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 Democrat/NWO attack on Second Amendment Rights




Democrat Gun Control Hearing set for Senate March 23

Islamic terrorism: Mass shooting in Boulder March 22
Almost as if planned...

Democrats use Boulder massacre to push gun control agenda: 'This is the moment to take our stand'
March 23
Gun control is easier than ever now that Democrats control the White House and Congress
But, as the Associated Press noted, the prospects for serious gun-related reform are "iffy" at best.
Not only does the filibuster stand in the way of Democrats unilaterally passing any legislation they want, but public support for gun control reached the lowest level in several years in 2020.
So then, the gun control legislation is mostly a sideshow to distract the viewer from worse evils of the Biden-Harris administration.
Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa
From Google translate:
You know nothing like that, you know a lot: the brother (34) of Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa (21) from Arvada, who slaughtered 10 innocent supermarket visitors in cold blood in Boulder, tells the Daily Beast that his brother is' anti-social and paranoid 'and that in high school he often had the idea that' someone was after him '. He therefore assumes that his murderous brother is "psychologically ill".

‘Very Anti-Social’: Suspect in Boulder Supermarket Massacre Was Paranoid, Brother Says
Sister says he's an angel:
a woman who identified herself as an older sister answered the door of the family house. She said she was shocked, and the family never suspected their brother capable of committing this act of violence. “We’re shocked. He is nice, a quiet brother,”
Al Issa’s family house sits on the edge of a quiet cul de sac lined with two-story homes and a mix of Aspens, evergreens, basketball hoops, and bird feeders. Multiple generations of the family call this house, with solar panels on the roof and a flagstaff path leading to the backyard, their home.
the family have been in Colorado for almost 20 years, and that they are “so sorry” for the victims.

They "migrated" to the USA after Sept 11, 2001.
UPDATE: I got that right: Guns don’t kill people. Muslim terrorists do.
After 9/11, Bush Let the Al-Issa Family Into America. Now 10 Americans Are Dead.
Daniel Greenfield March 26, 2021

Following day, brother ups the ante:
"the suspect's brother said his sibling had for years claimed imaginary people were following him wherever he went."
Mar 23
"Described as "quiet" by numerous family members, Al Issa was also characterized as deeply paranoid".
"A Facebook page appearing to be that of the suspect features posts with quotes from the Islamic Prophet Muhammad".
So ok, premeditated murder x10 by a Muslim.
Here we go again .....cue the psychiatrists. Just like the jihad terror attack Garland, Texas, the FBI was well acquainted with the savages. #BacktheBan
Boulder Jihad Mass Murderer Is Muslim Migrant Who Was Known To F.B.I.
March 23, 2021
After a four year beak from Islamic terror under President Trump, ISIS sympathiser Ahmad Al-Issa is charged with 10 counts of murder in #Boulder, Colorado.
Jews targeted in attack in Boulder
Colorado Terrorist Targeted Kosher Friendly Store Days Before Passover, But Mainstream Media Ignored This
March 24, 2021:


Boulder MUSLIM shooter charged

Mar 23
A police affidavit made public on Tuesday said that last week he bought a Ruger AR-556 semiautomatic pistol — essentially a shortened version of an AR-15 style rifle, which fires the same small-caliber, high-velocity ammunition, first developed for battlefield use. Statements from the police and the charging documents did not make fully clear what models of weapons he used in the attack, and whether the Ruger was one of them.
The suspect’s identity was previously known to the F.B.I. because he was linked to another individual under investigation by the bureau, according to law enforcement officials.
Court records show he was born in Syria in 1999, as did a Facebook page that appeared to belong to the suspect, giving his name as Ahmad Al Issa
a wrestler in high school and the Facebook page listed wrestling and kickboxing as being among his interests, and many of the posts were about martial arts.
Mr. Al Issa's brother described him to the Daily Beast as mentally ill, paranoid and antisocial.

ISIS: Boulder mass murderer Ahmad Al-Issa was ISLAMIC STATE sympathizer
March 23, 2021

As always, Muslim terrorists are "psychologically ill".

