APOLOGETICS 2:  From Luke the Jew,  For Judas the Judge


by R.H. Mount, Jan. 1984


PDF click here to view  (about 7 meg.)






1.  All the Scripture, which is the Hebrew Old Testament and Greek New Testament, was given to and written by Jews inspired by the Holy Spirit.

2.. Jesus chose Judas.   Jesus told Judas that he would be a Judge in the future kingdom.   Judas died before the cross and did everything that he could "under the law" to correct his sin.   Judas "regretted" that he "gave over" (not betrayed) Jesus.  Judas will judge.


Note: Approximately two hours of audio teaching by Mr. Mount that accompany this Apologetic study is available upon request, and is recommended, however much information may be gleaned from reading the lesson.  New, unmarked copies of the complete Apologetics series (there are 45 Apologetics) are also available from Mr. Ray Kissel -inquire here>



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