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APOLOGETICS 1:  Passover is the Lord's Supper.

(which is to say, the "Lord's Supper" was, and remains,  a Passover)

by R.H. Mount, Jan. 1984


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1.  There never has been nor is there now any agreement concerning the "Lord's Supper."  pp1&2

2.  Thousands have died fighting one another as to how, when, and with what elements the "Lord's Supper" should be observed. pp.  3&4.

3.  The simple bread and cup was an ordinance among pagans before the time of Jesus. pp.5&6.

4.  The First Christians never followed any of the present methods of observing the "Lord's Supper,.  Early, but not at first, the "church" celebrated the "Lord's Supper" in connection with a "love-feast".  These "feasts" were soon corrupted and abandoned.  (Jude 12, 1 Cor.11:20-34), pp.6&7.

5.  Thousands of pagans brought into the "church", especially by Constantine, brought in their own idolatrous practices; The present systems. p.8.


Note: Approximately two hours of audio teaching by Mr. Mount that accompany this Apologetic study is available upon request, and is recommended, however much information may be gleaned from reading the lesson.



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