note that just as there are different definitions of what constitutes a "Christian", so too with "Messianic" even if you call that "Hebrew-roots".



Begs this question:

How many times does the word "Christian" appear in the Bible?
"Χριστιανούς" - Christianos




Recent demon activity in Israel: Thousands flock to 'weeping' Mary statue (yahoo) Feb 11

in Tarshiha, a small town in northern Israel

Osama Khoury said Tuesday that his wife Amira found the statue "covered with oil" recently.

 Amira said the statue "spoke to her" and told her not to be afraid.

Demonic activity was common 2014 years ago in Israel.  Read all about it in the Bible.

Police: Naked Man ‘On Some Kind Of Narcotics’ Was ‘Trying To Eat’ Teen’s Face Off (cbs tampa) Feb 5, 2014

The similar "event" in 2012 the article mentions did not involve any drugs.  Pot was found in that person, but pot traces remain in the body after the effect wears off.  Pot is a mind altering drug, and the Bible forbids the use of such drugs.

70 Million Americans on mind altering drugs (wnd) Feb 10

Messianics & Marijuana (setyourheart.org) Feb 12
Written to "Messianics" and thus applies to Christians

Smoking Pot lowers teen IQ (livescience) Aug 27, 2012

Those who smoked marijuana at least four times a week and used marijuana throughout their life saw their IQ drop an average of 8 points, the equivalent of going from an A to a B student.

The smart gene (telegraph) Feb 12

It is thought the NPTN gene indirectly affects how the brain cells communicate and may control the formation of the cerebral cortex, the outermost layer of the human brain, also known as ‘grey matter.’

Previously it has been shown that grey matter plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought and language.

Studies have also proved that the thickness of the cerebral cortex correlates with intellectual ability. However, until now no genes had been identified.



the nations against God and Israel

Muslim Brotherhood Leader Meets Obama in White House (free beacon) Feb 5

Rabbis threaten to put a spell on Lurch (israel national news) Feb 5

Papal BDS  (israel national news) Feb 5

pope's "visit" may also be timed for him to receive "seat" in Jerusalem

This too shall fail, but in this interim, looking for some great appeasement that allows the third temple to be built,

which will lead those that don't need it astray (Messianics come to mind).  This will somehow unite the pope, islam, and Orthodox Israel (& secular Israel).

Israel Officially Calling For Third Temple to Replace al-Aqsa Mosque!  (israel video network) Feb 2

It was never God's will to have "sacrifice and offering".  These things are finished, but some still have to work these things out, and that may well require a sacrificial worship system for those remaining under Levitical law as opposed to those that are in the order of Malchi-zedek.  More on this at the Torah | Torah page.



Demoncrats at "work" on work:

Sheila Jackson Lee: Racist and Moron (frontpage magazine) July 27, 2011
so, what's she up to?

Sheila Jackson Lee is writng executive orders for Obama to sign (daily caller) Feb4

 -‘our number one agenda’

The Full Employment Caucus, a new job-oriented working group, was created by Democrats including Rep. John Conyers Jr., Rep. Maxine Waters, Rep. Charles Rangel, Rep. Frederica Wilson, Rep. Barbara Lee, Rep. Jose Serrano, Rep. Mike Quigley, and Jackson Lee.



Another country comes (national review) Jan 31

the legislated citizen swap



Now You Can Panic: Economist Withdraws All of His Money from Bank of America (john galt) Feb 1


The "Guardian" destroys Snowden files (the guardian) Jan 31

sure thing


Pentagon says USA has no defense for Chinese hypersonic weapon (washington free beacon) Jan 31



Trying to scare us (caroline glick) Jan 31

The only threat to Israel’s demographic stability is the two-state formula.




 -NOT John Kerry



The Government's Shit List (tell me now) Jan 30

If you are a website owner with a brisk readership and a conservative bent, you’re on that list.


However, Iran can now build and deliver nukes, US intel reports (true news) Jan 30





Israeli Court Recognizes Messianic Jewish Congregation  (rosh pina project) Jan 30


Mark Zuckerberb makes 3 BILLION DOLLARS in a day (cnbc) Jan 30

and facebook sucks.



Getting to the heart of the matter:

 1 Corinthians 3:16 "Are YOU not knowing absolutely that YOU are the sanctuary (νας - naos) of the God, and the spirit of God is dwelling ( οκε - oikei) in YOU?

The Prime Minister of Canada is Preparing to Rebuild The Holy Temple of Jerusalem! (israel vidoe network) Jan 29

If possible, even the very elect will be deceived...



Russia says USA is Godless under Obama (washington times) Jan 29


Of course, Russia does not have a Christian loving history at all...but what they say now may ring true.


Interesting concept of a "lawless one"...

Do not be misled by poor understandings of 2Thessalonians 2:v8 "And then the (one) lawless will-be-uncovered, whom the Lord Jesus will-carry-off by-the spirit of-his mouth and will-render-inactive by-the clear-appearing of-his presence,
Of-whom the presence is according-to (an) operation of-the Satan in all power and signs and wonders of-a-lie"

The "(one) lawless" is the Papacy.






'Zombie' bees identified in Vt., 1st in Eastern US  (ap) Jan 29

"It is seemingly kind of Biblical here," - "We're getting every conceivable kind of plague."

Commercial shipping of bees across the country (world) is not beneficial.





Iran officially says, yes, we were/are building nuclear weapons (daily caller) Jan 27

Iran's supreme leader (and an islamic leader) heads the program.

Iran's Revolutionary Guard are international drug runners.  And Islamic drug runners.

All headed by the "supreme" leader, Ayatollah so and so.

“The nuclear scientists would approach Ayatollah Khoshvaght and at times would state that they were facing a problem. [Khoshvaght] would tell them something to go and do certain things, telling them that they would have no problems. Ayatollah Khoshvaght had the special attention of the 12th Imam.

That is satanic activity.

And Obama makes secret deals with Iran.



UN to debate Washington Redskins name  (cbs) Jan 25

"redskins" being so "racially insensitive"

Not talking about muslims hacking Christians to death.



Man vs. World:  Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Unwavering Support for Israel, Western Democracy and Values  (leslie-ann stoffel)Jan 24


Likud-Beytenu jumps 15 seats in new poll (times of israel) Jan 23



Pentagon Eases Rules on Religious Garb in Uniform (abc news) Jan 23

Jews can wear a skullcap.

Muslims can wear beards.

Moreover, atheists are just all right.




Obama's anti-Semitism:

Report: Obama Admin. Worries Israel Is Riling Up the Jews  (weekly standard) Jan 23

Obama retelling the story that Jews control the world.



What aging scientists say (telegraph) Jan 22


EPA Decree Shrinks Size of Wyoming by a Million Acres (cns news) Jan 22
a house divided will not stand

I've been to La Junta, Colorado. The Northern Arapaho and Eastern Shoshone Tribes are newcomers.



55 million abortions since 1973 in the "United" States  (life news) Jan 22

a house divided will not stand



On the one hand:

If a person or nation is divided, it will not stand.  This doesn't look good for folks in the USA.

Luke 11v16 But different-(ones) trying, were-seeking (a) sign from him out-of heaven.
v17 But he knowing-absolutely their diverse-thoughts he-said to-them, Every kingdom having-been-divided upon itself is-being-made-desolate; and (a) home upon (a) home is-falling.


On the other hand:

If a satanic person or nation is divided, it will not stand.  This doesn't look good for folks in the USA.
v18 But if the Satan also was-divided upon himself, how will his kingdom be-made-stand? Because YOU-are-saying with Beelzebul me to-be-casting-out the little-demons.





Prince Charles in charge (independent) Jan 21



Court: Bloggers have First Amendment protections (ap) Jan 18



In Israel, the enemy within:

 Israel Defense Ministry Moshe Ya'alon destroys 600 six-year old trees (vinyards)  (israel national news) Jan 17

  -just before  Tu Bishvat, the Jewish "birthday of the trees," at the Samaria community of Esh Kodesh.

What possibly could be his motivation?

This makes not investing in Israel Govt. bonds look like a wise decision.

"You be holy, because I AM holy":  and so, they replanted -  "trees were donated by the organization Zo Artzenu (This is Our Land); MK Moshe Feiglin (Likud-Beytenu), co-founder of the group, took part in the planting."

Watching the Deeds, not so much the words:

This does, however, explain that Ya'alon's negative statements about US Sec. of State John Kerry, while mostly true, were only words used to cover Ya'aon's deeds. 

Granted, Doing and Saying are both important....but sticks and stones break bones.  Words don't.

i.e., Ya'alon harmed Israel, but did no harm to Kerry.



