T h e    C o t o p a x i a n   P r e s s



Cotopaxi,  Colorado

Cotopaxi History



     1. Photo Gallery

           Historic Photographs of Cotopaxi Colorado


      2. The Boys are Back in Town   New!

            Early Cotopaxi Cliff Dwellers!


      3. Cotopaxi Creamery - Garage

           Photograph of Cotopaxi's first garage


      4. The Flood of 1966

        Photos and document related to the flood of 1966


       5. Cotopaxi People

            Photographs of Cotopaxians!  and their neighbors!


       6.  Cotopaxi Cemetery - Russian Jews Graves


       7.  Cotopaxi Cemetery - Ester L. Young


       8.  The Cotopaxi Russian Jewish Colony 1882-1884

             Photos, documents, maps, genealogy and history.


       9.  Cotopaxi Church Articles of Faith and Bylaws





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