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 The Papacy IS "the MAN of-the lawlessness", "the son of-the destruction




Since Dec. 10, 1512, with the 4th session of the 5th Lateran council, beginning with Pope Julius II,  The Papacy IS "the MAN of-the lawlessness", "the son of-the destruction.

Noting that the ark, tabernacle, etc. in/from Ethiopia is a copy made by either Solomon or his son (?Sheba's son at any rate).

But a good copy, especially if Solomon made it to trick Son of Sheba, who (if?) also  made a copy to trick Solomon.  It would seem likely that Solomon, wisest man ever, would have maintained the upper hand in this game.


The Papacy IS NOT the antichrist.

Antichrists deny the Father AND the Son; the Papacy does not do that.  (Islam does....Rabbinical Judaism does...)

Satan, however, is very antichrist. Zeus (Satan) who's throne is in the Assembly of Pergamum, whom Satan dwells among (Rev.2 12-13 is the god of Mystery Babylon, the Roman Catholic Church.*

Also of note, we see the eagle of Zeus, holding his thunderbolts and the olive branch of peace along with the Latin phrase E Pluribus Unum - Out of Many, OneZeus/Satan fully understands the "echad" of the Shema.

Satan, who is named Zeus, is the ultimate antichrist.



see "The Battle For Zion, APOLOGETICS 42", Mount Publications

2 Thessalonians ch2:  v1 But we-are-interrogating YOU, brothers, in-behalf-of the presence of-our Lord Jesus Messiah and leading-together-completely of-us upon him,
v2 With-reference-to YOU not to-be quickly stirred from the mind nor to-be-being-alarmed, neither through spirit nor through word nor through epistle as through us, as that the day of-the Lord has-stood-in-and-still-stands-in.
v3 Might not anyone delude YOU according-to not-one manner; because (that day will not come) if not the apostasy might-come firstly and the MAN of-the lawlessness might-be-uncovered, the son of-the destruction,
v4 The (one) opposing and being-exceedingly-lifted-up over every-thing being-called God or venerated-object, so-that he to-seat with-reference-to the sanctuary of-the God, pointing-out himself that he-is god.
v5 Do YOU not have-in-memory that still being with YOU I-was-saying these-things to-YOU?
v6 And now YOU-are-knowing-absolutely the-thing holding-fast, with-reference-to him to-be-uncovered in his season.
v7 For the mystery of-the lawlessness is already operating for itself; only
the (one) holding-fast just-now till he-might-become out-of (the) midst.
v8 And then
the (one) lawless will-be-uncovered, whom the Lord Jesus will-carry-off by-the spirit of-his mouth and will-render-inactive by-the clear-appearing of-his presence,
Of-whom the presence is according-to (an) operation of-the Satan in all power and signs and wonders of-a-lie


vs 1 concerning the "2nd" coming of Jesus. "the presence"

vs 2 concerning Judgment day, "the day of the Lord"

vs3 the apostasy is Jewish apostasy, and was forcibly brought on by the Papacy via forced "conversions" to Mystery Babylon Religion".

vs 3 This MAN - the Papacy - was "uncovered" at the 5th Lateran Council. Below from Romanism as It Is,  by Rev. S.W. Barnum, c1871, p125:

“Both the name and the works of God have been appropriated to the pope," says Rev. Dr. Edgar, "by theologians, canonists, popes, and councils." In the 4th session of the 5th Lateran council, December 10, 1512, and with the approbation of the council, Christopher Marcellus thus publicly addressed the pope in the name of the church : "Thou art pastor, thou physician, thou governor, thou supporter, thou in fine another God on the earth." According to Innocent III., the pope holds the place of the true God." The canon law, in the gloss, denominates the pope "our Lord God " ; and the canonists say that "the pope is the one God, who has all power in heaven and in earth." The canon law also declares that "the pope has the plenitude of power and is above right;" "he changes the substantial nature of things, for example. by transforming the, unlawful into lawful."


vs 7 the one holding fast is the Roman Empire.  the one that came out of the midst was the Papacy, when, with Constantine, the Roman Empire became the Roman Catholic Church/Assembly...that is, when the pagan roman state religion became "Christianity", headed by Pontifex Maximus, a title the Pope still holds today....

vs 8,9  whom = the (one) lawless


[~soapbox...Messianics should get that vain Torah observance religion out of your head for a second...instead THINK: "of course Satan is lawless", even pre-Law/Sinai.  So too, his agents are lawless. As a Satan, the Serpent, the Dragon, appears as a minister of light. Therefore he appears to keep the law, i.e. he would even be seen as a "doer" the law/works.     The so called "Messy-Antic" assembly should stop calling other members lawless because the MessyAntics don't think they keep the law.  NO ONE KEEPS OR CAN PHYSICALLY KEEP some 240 of the 613 commandments at this time. Thus the self professed "Torah Observant" is actually truly LAWLESS., in that they say they keep the law and yet in reality they LACK the ability to keep the law.... BUT, as this shows - Praise Yah!  - we are not under the law! soapbox] 


vs 9 the line of Popes will continue until Jesus returns.


* -- I should also point out that the Roman Catholic Church is within the Thyatira assembly (see Apologetics 22-25 by R.H. Mount). There are true Christians within the Thyatira assembly.  Compare Rev.2:14 (Pergamos) with Rev 2:20 (Thyatira); Both had/have false teachings that caused Israel "to commit prostitution and to eat idolatrous sacrifices".  The "little horn" of the fourth beast in Dan. ch 7 came up in the Pergamos period and extends through the Thyatira period.  Thyatira extends to the return of the Messiah.  Satan's "copy" of the body of Messiah is the Roman Catholic Church, and it exists alongside and/or within the Thyatira Assembly.  See "Apologetics 24 - THE WHOLE WORLD IS HER SEAT",  by R.H. Mount, pp8.

Remember that scripture says with increased knowledge comes increased sorrows.  A future study may show this "sorrow" as "responsibility".  Continue/review this study with Apologetics 22-25 (a series) by R.H. Mount.




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