Q. Can you say Islam is satanic?

Demoncrats want "hate speech" regulatory power over internet (the hill) Jan 16

Thirteen House Democrats have proposed legislation that would require the government to study hate speech on the Internet, mobile phones and television and radio.

A. Yes, if you understand that Jesus withstood the temptations of satan, and Mohammed didn't.



Alignment: Obama & Pappa Frenchy  (political tickler cnn) Jan 15


NSA devises radio pathway into computers not connected to 'net (ny times) Jan 15


NSA Spooks.  Who ya gonna call?


Jan 11 2014

Ariel Sharon dead.



Alfred Hitchcock's Holocaust documentary (tent of abraham) Jan 11



The Eighth of January


Was there a COLORADO Radiation alert? Jan5


Has Fukushima’s Radioactive Wave Already Hit California?  (infowars) Jan 6, 2014



Old enough to know "Landshark" was. That's getting pretty old.

Landmark (mother jones)

It's printer friendly.

My kids are playing Monopoly, learning about greedy love of money as dictated by chance. 

Such sad games.  There is nothing new under the sun.

"And the anxieties of-this age and the deceit of-the riches and the desires around the other-things proceeding-in they-are-thoroughly-choking the word, and it-is-becoming without-fruit." -Mark 4:19


For a tasty treat; frozen pomegranate fruit/seeds.



Lawless in the Land (center for israel & Jewish affairs) Jan 2, 2014

by Leslie-Ann Stoffel

Abbas’ mandate as leader of the PA ran out in 2009 and he has not held an election since. Would that not mean that anything he negotiates has no legal basis?


Ariel Sharon Near Death! Will The Messianic Rabbi Kaduri Prophecy Come True? (vine life news) Jan 2, 2014
Note this is saying, correctly, that Rabbi Kaduri talked to the angel of light, Lucifer, if anyone, and not Jesus...

Rabbi Yitzhak Kaduri - "With the help of G- d, the soul of the Mashiach has attached itself to a person in Israel"

Interesting.  It seems to me that this will be someone whom the Orthodox Jews, Christians, and Messianics accept.  But maybe not...




Folks talking up a dead Rabbi, who said the Messiah was already in Israel back in 2005.  Oy.


"Then if someone might-say to-YOU; Behold, the Messiah (is) here, or here, might-YOU not trust.  For false-messiahs and false-prophets will be-raised, and they-will-give great signs and wonders, so-as to-lead-astray, if possible, even the chosen." --Matt.24:23-24.

Same old story (Yea, hath God said?), although a few details are changing or being omitted now...
here is the original WND story:


" In 1990, the late Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Schneerson told Kaduri that he would live to see the coming of the Messiah."

"Also in September 2005, Kaduri said: 'The Messiah is already in Israel. Whatever people are sure will not happen is liable to happen, and whatever we are certain will happen may disappoint us. But in the end, there will be peace throughout the world.' "

Recall that Eve, even as smart as she was (tree of knowledge) was SO deluded that she said "I have gotten a man YHVH." (1 Tim.2:14, Gen.4:1).  Eve was wrong.  These rabbis are wrong.

1 John 3:2 "Cherished (ones), we are now children of-God, and it-was not-yet manifested what we-shall-be. We-are-knowing-absolutely that if he-might-be-manifested we-shall-be like him, because we-shall-see him according-as he-is".

There's not going to be any question: "Is this the Messiah?", because we will KNOW.   If He knows us, so WATCH OUT! (Matt.25:12,13).  Many are called, few are chosen (Matt.25



Of course the book of Zechariah has for millennia foretold the name of the Messiah of Israel as Yeshua in Hebrew and Yaysoo in Greek (LXX).  Not that difficult for satan to pick up on that...  -obviously-




Obama's Jewish Half Brother, Mark.  (the blaze) Jan 2, 2014






The Sun Dept.

Sun's polarity has flipped.  Nothing bad happened. (independent) dec30

but MAN causes "global warming"




Nothing New Under The Sun Dept.:

DNA from Neanderthal toe reveals interbreeding among ancient species  (la times) dec18

This is pretty cool - considering the bible's account of the sons of God cohabiting with women.  Science is backing the biblical claims, whether that is the intention or not.

Ancient DNA from early human creates new mystery  (la times) dec6

Fossil teeth study takes bite out of Neanderthal-European link   (la times) Oct 21
A study published last week in the journal Science similarly shook the common view of the evolutionary tree, suggesting that several species dating to about 2 million years ago are instead one.


2013 least extreme tornado year ever  (climate depot) dec27

2013 also had the fewest U.S. forest fires since 1984
Whether you’re talking about tornadoes, wildfires, extreme heat or hurricanes, the good news is that weather-related disasters in the US are all way down this year compared to recent years and, in some cases, down to historically low levels.’


Likud submitting bill in Knesset to annex Jordan Valley  (israel and stuff) dec27

If legislature becomes law, Netanyahu would be unable to accept White House offer to place Jordan Valley, border crossing under Abbas’ Palestinian Authority control



'tis the season for - Christ-Mass:

"a kind of ritual dance" 

The True Meaning Of Christ-Mass


The World Book Encyclopedia defines "Christmas" as follows:  "The word Christmas comes from "Cristes Maesse", an early English phrase that means "Mass of Christ."




BRING OUT YOUR DEAD:  (hope of israel) dec25 - repost

 A.K.A. Merry Christmas


Pope concedes Roman Catholic Church forged date of Jesus' birth (telegraph) Nov 21-repost



Pope concedes Christmas is pagan (telegraph) Nov 20 - repost



This is Islam, right now, today:

Muslims Force People Into Furnaces, Throw Children From Windows (jewsnews)  Dec 22

3 US military aircraft hit in S. Sudan, 4 wounded  (AP)  Dec 22

Total Recall: Muslim North Sudan declares war on Christian South Sudan (jihad watch) Apr 19, 2012

Central African Republic: Muslims murder nearly 1,000 Christians over two-day period (jihad watch) Dec 22


Tell these Christians to "COEXIST"?   or  "Merry Christmas"?




A Fat Boy, and a call to regulate nature (ny times)  Dec 22

(vitamins are bad)


Working to make H5N1 bird-flu virus MORE dangerous to humans  (independent)  Dec 22

Ron Fouchier and colleagues at the Erasmus Medical Centre in Rotterdam. STOP
The Dutch government claimed that the work to study the mutations needed to make H5N1 airborne transmissible between ferrets or people has a possible dual civil-military function and could be misused by bioterrorists. STOP



North America to Drown in Oil as Mexico Ends Monopoly  (bloomberg)  Dec 16



Analyst: Kerry's Plan 'Fraud' (Israel national news)  Dec 13


15 inches of snow reported in Jerusalem Dec 13



Papa Frenchy is Time Magazine's "Man of the Year" Dec 13

Bablyon, Mystery Religion is not dead yet.

2Th 2:7 For the mystery of lawlessness (ἀνομίας anomias) doth already work: only there is one that restraineth now, until he be taken out of the way.

2Th 2:8 And then shall be revealed the lawless (ἄνομος anomos)one, whom the Lord Jesus shall slay with the breath of his mouth, and bring to nought by the manifestation of his coming;

See the A Pope Note on the Torah | Torah page



Scientists find second, 'hidden' language in human genetic code (breitbart)  Dec 13
"Parts of the genetic code have two meanings, one related to protein sequence, and one related to gene control, the researchers said, and both apparently evolved in concert with each other."

That last phrase evokes some kind of Monty Python production...

For 40 years mutations have proven evolution impossible, and it just got over twice as difficult.

"It's just a flesh wound!" say the evolutionists.



Mandela Memorial sign language interpreter (usatoday)  Dec 11

"I have interpreted many big events."

Hallucinating. claims schizophrenic episode

- Jantjie said that while he was on stage at the FNB Stadium he saw visions of angels. He told the AP he has been violent and was hospitalized in a mental health facility for more than a year.

- company that hired him has "vanished into thin air."

- Jantjie stood approximately 3 feet from President Obama and other world leaders

 serious security questions ?

Funny at a glance, yes it's a show, but apparently more going on here, which appears to be demonic possession.

So to whom was he signing?


Facebook joins NYU in artificial intelligence lab (google news)  Dec 10
"artificial intelligence research using all of the knowledge that people have shared on Facebook."


Rocket with secret payload launches off California (ap)  Dec 7


Into the Fray: Empowering Islam: ‘Taqiyya’ in the White House? (jerusalem post)  Dec 5



Let's make a deal.