Five Things You Need to Know About Suspected Colorado Shooter Ahmad Al Aliwi Al Issa
March 23, 2021


First, it's Al Issa, not Allissa.
1. When the suspect was first identified Tuesday morning, his Facebook page was still available online. We covered it on Louder with Crowder and identified a post with a Muslim prayer, calling for praise to Allah.
Brother of Boulder jihad mass murderer detained, along with other family members
Mar 23, 2021 By Robert Spencer

His brother, Ali Aliwi Alissa, said he traveled to another King Sooper’s location after work on Monday to look for a third sibling who had run an errand and couldn’t be reached. He said he found that relative in police custody, and that he and more family members were detained as well.
Pamela Geller: "Just like san Bernadino jihad slaughtwer and the Boston Marathn bombers. The family that prays togetheer, slays together."
Matt Walsh: "The media had planned to spend the rest of the week talking about the Boulder shooting but will now have to find something else to talk about since the shooter is a Syrian immigrant named Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa"

Boulder mass murderer is deeply religious Muslim who frequently railed against ‘Islamophobia’
March 23, 2021
Colorado mass murderer Ahmad al-Issa: “Muslims might not be perfect but Islam is.”

Boulder jihad mass murderer had planned to hit Trump rally, also checked churches as potential targets
By: Robert Spencer, March 23, 2021

Early information from a national security agency suggests Boulder shooter planned to target the Trump rally in Colorado Springs, Feb 2020, but decided to wait until the next one on March 13 in Denver but it was cancelled due to COVID, per WH official
Colorado Is One of Few U.S. States with Universal Background Check Gun Controls
March 23, 2021
No amount of “gun control” will prevent these kind of events. Colorado already has it. Perhaps addressing the motive not the means (hell, he could use a machete or an ax).
Related: Biden calls on Senate to pass GUN CONTROL ‘immediately’ after Boulder jihad mass murders but remains silent on religious motive

Feds raid Ahmad Al Aliwi Alissa’s family home in Colorado after Boulder jihad massacre
March 25


When Muslims don't assimilate into society: Almost always.
The house, a new build from 1998, was bought by Ali Aliwi Alissa for $634,000 in 2017, Colorado property records show.
It was the start of a nightmare for others living on the then-quiet street — with some so upset at “harassment” by the large Syrian family that they pulled up stakes and moved away, neighbors said.

“They harassed several neighbors. Caused two neighbors to move,” Dawn Losasso, who has lived on the block in the “tight-knit neighborhood” for 25 years, told The Post.

“You see lots of people going in and out of that house at all hours, especially late at night,” she said — but she didn’t see the 21-year-old alleged killer “often.”

Bresina said the “erratic, chaotic” arrival of the Alissas eventually left many on the street “pissed at the neighbors who sold to them.”
“We’ve had problems with them,” he told The Post, calling the family a “real chaotic, disruptive addition to the neighborhood.”

These two article appeared in sequence on my news feed March 23, 2021.

Joe Biden is considering “executive action” on gun control, effectively bypassing Congress to push an anti-gun rights agenda.

North Korea fires off short-range missiles after warning Biden administration not to cause 'a stink'

The difference here is that Kim is already unfettered by citizens with gun rights.
The parallels:

Both Kim and Ahmad Al-Issa see Biden/Harris as weak so there's no deterrence to their evil.

Nolte: Hate Crimes and Mass Shootings Plague Democrat-Run Cities, Not MAGA Country
mar 23

Supporters of former President Donald Trump are regularly smeared by Democrats and the corporate media as violent racists, and yet almost all of America’s violence and racism occurs where Democrats are in charge.

Meanwhile Biden/Obama3 terror gun running continues
US pledges $15m. to Palestinians in first step to restoring pay for slay funding
March 26, 2021
This aid (from American taxpayers) will finance the Palestinian Authority “pay to slay” Jews policy. Absolutely horrible.

Muslim terrorists emboldened by Obama/Biden/Harris/Democrats
Capitol Attack Suspect Identified; Claimed To Be ‘Follower Of Farrakhan,’ Admired Malcolm X
Apr 2, 2021



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