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The Chosen includes Judas.






Jesus (YHVH) chose Judas:


John 13:18 I-am not saying concerning all of-YOU.  I myself-am-knowing-absolutely whom I-chose-for-myself, BUT in-order-that the scripture might-be-fulfilled, The (one) chewing the bread with me he-elevated his heel upon me.

v37 All which the Father is-giving to-me will-be-present with me, and the (one) coming to me by-no-means might-I-cast-out without.

v38 Because I-have-descended-and-am-still-descended out-of the heaven, not in-order-that I-might-be-doing the will (namely)-mine, BUT the will of-the (one) having-sent me.


None that the Father has given to Jesus are “lost”:

v39 But this is the will of-the Father having-sent me, in-order-that all which he-has-given-and-is-still-giving to-me, I-might not destroy out-of it, BUT I-shall-stand it again in the last day.

v40 But this is the will of-the (one) having-sent me, in-order-that every (one) the (one) observing the Son and trusting with-reference-to him, might-be-having life eternal, and I myself-shall-stand him again in-the last day.




Scriptures says that Judas trusted in Jesus, and Jesus said that those that trust in him have eternal life, and that Jesus will stand them in the last day:

John 6:67 The Jesus said therefore to-the twelve, Are YOU yourselves also willing to-be-withdrawing?

v68 Simon Peter therefore answered to-him, Lord, to whom shall-we-go-away? You-are-having sayings of-life eternal;

v69 And we ourselves-have-trusted-and-still-trust and we-have-come-to-know-and-still-know that you yourself-are the Messiah the son of-the God, namely-the (one) living.

v70 The Jesus answered to-them, Chose I not for-myself YOU the twelve, and out-of YOU one is (a) slanderer?

v71 But he-was-saying (of) the Judas iscariot of-Simon, for this (one) was-being-about to-be-giving him over, being one out-of the twelve.



Jesus said Judas would one of twelve judges:


Matthew 19:27 Then the Peter having-answered said to-him, Behold, we ourselves-let-go all-(things) and we-followed with-you; so what will-it-be to-us?

v28 But the Jesus said to-them, Amen I-am-saying to-YOU, that YOU the-(ones) having-followed with-me, in the regeneration, at-the-time-that the son of-the MAN might-be-seated upon (the) throne of-his glory, YOU also yourselves will-be-seated upon twelve thrones, judging the twelve tribes of-the Israeli.




Jesus prayed:

John 17:6 I-manifested your name to-the MEN whom you-have-given-and-still-give to-me out-of the world. Thine they-were, and you-have-given-and-still-give them to-me, and they-have-kept-and-still-keep your word,

v7 Now they-have-come-to-know-and-still-know that all-(things) as-many-as you-have-given-and-still-give to-me, (are) of you;

v8 Because the sayings which you-have-given-and-still-give to-me I-have-given-and-still-give to-them, and they themselves-took (them), and they-came-to-know truly that I-came-out from you, and they-trusted that you yourself-dispatched me.

v9 I myself-am-interrogating concerning them; I-am not interrogating concerning the world, BUT concerning whom you-have-given-and-still-give to-me, because they-are thine.

v10 And all my (things) (are) thine, and the-(things) thine (are) mine, and I-have-been-and-still-am-glorified in them.

v11 And I-am not still in the world, and these are in the world, and I myself-am-coming to you. Holy Father, you-keep-them in your name whom you-have-given-and-still-give to-me, in-order-that they-might-be one (thing) according-as we.


Judas perished (hung himself in remorse).  That is, he died.

v12 When I-was with them in the world I myself-was-keeping them in your name:  Whom you-have-given-and-still-give to-me I-guarded, and not-one out-of them perished, unless the son of-the destruction, in-order-that the scripture might-be-fulfilled,


“But now”

v13 But now I-am-coming to you; and I-am-speaking these-(things) in the world in-order-that they-might-be-having the joy, namely-the mine, having-been-and-still-fulfilled in them.

v14 I myself-have-given-and-still-give your word to-them, and the world hated [note past tense] them [thus the past tense includes Judas], because they-are not out-of the world, according-as I myself-am not out-of the world.

v15 I-am not interrogating in-order-that you-might-remove them out-of the world, BUT in-order-that you-might-keep them out-of the evil (one).

v16 They-are not out-of the world, according-as I myself-am not out-of the world.

v17 YOU-make them holy in your truth; the word namely-the thine is truth.

v18 According-as you-dispatched me into the world, I-also dispatched them into the world;

v19 And in-behalf-of them I myself-am-making-holy myself, in-order-that they themselves also might-be having-been-and-still-made-holy (ones) in truth.

v20 But I-am not interrogating concerning these only, BUT also concerning the (ones who) will-trust through their word with-reference-to me:

v21 In-order-that they all might-be one-(unit?), according-as you, Father, (are) in me, and-I in you, in-order-that they themselves also might-be one in us, in-order-that the world might-trust that you yourself dispatched me.

v22 And I myself-have-given-and-still-give to-them the glory which you-have-given-and-still-give-to-me, in-order-that they-might-be one, according-as we ourselves-are one:

v23 I in them, and you in me, in-order-that they-might-be having-been-made-perfect with-reference-to one, and in-order-that the world might-be-coming-to-know that you yourself-dispatched me, and you-cherished-them according-as you-cherished me.

v24 Father, I-am-willing whom you-have-given-and-still-give to-me in-order-that where-in-which I-am myself those-also might-be with me, in-order-that they-might-be-observing the glory, namely-the mine, which you-gave to-me, because you-cherished me before casting-down of-(a)-world.

v25 Just Father, even the world came not to-know you, but I myself-came-to-know you, and these came-to-know that you yourself-dispatched me.

v26 And I-made-known to-them your name and I-shall-make-(it)-known; in-order-that the charity which you-cherished me might-be in them, and-I in them.






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