Netanyahu to meet with Pope (yahoo news)  Nov 25

isolation forces a turn for the worse


Now the Twelfth Imam Can Come (daniel greenfield)  Nov 26


Coming soon to a theater near you:

Homeland Security?   + newest body armor


Banks want to charge for deposits (financial times)  Nov 25

FED wants regs that will control bank runs (cnbc)  Nov 25


internet power crazies, the real zombies (telegraph)  Nov 25

who you gonna call?


speaking of war games

bubba ain't to shabby

Police get leftover armor-protected military fighting vehicles with gun turrets   (ap)  Nov 25

a disproportionate share of the $4.2 billion worth of property distributed since 1990 - everything from blankets to bayonets and Humvees - has been obtained by police and sheriff's departments in rural areas with few officers and little crime.

bubba may not know


NOAA: 2013 least number of hurricanes in 30 years (noaa.org)  Nov 25



Obama Administration Betrays American Pastor in Iranian Deal that Leaves U.S. Citizen Imprisoned Because of his Faith

(aclj.org)  Nov 24

Moreover, US betrays Israel, leaving them only the

Strike Force Option

Abject Surrender by the United States (weekly standard)  Nov24

In a sense, it is a "gathering" of the major world powers against Israel, i.e. prophecy is being fulfilled.

Netanyahu is on his own now (the independent)  Nov 25



Even Preppers are Unprepared for the Real Hunger Games (durablefaith.com)  Nov 22

finally, a good article on "prepping"

"...even this level of prepping likely won’t be enough for what is coming"

Yes, that may be true, and I agree that spiritual prep is key. And it is needful to understand that spiritual prep is not physical (Sarah/Hagar, New/Old Covenants -Gal.4:21-31). It seems to me we are at 2Tim.4:3-4. The "bunker" is the Word of God -2Tim.2:15-16: "v15 You-be-diligent yourself to-stand-along-side approved to-the God, (a) workman unashamed, cutting-straight the word of-the truth.
v16 But you-be-standing-around-for-yourself-away-from the profane empty-chatters; for they-will-progress upon much-more of-impiety"

And in The Good News bunker: that veil was his flesh, the sanctuary of God is in you, rest (Shabbat Shalom) in Him (Heb.10:19-20, 1Cor.3:16, Heb.4:3).



China Announces That It Is Going To Stop Stockpiling U.S. Dollars (the economic collapse blog)  Nov 22


More heavenly mysteries scientists don't understand  (csmonitor)  Nov 22



Nov 22

Odd, that by chance, I find myself learning about C.S. Lewis, who died on this day in 1963.

Today,  Lewis will be honoured with a memorial in Poets' Corner, Westminster Abbey.

Lewis converted to Christianity in 1931.
Wikipedia astutely notes: "After his conversion to Christianity, his interests gravitated towards Christian spirituality and away from pagan Celtic mysticism".

 And - Lewis later married Joy Davidman Gresham, a Jewish American writer.
Due to Lewis's approach to religious belief as a skeptic, and his following conversion, he has been called "The Apostle to the Skeptics."

In a much-cited passage from Mere Christianity, Lewis challenged the view that Jesus, although a great moral teacher, was not God. He argued that Jesus made several implicit claims to divinity, which would logically exclude this:

"I am trying here to prevent anyone saying the really foolish thing that people often say about Him: 'I'm ready to accept Jesus as a great moral teacher, but I don't accept his claim to be God.' That is the one thing we must not say. A man who was merely a man and said the sort of things Jesus said would not be a great moral teacher. He would either be a lunatic – on the level with the man who says he is a poached egg – or else he would be the Devil of Hell. You must make your choice. Either this man was, and is, the Son of God, or else a madman or something worse. You can shut him up for a fool, you can spit at him and kill him as a demon or you can fall at his feet and call him Lord and God, but let us not come with any patronising nonsense about his being a great human teacher. He has not left that open to us. He did not intend to."

Although widely repeated in Christian apologetic literature, it has been largely ignored by professional theologians and biblical scholars.

Lewis on "Natural Law", which he also termed "Moral law":

"These then are the two points that I wanted to make. First, that human beings, all over the earth, have this curious idea that they ought to behave in a certain way, and cannot really get rid of it. Secondly, that they do not in fact behave in that way. They know the Law of Nature; they break it. These two facts are the foundation of all clear thinking about ourselves and the universe we live in."

Lewis wrote what we now call "The Chronicles of Narnia". 
"Readers of his fiction are often unaware of what Lewis considered the Christian themes of his works."


I'm not sold on the Chronicles of Narnia. But, as I recall, The Apostle Paul wrote something along the lines of "whatever it takes, I'll do."



Obama's War against Christianity

FEMA says NO to Ocean Grove (weeklystandard)  Nov 21


4 Christians Imprisoned, Tortured in Mexico (charismanews.com)  Nov 15

Are the " local officials responsible for the unjust imprisonment and torture of four Protestant Christians" of the Roman Catholic faith?



Obamacare is a flop designed to make the New and Improved Plan look good.

and so now McCAIN flipflops and calls for repeal (the blaze)  Nov 13

The show must go on:

Obama trying to "fix" Obamacare  (CAIN tv)  Nov 14

Republican Rescue:

"Had enough of Obamacare ? Check out what common sense patient centered reform looks like:"

The American Healthcare Reform Act  (CAIN tv)  Nov 14

Suspect Key words, "Reform" and "Act"

"Simply repealing the President's health care law is not enough—it must be replaced"

and if this fails, Obamacare remains the "safety net" in which we are caught.


'G. W. Bush to Raise Funds for 'Messianic Jews'(israel national news)  Nov 10

A guess:  this (eventually) leads to Israel accepting Messianic Jews' aliyah requests - with the stipulation that they are subject to the Law of Moses.

(i.e. spiritual adultery as per Romans 7:1-6)


2013 2nd quietest tornado year in 23 years (usatoday) Nov 9

Lower than 2012, which is now 3rd quietest tornado year in 23 years

"It's been a near-record quiet year, especially with respect to strong to violent tornadoes,"

On average, tornadoes kill about 60 Americans each year.

Tornadoes typically affect the U.S. more than any other nation. Each year, "the U.S. experiences about 80% to 90% of all of the tornadoes that occur across the world,"

It really only takes one bad day; it doesn't matter if the year is above or below normal.







"places, everyone."

the nations gather against Israel:

Obama’s Secret Iran Détente (daily beast) Nov 8




Crispr technique heralds genetic revolution (the independent) Nov 7

changing DNA


overheard elsewhere: "SETI is monitoring space for signals, because they know if they get a coded signal from outerspace, it would be proof of intelligent extraterrestrial life. And yet, the expertly coded information in DNA is supposedly completely random and self creating?"




Cuccinelli Campaign Says National GOP Abandoned Them (brietbart) Nov 6

it is a grand ole party, this unification of Dem & Rep...




Nov 5

Noting that there was no civil unrest due to last Friday's cut in food stamps.

Noting FEMA is setting up shop locally...some nonsense about "flood" aid


DHS to hire top secret security force (ajones) Nov 5

Alex Jones is crazy and Obama says you can keep your plan.


US Rents Rise To New All-Time High; Homeownership Rate Stuck At 18 Year Low (zerohedge)  Nov 5


Does scorpion venom kill cancer?  (azfamily.com)  Nov 5


Obama Executive Order - Prepare for Global Warming! (washington times)  Nov 3

that's all about crowd control because no GW since '98



 Muslim Brotherhood Operatives in the U.S. (raymond brahim)  Oct 31

[DONOTTRACK = 4 companies tracking here]



Big Picture Coming

Jewish Prayer Time on Temple Mount. Maybe. (israel national news)  Nov 1

Proposals regarding the Temple Mount needs to receive an official stamp of approval from both Justice Minister Tzipi Livni and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu.


Kerry headed to mideast and Europe to talk "final status" of Israel nonsense (times of israel)  Nov 1

Obama leaks more Israel intel (the blaze)  Nov 1

and look what happens:


China Moves Spy Ship to Hawaiian Waters in “Retaliation” Against U.S.  (infowars)  Nov 1

China: Nuclear submarines capable of widespread attack on U.S (washington times)  Oct 31

Google’s Secret "Revealed": Barge  (cbs san fran)  Oct 31





New Marriage Law in Israel   (jewish press)  Oct 29


Obama purging Military  (the blaze) Oct 23

 "He’s intentionally weakening and gutting our military, Pentagon and reducing us as a superpower, and anyone in the ranks who disagrees or speaks out is being purged.”

has fired nine commanders this year


Saudi Arabia severs diplomatic ties with US (dailymail) Oct 23

"over Syria"


Pope Rejects Meeting with Bibi in Rome (israel natonal news) Oct 20

So there you go: pig-Latin.




Folks talking up a dead Rabbi, who said the Messiah was already in Israel back in 2005.  Oy.


"Then if someone might-say to-YOU; Behold, the Messiah (is) here, or here, might-YOU not trust.  For false-messiahs and false-prophets will be-raised, and they-will-give great signs and wonders, so-as to-lead-astray, if possible, even the chosen." --Matt.24:23-24.

Same old story (Yea, hath God said?), although a few details are changing or being omitted now...
here is the original WND story:


" In 1990, the late Lubavitcher Rebbe Menachem Schneerson told Kaduri that he would live to see the coming of the Messiah."

"Also in September 2005, Kaduri said: 'The Messiah is already in Israel. Whatever people are sure will not happen is liable to happen, and whatever we are certain will happen may disappoint us. But in the end, there will be peace throughout the world.' "

Recall that Eve, even as smart as she was (tree of knowledge) was SO deluded that she said "I have gotten a man YHVH." (1 Tim.2:14, Gen.4:1).  Eve was wrong.  These rabbis are wrong.

1 John 3:2 "Cherished (ones), we are now children of-God, and it-was not-yet manifested what we-shall-be. We-are-knowing-absolutely that if he-might-be-manifested we-shall-be like him, because we-shall-see him according-as he-is".



Oct 18

Now, concerning "redskins":

"...red, yellow, black and white, they are precious to His sight..."

oh my, trouble in paradise...

So what to do?  Just cut out "red"?  If I were a mis-named "American-Indian" (it was not, after all, any part of India), would "redskins" offend me?  Maybe.  With the right propaganda programming, probably.

 How about "yellow"? Racist?  Seems likely. 

Does "black" offend an "African-American"?  Surely some.

 Would it be better if Jesus just loved the white children only?...




So, the Republican "Party" has long wanted national health care tax money, but have been wary of the blame for such.  Hence one of the reasons Obama was elected.  Now under the guise of pressure of some fake financial deadline, Obamacare is funded.  So, again, at whatever cost, it is in the door.



Media silent on Kenya mall Islamic terrorist torture (atlas shrugs) Sept 27

Jihad in Kenya: Eyes gouged out, bodies hanging from hooks, and fingers removed with pliers': Horrific claims of torture emerge as soldiers reveal gory Kenyan Muslim mall massacre



Sen. Ted Cruz all night on the Senate floor fighting against Obamacare  ()  Sept 24-25


The rabbi, the lost ark and the future of Temple Mount (telegraph)  Sept 12

Apart from the Ark of the Covenant, every artifact on display has been painstakingly created in accordance with Biblical instructions and is intended for actual service in a “third Jewish temple", which will be built as soon as possible.

All have been designed in consultation with 20 full-time Talmudic scholars

There are many anti-christs.  The Talmud is anti-christ in it's beliefs/statements.

In the future, many will fall from The Way.

Jesus is The Way, The Truth, and The Life.

 "Are YOU not knowing absolutely that YOU are the sanctuary (νας - naos) of the God,

and the spirit of God is dwelling ( οκε - oikei) in YOU?"  -1Corinthians 3:16



Navy Yard shooter demon possessed (ap)  Sept 16

Him and Buddha.


Media Silent as Muslims Ethnically Cleanse 60,000 Christians in Philippines (frontpage magazine)  Sept 15


Colorado flood stats from KOAA TV Sept 14

- 200 miles of affected area, including 15 counties
- 17,494 homes damaged, 1,502 destroyed
- 5 people confirmed dead, 1,253 reported missing
- 11,700 people evacuated
- 1,872 people staying in shelters




A Time to Die


Nana (my mother-in-law) passed away this morning, 9/14/2013.
That which is not seen.
*Nana: "I think it will go fast."
her son: "What Mom? What will go fast?"
Nana: "me...this thing" (reoccurring cancer)
her son: "Why do you say that Mom? How would you know that?"
Nana: "Because I've been asking."
her son: "asking who, Mom?"
Nana: (looks and points up)

"Now faith (trust) is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen." - Hebrews 11:1
This Yom Kippur - Day of Atonements -was not a "lite" day, and it is good to see the stars are shining tonight. I saw more than three.
And I'm joyful in this Light:
"For Messiah (is) finish of-law with-reference-to righteousness to-every (one) trusting." -Romans 10:4
Evidently Nana saw this Light too.

May you rest in peace.





A Time to Live




Pappa Frenchy: You don’t have to believe in God to go to heaven  (independent ) 9-11

targeting the Roman Catholic Church's alignment with Islam


This week America lost its superpower status   (glenn beck)  Sept 10



Anyway, Syria:  We know Obama and Putin whisper sweet nothings to each other off the microphone.  So with this "crisis", they are strengthening Assad and Iran (via Russian missiles, Chinese "troops"?).



"rebels" to Syrian Christians: 'Either You Convert to Islam, Or You Will Be Beheaded'   (breitbart)  Sept 9


Rebels Admit Responsibility for Chemical Weapons Attack  (infowars)  Sept 9

The "rebels" apparently do not want the USA to attack Assad



Haftarah portion includes Joel 2:15-27

Joel 2:19 "And Jehovah answered and said unto his people, Behold, I will send you grain, and new wine, and oil, and ye shall be satisfied therewith; and I will no more make you a reproach among the nations:

vs20 But I will remove far off from you the northern army, and will drive it into a land barren and desolate, its forepart into the eastern sea, and its hinder part into the western sea: and its stench shall come up, and its ill savor shall come up, because it hath done great things."

vs 20 - Might this speak of an outcome of a Syrian war?


China & Russia have sent troops/navy to Syria

News UpdateA Chinese landing craft with 1,000 marines for Syria  (debka file)  Sept 6


Tamu Massif

Found: The Largest volcano in the solar system - in the Pacific Ocean (international business times)  Sept 6

It covers an area roughly the size of the state of New Mexico and is nearly as big as the giant volcanoes of Mars, meaning it is one of the largest in the solar system.



Drudge Reports

Thurs. Sept 5

Russia claims 100-page report blaming Syrian REBELS for chemical weapons attack... *

EXECUTING MEN ON KNEES... 'We swear to Lord of Throne, we will take revenge'... *








Fri. Sept 6 :



O LOSES G20... *



Sat. Sept 7:

 International support for strike growing...

EU Backs 'Clear and Strong' Response...

and yet -

 Direct link between regime and gas attack elusive for US...





 The Truth Behind the War in Syria: The Qatari Natural Gas Pipeline – Obama’s War for Oil (shariaunveiled)  Sept 6

Would you like to send your own son or your own daughter to fight in Syria just so that a natural gas pipeline can be built?

Syria intervention plan fueled by oil interests, not chemical weapon concern (the guardian)  Sept 6

According to retired NATO Secretary General Wesley Clark, a memo from the Office of the US Secretary of Defense just a few weeks after 9/11 revealed plans to "attack and destroy the governments in 7 countries in five years", starting with Iraq and moving on to "Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran." In a subsequent interview, Clark argues that this strategy is fundamentally about control of the region's vast oil and gas resources.


Syria War Bible Code (govtslaves)  Sept 5

So does all of this mean something?
Maybe yes, maybe no.
But it is definitely interesting.



Evidence: Syrian Rebels used Chemical Weapons (not Assad) (shoebat.com)  Aug 27


Obama using Syria to raise taxes, fund Obamacare? (the hill)  Aug 31



The Writing is removed from the Wall

As Rosh Hashanah draws nigh, Western Wall gets traditional cleaning  (jerusalem post)  Aug 25

The prayer notes are treated as trash; piled on the ground, swept into the trash can.  Are the prayer notes "dirty"?  Are they dead? Were they ever "clean" or "holy" notes/prayers?  Or only vanity?  This cleaning activity shows the show.

Consider Jer.31:31, 1Cor.3:16:  God is looking/reading the heart.

2Cor.3:v3 (Ones)-being-manifested that You;-are (an) epistle of-Messiah ministered by us, having-been-written-and-still-written not with-black-ink BUT with (the) Spirit of-(the)-living God, not in flat-tablets of-stone BUT in flat-tablets (of) fleshy hearts.



Slowest Start To A Hurricane Season On Record (steven goddard)  Aug 24

Least Extreme Summer, Fewest tornados in 2013

This is a time for Teshuvah/Repentance.


Assad used Sarin gas (debkafile)  Aug 24

The sarin shells fired on Damascus - by Syrian 4th Division’s 155th Brigade - were followed by rockets on Israel and car bombings in Lebanon

 US, Russia "playacting". 

Somebody used a type of gas.


Report: War Looms: Hundreds of American Troops and CIA Operatives Have Entered Syria (shfplan.com)  Aug 23

Thus, one can only conclude that the Russians were talking about a nuclear engagement between them… and us.

U.S. preps for possible cruise missile attack on Syrian gov't forces (cbs news)  Aug 23

The UN "experts" in Damascus have not been allowed to investigate

never-the-less, But with pictures providing graphic evidence...

Launching cruise missiles from the sea would not risk any American lives. It would be a punitive strike designed not to topple Syrian dictator Bashir Assad but to convince him he cannot get away with using chemical weapons


Oh wait, the CIA had advance intel: "U.S. intelligence detected activity at known Syrian chemical weapons sites in the days before the attack."
However, officials stress President Obama, who until now has steadfastly resisted calls for military intervention, has not made a decision.


Update, verified: U.S. Had Intel on Chemical Strike Before It Was Launched  (foreign policy)  Aug 30




The burden of Damascus.

Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.

 Isaiah 17:1



Abbas stuns Israel, drops "right of return" demand  (jewish press)  Aug 21

interesting times.  Will the Pope jump in and "help"?


The end of the world is starting in Damascus  (haaretz)  Aug 21
Many in the West and Israel despise Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. But what’s happening in Syria proves the validity of Netanyahu’s warning that the greatest danger to world peace in the 21st century is the combination of unconventional weapons and unconventional regimes. Lunatics really are insane. Barbarians are really barbaric. Huns will be Huns.


Egypt court orders Mubarak release  (jerusalem post)  Aug 20



Egyptian Military Orders Christian Churches Rebuilt (breitbart)  Aug 20


Syrian Rebels: '1,300 Killed In Gas Attack' (sky news)  Aug 20

BUT: Professor Fawaz Gerges, director of the Middle East Centre at the London School of Economics, examined the motive behind a chemical weapons attack.
He told Sky News: "Why would the Assad government use poison while you have a very strong UN team in Damascus?... and his army has the upper hand in the Ghouta area? He has done everything in his power to prevent western intervention."

Experts: Syria Chemical Weapons Attack “Suspicious” (infowars)  Aug 20



Egyptian Military Government is against Muslim Brotherhood (israel national news)  Aug 19


Egypt's Christians Attack Western Media Coverage  (israel national news)  Aug 19

Reuters muses with apparent hope that MB will make a comeback in headline:

"Egypt crackdown may not crush Brotherhood"


Obama is supporting the Muslim Brotherhood by stopping aid to Egypt


Israel stays clear of Egyptian crisis, fearing Russian military’s return to a second border after Syria (debkafile)  Aug 19

Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Republics – not Israel - are lobbying the West for support of the Egyptian military. Their campaign is orchestrated by Saudi Director of Intelligence Prince Bandar Bin Sultan - not an anonymous senior Israeli official as claimed by the New York Times,



NY Times Blames Israel and AIPAC for Prolonging Egypt's Agony (american thinker)  Aug 19


Sources: Mubarak Set to be Released This Week (israel national news)  Aug 19


Ban Ki-moon Admits: UN is Biased Against Israel  (israel national news)  Aug 18

The head of the United Nations admitted this past week that the organization he heads has had a bias against Israel.

Beilin: The Egyptian Army Rigged the Election for Morsi (israel national news)  Aug 18

Did Obama knowingly back a fraud, Morsi?


Pain Increasing for American Pastor Saeed Abedini  (american center for law and justice)  Aug 12


Muslims killing Muslims (bigstory)  Aug 11

This is Islam:

now that the "moderate" muslims are all dead,

 "We can now comfortably confront the United States of America."


US Order To Shutdown Millions Of Christian Websites Shocks World  (pakalert press)  Aug 10


HUD to manipulate voting demographics  (usnews)  Aug 9

& facilitate Islamic spread


Another Secure Email Service, Silent Circle, Is Shutting Down  (gizmodo)  Aug 9

similarities seen between the Pope's "eyes" (the confessional) and all the "I"-spy stuff we pay our government to perform on us



B.C. 1093 (Shavuot? 1Sam:13:17, 14:1) - Aug 8, 2013 A.D.

Nothing New Under the Sun Department @Gun "Control"

1Samuel 13:19 Now there was no smith found throughout all the land of Israel; for the Philistines said, Lest the Hebrews make them swords or spears:
vs20 but all the Israelites went down to the Philistines, to sharpen every man his share, and his coulter, and his axe, and his mattock;
vs21 yet they had a file for the mattocks, and for the coulters, and for the forks, and for the axes, and to set the goads.
vs22 So it came to pass in the day of battle, that there was neither sword nor spear found in the hand of any of the people that were with Saul and Jonathan: but with Saul and with Jonathan his son was there found.
vs23 And the garrison of the Philistines went out unto the pass of Michmash.


Nothing New Under the Sun Department
POLONIUM: PROOF THE EARTH WAS FORMED IN 3 MINUTES (biblical creation @facebook)  July 31

Scientist Robert Gentry made a remarkable discovery many years ago. When examining granite rocks, a makeup of the Earth's crust, he found that they contained Radiohalos which are a remnant of the element Polonium. Evolutionists believe the Earth was once hot magma and the magma cooled and became the Earth's crust over billions of years. The magma would have burned up the Polonium, so therefore the Earth did not form this way. A half life of the element Polonium-218 is 3 minutes..Meaning the Earth itself was formed in less than 3 minutes! Next to DNA, this was one of the most groundbreaking discoveries for creation to date.

J.N.comments @facebook:

This short article also fails to mention that radio halos of Polonium 214 with a half life of 164.3(20) µs (164 MICRO seconds) were also found repeatedly. That means that the granite crystals they were found in would have needed to form in less than 164 microseconds. That is pretty quick! 0.164 of a second is really fast--like the twinkling of an eye fast.



The Special Significance Of The Iftar Meal In The Peace Process (hebrew nation online)  July 31




World leaders should unite to end anti-Christian persecution, Vladimir Putin says  (lifesitenews)  Aug 1

Snowden goes to ...Russia...for freedom????
Watch that space...


We do not trust in men...

John 6:29 " The Jesus answered and said to-them, This is the work of-the God, in-order-that you-might-trust with-reference-to whom that (one) dispatched."

understand this also as that the trust is from God....our trust is the manifestation of God working in us....we don't even get "credit" for our trust, which is our work....and this is the Love of God - that He loved us first.

1John4v19 We ourselves-are-cherishing, because he himself first cherished us.

 Again: The work of God is that He loved us first so that we might love and so it is only in HIS love to us that our trust is allowed.  And yes, the context of the passage shows that this trust is also the work that we are to do..


Russia Finally Admits Terrorists Probably Shot Rabbi (jewish press)  Aug 3
The shooting of a Chabad rabbi in the Russian republic of Dagestan was likely a terrorist attack by Muslim extremists



Unexplained, conflicting US global terror warnings now extend to American homeland  (debka)  Aug 3

Obama securing the "Homeland" for...?

The NSA creating a situation where the US public believes the NSA is a good thing?



Hawaii official now swears: No Obama birth certificate (wnd)  old news reminder




 Dozens of CIA operatives on the ground during Benghazi attack  (cnn)  Aug 1

CIA spokesman Dean Boyd asserted in a statement that the agency has been open with Congress.


As in the days of Lot and Noah

Claim: bama hid 'gay life' to become president (WND)  Sept 11, 2012

How qweird is that?

Suppose NSA~Snowden has some info on this?


Feiglin Declares 'It's Time to Flood the Temple Mount'  (israel national news)  Aug 1



Shameless Anathemas  (amos37)  July 30

Rome's Crusade against Grace

Doctrinal error (works) similarities with the "Messy-Antic" community....which is surreal in light of Luther's anti-semitism...

Roman Catholicism is idolatry.  And just like Eve, even if you are deluded, it is still sin.




Leader: 'Open Season' on Nigerian Christians by Islamists (israel national news)  July 30



4 African Girls Have Created A Generator That Produces Electricity For 6 Hours Using A Single Liter Of Urine As Fuel

(jewsnews)  July 29



(a) Moon Chart






Your Papers DNA Please (reagan coalition)  July 18

data for the base in Utah


Whistle Blower says Obama not made in USA (red flag news)  July 28

a whistle-blower from Higher Education Services Corporation in Albany New York came forward and advised Attorney Orly Taitz that she personally reviewed Barack Obama’s financial aid information, which stated that financial aid was given to Obama as foreign student and as a citizen of Indonesia.


now hear this


Snowden has NSA files - on Obama's birth?



This is crazy.

Israel to free more terrorists:


Following is the text of an open letter to the citizens of Israel from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ahead of the proposal to resume the diplomatic process, that will be submitted to the Cabinet tomorrow (Sunday, 28 July 2013):

"From time to time, prime ministers are called on to make decisions that go against public opinion – when the matter is important for the country.

In order to make decisions that are supported by the public, there is no need for prime ministers.
  [say what?]

At the present time, it seems to me that it is very important for the State of Israel to enter into a diplomatic process. This is important both in order to exhaust the chance of ending the conflict with the Palestinians and in order to establish Israel's position in the complex international reality around us.

The major changes in our region – in Egypt, Syria and in Iran – not only place challenges before the State of Israel but they also create considerable opportunities for us.

For these reasons, I believe that it is important for the State of Israel to enter a diplomatic process that will continue for at least nine months – in order to check if it is possible to reach an agreement with the Palestinians during this time.

But even with all of the importance that I ascribe to the diplomatic process, I was not prepared to accept the Palestinians' demands for withdrawals and freezes as preconditions for entering negotiations.

Neither was I prepared to accept their demand to release Palestinian prisoners before the start of negotiations. I did agree to release 104 Palestinians in stages after the start of the negotiations and in accordance with the circumstances of their progress.

This is an incomparably difficult decision, it is painful for the bereaved families and it is painful for the entire nation and it is also very painful for me.

It collides with the incomparably important value of justice.
 [Exactly, and yet he proceeds to do injustice!]

It is a clear injustice when depraved people, even if most of them have sat in prison for over 20 years as in this case, are released before they have finished serving their sentences.

The decision is difficult for me seven-fold because my family and I personally know the price of bereavement stemming from terrorism. I know the pain very well. I have lived with it every day for the past 37 years.

The fact that previous Israeli governments have released over 10,000 terrorists does not make it easier for me today, and did not make it easier when I decided to bring back Gilad Shalit.

Gilad Shalit's return home entailed an incomparably difficult decision for me – releasing terrorists. But I believed that the value of bringing children back home needed to overcome this difficulty.

People in positions of leadership need to choose between complex choices and sometimes the necessary decision is especially difficult when most of the public opposes it.

Thus I decided to end Operation Pillar of Defense after the elimination of arch-terrorist Ahmed Jabari and after the severe blows the IDF dealt to Hamas and the other terrorist organizations.

I made the decision to end the operation even though most of the public supported continued action, which would have required entering the Gaza Strip on the ground. As Prime minister, I thought that the goal of deterrence had been mostly achieved by the determined actions that we carried out.

Today, almost one year after the end of Operation Pillar of Defense, we are witness to the quietest situation in the south in over a decade. Of course, this quiet can fray at any minute but my policy is clear on all fronts: We will, as much as possible, foil threats against us in a timely manner. We will react strongly to any attempt to harm our people.

In the next nine months, we will consider whether there is a Palestinian element opposite us that, like us, truly wants to end the conflict between us.

Such a conclusion will be possible only under conditions that will ensure security for Israel's citizens and ensure our vital national interests.

If we succeed in achieving such a peace agreement, I will submit it to a referendum.

Such a fateful decision cannot be made by a close vote in the Knesset.

Every citizen must be allowed to directly influence our future and our fate on such a crucial issue.

The best answer we can give to those same base murderers that sought to defeat us through terrorism is that in the decades that they sat in prison, we built a glorious country and turned it into one of the most prosperous, advanced and strongest countries in the world.

I promise that we will continue thus.


Benjamin Netanyahu."



It seems that as a pre-condition for the Palestinians (who do not accept any border with Israel)  to "negotiate peace" with Israel, Israel is freeing Palestinian Terrorists. 

This is crazy.




On the Right Hand:

The Woman Cries:  Justice. Justice. Justice.

Bayit Yehudi: PM Elected to Make Right, Not Difficult Decisions (israel national news)  July 27
Shaked told reporters, “The prime minister wasn’t elected to make difficult decisions; he was elected to make the right decisions.”

 “The government forgot why we are here and how to stay here. It started with giving in to terror in the Shalit deal and continues with surrendering to the Americans. For what?” She added that although Israeli agent Jonathan Pollard killed no one, and shed no blood, he is still sitting in a prison, decades later, despite appeals even from the prime minister himself.


Here's the reality:

BUT ME, YOU DO NOT REALLY KNOW AT ALL  (tom gross media)  July 29

by Adi Moses


US bomb victims relive the horror  (jewish press)  July 28



Netanyahu: I'm the one who will establish peace between 2 states   (jerusalem post) sept 24, 2011


Netanyahu is not an apparent liar, he is not stupid, and he is not crazy.  So apparently he has confidential information...

or, on the other hand, he is a politician.


Into the Fray: Resign, just resign!  (jerusalem post) Aug 1



4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work (bigstory.ap.org)  July 27

More than 19 million whites fall below the poverty line of $23,021 for a family of four, accounting for more than 41 percent of the nation's destitute, nearly double the number of poor blacks.

"the invisible poor" - whites -with more than 76 percent enduring periods of joblessness, life on welfare or near-poverty.




Nothing New Under the Sun Dept.:

Dark Days  (phenomena.org)  July 26

on this day in 1264

One of the greatest comets ever recorded. When the head of the comet was about to rise the tail extended past the zenith.



The deliberate destruction of the Temple Mount by Muslims (jewishpress)  July 26



Muhammad is on the US supreme court building (wnd)  Feb 2006

What does the text pictured say?

The artwork, which is high above the justice’s mahogany bench, was designed by sculptor Adolph A. Weinman for the building, which opened in the 1930s. Muhammad is between Charlemagne and Justinian. ... The stone sculptures of 18 lawgivers, from Hammurabi to John Marshall, are meant to signify the law’s foundation in a stable society. Included is Moses with the Ten Commandments.

This is the law of the land...

Rehnquist wrote. “Additionally, it is unlawful (under the U. S. Code) to remove or in any way injure an architectural feature in the Supreme Court"





God is "gathering" all the nations - to be against Israel - so that He will be manifest by Israel to the nations. (Ro.9:17)

How to respond to EU sanctions (caroline glick)  July 26
Europe is using economic sanctions to expand its political power over Israeli decision-makers. So Israel should act to diminish Europe's political power in Israel.


Texas Holder'em (ap)  July 25

How to cheat at ballot box cards


Tablet turns the world of historical research upside down; sites "Judah Maccabee" (israel national news)  July 25



Report: Assad Approached Israel for Alawite Safe Haven  (israel national news)  July 24


Millions of girls have genital mutilation because of Islam  (cnn)  July 23



Report: Anti-Semitic incidents up across New York (myfoxny.com)  July 23


Again, Asaad not dead yet (trunews.com)  July 18

"Martin Dempsey, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff,  .....  told a Senate hearing that under current conditions, he believed President Bashar Assad would still be in power in a year’s time."

Check out Scott Dyer's commentary on Asaad...


Jumbo viruses hint at ‘fourth domain’ of life (trunews.com)  July 18


Commentary: Zimmerman verdict (possibly) opens up Mexican border/immigration and incites race hate.



Anti-Jewish Riots in Jerusalem  (israel national news)  July 17


the nations gather against Israel

Bennett: EU Boycott is 'Economic Terrorism' (israel national news)  July 16



the "Obama works" symbol

Alt-2 (keypad 2)

and then, Ctrl-Alt-down arrow (in arrow cluster)


Christians tortured in Sinai (cbn.com)  July 11


From the West Coast of Africa to the deserts of Sinai, Bedouin tribes are conducting a human trafficking trade on a massive scale.
Are they "Christians" or Catholics?  They could be the same...

it is coming to the USA...


RAPE Jihad against children (gatestone institute)  July 11





Bernanke Supports Continuing Stimulus Amid Debate Over QE (bloomberg)  July 11

still wiping out Americans' savings (wealth) via interest rates




Pope widens child abuse crackdown in Vatican (france24)  July 11

What a headline defining the sad State of the Vatican.




US to go ahead and send F-16 to Egypt despite Morsi's overthrow (israel national news)  July 10

The White House has been cautious about calling the Egyptian military’s ouster of Morsi a “coup,” noting that it will need to “review what has taken place.”

UPDATE U.S. Delays Delivery of F-16s to Egypt (israel national news)  July 25

The Obama administration is reviewing whether Morsi’s ouster requires suspending U.S. aid.   A U.S. law requires denying assistance to a country “whose duly elected head of government is deposed by a military coup d’etat.”


What if Obama is doing the best he can?



Little Saudi Arabian Troll shows up at White House Independence Day celebration (glenn beck)  July 10

this is freaky

"Abdul Rahman Alharbi, once a person of interest in the Boston Marathon bombing, turned up at the White House for July 4th festivities. He was at one time placed on a watch list and was at one point labeled a threat to national security by the State Department. What in the world was he doing there?"


Gun-rights activist Adam Kokesh arrested in Herndon (washington post)  July 10

charged with possession of schedule I and II drugs while in possession of a firearm,

ok, so what are "schedule I and II drugs? 

The DEA definitions:

 Schedule I drugs:  "Substances in this schedule have no currently accepted medical use in the United States (non FDA approved supplements?), a lack of accepted safety for use under medical supervision, and a high potential for abuse."   includes PLANTS: Marihuana,  Mescaline/Peyote, common Psilocybin Mushroom ("magic" mushrooms?), Opium, Khat, Coca.  These are not common household medicines.

Schedule II drugs: "Substances in this schedule have a high potential for abuse which may lead to severe psychological or physical dependence." includes Codeine, Hydrocodone, OxyContin/Percocet, Dexedrine, Ritalin

These are fairly common household medicines.


Speaking of the USA, Drugs, and when Pigs fly (natural news)  July 8



Russian Military To Conduct Observation Flights Over US (govtslaves)  July 8

Strange Planes Landing At US Air Force Bases (offthegridnews.com)  July 8


Silent  Night Media

Two Coptic Christians beheaded by Muslim in New Jersey (gopthedailydose.com)  April 6/July 8



Adherents of Islam burn 30 schoolchildren alive  (ap)  July 6

number of murders by Muslims unknown


as Snowden melts

Republicans want to talk to Col. George Bristol about Benghazi  (cbs news)  July 6
hopefully he's just retired and not "has been retired"

oh yeah, Snowden.  An NSA spy "trapped" in Russia.  What a predicament.


Merging Torah and current events:

Shilo Tabernacle site found (israel national news)  July 2

Israel's history in the Land proven by archeology once again.

And in their history God’s witness Israel verifies that scripture is true...that YHVH is truth.  Praise Yah!





China & Russia in War "Games"  (nowtheendbegins)  July 2

end times alignments




Brotherhood ouster in Egypt may clear way for stricter Islamists (la times)  July 5

July 3 Morsi out

.Egyptian military places politicians on notice June30

Morsi, who says "Jews and Christians are the descendants of apes and pigs", is apparently too much of an Islamic moderate...(for Obama?  Yes, Obama is "backing" Morsi...)




Please God Help Us

I cannot watch




Westcliffe Gun Show Parade @Local


As in the days of Noah and Lot:


DOMA, or rather the institution of marriage, attacked by Supreme Court.


Scalia: 'High-Handed' Kennedy Has Declared Us 'Enemies of the Human Race'  (nationaljournal)  June 26
the majority calls good - evil, and calls evil - good.

As an aside, apparently, the use of the word "faggot" can have a pejorative sense.

“Waiting for the Other Shoe” —i.e. Polygamy (albertmohler)  June 26

DOMA was apparently set up to fail.



This is paving the way for the Islamic polygamy in the USA, and that child molesting atrocity is evil, as even the National Geographic has documented:

Too Young To Wed (nationaljournal)  June 2011
This is not saying only Islam is evil:

"Child marriage spans continents, language, religion, caste. In India the girls will typically be attached to boys four or five years older; in Yemen, Afghanistan, and other countries with high early marriage rates, the husbands may be young men or middle-aged widowers or abductors who rape first and claim their victims as wives afterward, as is the practice in certain regions of Ethiopia."


Up to now, in the USA, Mormon polygamist child molesters were prosecuted

That may soon change.



so, a few words drafted on polygamy July 1

Our future is so bright, we have to wear shades.  (now we see darkly)

There is a bright message within the polygamy of Abraham, Sarah, Hagar & Keturah.  If you have eyes to see it.

Polygamy brought us the twelve sons of Jacob, i.e. Israel.  And that's a good thing!



Now Obama Using Troops To Prop Up Cairo's Islamofascists (investors.com)  June 25


 accidents happen


Israeli Scientist: Virus Causing Bees to Disappear  (israel national news)  June 16


Colorado: US High School Recites Pledge In Arabic: “One Nation Under Allah"  (freedomoutpost.com)  June 17

It is a proper name for their false deity, much like the God of the Bible’s is Yahweh. In other words, this is not a generic rendering of the word “God.” It is specific.

the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) are the ones demanding that Muslims get special treatment in public schools, even granting that their students be allowed to pray and be excused from class for it.




Obama's Syria Policy a Mess (weekly standard) June 15

President Obama OKs Shipment of Arms to Al-Qaeda in Syria (the new american June 14

Obama-backed Syrian jihadists massacre Christian village population  (jihad watch) June 15




Remember: Syrian "rebels" behead Christian and feed him to the dogs   (daily mail) Dec 2012

The free and democratic world is supporting extremists,’ Sister Agnes-Miriam said from her sanctuary in Lebanon. ‘They want to impose Sharia Law and create an Islamic state in Syria.’




Commander in SS-led unit living in US (my way news) June 14



The Nations Gather

USA again aiding muslims in syria and on the other hand Russia. 


IRAN votes for new president  (reuters) June 14

maybe: "Of five conservative candidates professing unwavering obedience to Khamenei, only three are thought to stand any chance of winning the vote, or making it through to a second round run-off in a week's time."


buying nuke time "none is seen as challenging the Islamic Republic's 34-year-old system of clerical rule"



Colorado Fires

A little clear cutting and/or a few slash fires would save a lot of wildfire grief.

Perpetual fire bans stop property clean-up and increase risk.

The fact that there is no fire "fighting" (i.e. "let it burn" policy) creates risk for the homeowner

Fire requires fuel to burn:  the homeowner is on his own, and knows that a "mandatory evacuation" means if an ember lands on his roof no one will snuff it out if he leaves.

"fire protection" districts are a farce.

Fie is a tool.  Once upon a time, everyone ran to fight a fire, now everyone runs away.  Fire is a tool.

Also ran: You can't take it with you, but looters can.



NSA Secret Leaker Vanishes (reuters) June 10

if anyone could know this game, it would seem to be Edward Snowden

Noting though that the Washington Post turned him in to the government. (their bosses)

the whole thing might be a snow job

June 24 - So Snowden walks out of NSA with a jump drive full of secrets.  Right.  And he's heading towards that old CIA stronghold, Ecuador.  Ok.


Moscow sets up Russian Golan brigade, warns Israel Sunnis plus al Qaeda are bigger threat than Assad (debkafile) June 10


Once a shul, now a church that celebrates Judaism (jewishjournal) June 10

Obama's UN nominee advocated invasion of Israel (ynet news) June 5

"Samantha Power, a former White House aide and Harvard professor, asserted in a 2002 interview in Berkley University that the US might in the future be forced to deploy a large military force in Israel in order to impose a solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and establish a Palestinian state."


Syrian rebels lose strategic town in boost for Assad (reuters) June 5
Two weeks of heavy fighting reduced much of the town to piles of concrete, whole blocks flattened by shelling, with glass and rubble littering the roads as tired, delighted Syrian soldiers gathered at the bullet-riddled clock tower.
Damascus shall be a ruinous heap.

Assad seems set to surprise many


Why Turkey Matters (american thinker) June 5


How much cocaine does Obama use?  May29



Sweden's "perfect society" ruined by islam (telegrapht) May 25


Muslims murder again.   (dailymailt) May 22

This is Islam. Islam is satanic.


Researchers Stumble Upon The Heart’s Self-Healing Ability (no camels.comt) May 13


Muhammad Al-Dura: The boy who wasn't really killed (jerusalem post) May 12



Obama's Benghazi fiasco continues.  It's kind of like Watergate, except no one died in Watergate.


Rear Admiral states that Christianity is under attack in the US Military (cain tv) May 8


Secret to longer life may be in the brain: study (france24) May 2



Jordan: Israel Agreed to Allow UN to 'Investigate' in Old City (israel national news Apr 24


Does DNA Emit Light? (viewzone) dated

by Dan Eden


Jihad, or rater Islam,  in America (Apr 20)

This is Islam, Boston  (israel national news) Apr 19

"Chechnya is predominantly Muslim. Most of the Chechens belong to the Shafi'i school of thought of Sunni Islam, while a minority belong to the Hanafi"

from bombing day, Glenn Beck says something is amiss

update: Beck exposes - Exclusive Information on Saudi National  (the blaze) Apr 22

What happened to N.Korea?

Jihad by whom?  Noting the fringe reports of Navy Seals on scene prior to blast, Saudi "national" being "deported"....

The First Lady visits "person of interest" ???

update: Hamza is Osama bin Laden's son (shutking.blogspot) Apr 22



The Tsarnaev brothers were double agents who decoyed US into terror trap (debka file) Apr 20

The Saudi connection linking the Boston Marathon to September 11 (haaretz) Apr 20



Texas Explosion

fertilizer, not ANFO?



gold crash = taxes


a Saudi Arabian national = islamic terrorist (nypost) Apr 15

here on a student visa (weeklystandard Apr 15

NY begins registering "assault weapons" (breitbart) Apr 15

Kerry says Foreign Students are Scared of Guns in USA... (weeklystandard) Apr 15

Blind sheik's social media empire grows from behind bars...  (washington guardian) Apr 15


Ants can predict earthquakes (times of india) Apr 14



N. Korea may be able to deliver nuke, Pentagon intel says (cnn) Apr 11

Colo. Rep. Lamborn bringing out the truth in House Armed Services Committee hearing Thursday

that's the rhyme, the reason may be to beef up US in the Pacific?

The Defense Intelligence Agency report would have been released by the DIA, presumably towards defense intelligence benefit.

That is, Lamborn likely only reads what he is "given" to read,  - if - "DIA" actually translates to "Defense Intelligence Agency"....

Yes, N.K. is starving, with nothing to lose, out-bluffing Obama into a bailout, one way or another. But + as per DIA? - or another of the umpteen (17) bodies that make up the U.S. intelligence

noting that South Koreans are not concerned about N.Korea. hence the fear hype is for US citizens - so now -"they CAN nuke us!!!"

on the other hand...maybe crazy L'il Kim has nukes.  That there are 17 intelligence agencies implies they may not all be working together or for the same purposes. So with this thinking it would be apparent that N.Korea has the reported Nuke capability.

Again, Rep. Lamborn is just reading the DIA report.  He is being truthful.  Gen. Dempsey, "testifying", lies and says the report is classified, and refuses to comment because it isn't "public", therein verifying - testifying - the report is valid.




MyJihad in Egypt: Muslim mob screaming "Allahu akbar" rapes Christian woman in broad daylight
(jihadwatch.orgt) Apr 10



"Dark Lightning" discovered  (washingtonpost) Apr 10



Yom Hashoah - Holocaust Remembrance Day (hebrew4christians.com)

Begins Sunday, April 7th at sunset

Please don't close your eyes.



The Devil's Logic (hebrew4christians.com)

by John Parsons


America’s Foes Call Obama’s Bluff (frontpage/daniel greenfield) Apr 8

 Pudgy Li'l Kim  hosts Dennis Rodman, yet toys with Obama.


S Korea hunts for North's missing subs (abc news) Apr 4
at least four N.Korean subs on the prowl, or sunk.




Water is coming.

Isa.17:1, Ps.83 and Ezk.38-39


Threat from Rebel Syria Becomes Clear and What Really Happened in the Benghazi Murders  (rubin reports) Apr 4

possibly Stephens was NOT working with Obama.

 And he's dead.



The Watchman's Cry

#6 from Nathan Leal   (watchmanscry) Apr 4

only noting the recent seeming increase in objects falling from the sky

fear of the message of the heavens is different from awe of such


'Gate to hell' discovered in Antichrist's neighborhood   (wnd) Apr 4



Ten Toes does not equal Ten Horns.

Ten Little Countries...And Then There Were None (Satire)
By Barry Rubin

Ten little countries standing in a line,
Iran had a revolution, then there were nine.
Nine little entities dangled just like bait,
Hamas took over Gaza and then there were eight.
Eight little countries that are praying for heaven,
Turkey chose some Islamists and then there were seven.
Seven little countries, in the geopolitical mix,
Lebanon elected Hizballah and then there were six.
Six little countries trying to stay alive,
The Brotherhood took Tunisia and then there were five.
Five little countries leaning on the door,
There goes Egypt and now there are four.
Four little countries redefining what is free,
Syria had a civil war and soon there will be three.
Three little countries doing something they will rue,
Afghanistan when Americans leave will probably make it two.
Who will be next? It’s not all that hard to say,
Some think Saudi Arabia already is that way.
Bahrain’s on the verge; Qatar’s on their team,
Things may be far worse than what they seem.
Obama, Brennan, Hagel, Kerry think this is good,
Do you really believe they should?


Perhaps all 10 are on the head of one?


Palestinians kick off Jerusalem bid by ceding Holy Sites Custodianship to Jordan’s king  (debka file) Apr 1


Obama Administration Seeks to Change International Food Aid (new york times) Apr 4


Obama inciting civil unrest in Colorado (the right scoop) Apr 3


mocking gun owners as drunks in Denver April 3, 2013

- strangely childish, un-presidential behavior -

apparently he wants an excuse to utilize his 1.6 billion hollowpoints...any excuse....

so he lets Iran go, lets N.Korea sideshow go, lets the muslims go,

lets the economy go

lets the border with Mexico go

Understand that Obama has in this speech affirmed his plans...

anyway, here's the scoop:


What the Washington Post says Obama says  (washingtonpost) Apr 3


Obama states therein that none of the democrat's anti-gun laws or proposals, whether on a state or national level, are against the 2nd Amendment. 

His lips were moved, so we know he lied.

“Opponents of common-sense gun laws have ginned up fears among responsible gun owners that have nothing to do with what’s being proposed, not a thing to do with facts,” he said. “It feeds into suspicions of government, that you need a gun to protect yourself from government: ‘We can’t do background checks because the government will come take my guns away.’ The government is us. These officials were elected by you.”

The president pleaded with the public that “if you hear that kind of talk, say, ‘Hold on a second.’ If any folks out there are gun owners and you’re hearing someone talking about the government taking your guns away, get the facts.”

The president’s motorcade passed a group of protesters holding signs reading, “Stop Taking Our Rights” and “Support Our Second Amendment.” One person held a blue Obama 2012 campaign sign with the word “TREASON” written across it.
No report of the President stopping and giving the "facts" to those folks.


What Obama Said:(reason.com) Apr 4

4 More Ways Obama's Gun Control Speech Sows Mistrust


He falsely equates "assault weapons" with military guns.

He conflates a failed background check with stopping a criminal from obtaining a gun.

He says there is no logical connection between "universal background checks" and gun registration.

He pooh-poohs the idea that there could ever be anything adversarial about the relationship between Americans and their government:

there is this thing called the Second Amendment, and it is hardly frivolous to argue than an arbitrary and capricious piece of legislation like the "assault weapon" ban Obama supports would violate the constitutional right to keep and bear arms.



The Washington Times states that the Second Amendment is "Crumbling" (washington times) Apr 4


in other words, these gun control laws are unconstitutional



On the same day, Colorado Sheriffs Protest  (fox news) Apr 4



 a group of Colorado Sheriffs assembled nearby to protest the Obama/Demoncraut gun control.

The Sheriffs dismissed Obama's visit as "a slap in the face to all Coloradans."

The County Sheriffs of Colorado, a Littleton-based advocacy organization, released a position paper on the day of the president's visit, arguing that gun control does not result in lower crime rates.

"[We] urge our state elected officials not to make decisions during this grieving period because it would likely lead to policies that are unenforceable and possible unconstitutional, while punishing law abiding citizens and doing nothing to reduce violent crime," the paper read.

I note that the Sheriffs are all elected officials.


More Facts:

Vice President Joe Biden: "If you don't register your guns, the government will confiscate them"

 (free republic) Dec 22, 2012



Biden says this in his capacity as head of Obama's task force on gun control.   He is NOT misspeaking.


New York Gov. Cuomo says gun confiscation is an option


(bizpacreview) Dec 22, 2012

"Cuomo said he will propose gun control legislation in the 2013 session, and everything will be on the table — up to and including outright confiscation of weapons.


Dem Rep. Jan Schakowsky: Assault Weapons Ban "Just The Beginning" 


(real clear politics) Mar 11, 2013

Banning handguns is also on the agenda.


The tide changed  awhile back:

Supreme Court Justices Breyer-Sotomayor-Ruth Bader Ginsburg (& by assumption, Kagen): Dissenting to Targeting Guns


(washington times) June 29, 2010

“In sum, the Framers did not write the Second Amendment in order to protect a private right of armed self defense.”


Interestingly, the state of the States is worse now than post-Sandy Hook, because of the division Obama's gun control policies have (already) caused.  Those opposed are not a "fringe", but rather even over 1/2 of Colorado's 62 elected sheriffs:

Sheriffs Plan Lawsuit against Gun Control Laws    (foxnews) Apr 10




Obama admin pushes banks to make home loans to people with weak credit (washingtonpost) Apr 2

Here we go again.  Again, it is the Democrats setting the USA up for failure.

This is a continuation of the redistribution of wealth - and in particular, the mechanism to take property rights away from citizens. (via real estate theft  and "bailout" theft).  A good example of "The Devil's Logic" in action? 




Outpost Residents: Are We the Enemy? (israel national news) Apr 2

Police State Action included arresting a soldier

In Israel, the enemy of the State is often the State (Not all Israel are Israel).  This too, is coming to Amerika.

The reason t