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Digression 7   A Study Showing the Location of the Four Cups of Passover in Scripture.

Series 54 IF-157 (Sheets M-N) 

by R. H. Mount

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This graphic shows:


*Judas (see also Psalms 41:9) and Jesus both ate and drank of the cups of this seder, although there is some question over the fourth cup and Jesus’ participation of it at this seder. Note that Jesus can BOTH make a futuristic statement regarding drinking the fourth cup AND drink the fourth cup of this seder.  This would follow the order of the statements in Luke 22 (before the 3rd cup).  Further: but are there really 4 cups, or is that a later Rabbinical tradition we want to see here? We can only verify by scripture that there is/was a cup before supper and another cup after supper.

* Throughout the seder, Jesus reaffirms to the disciples that he will participate in the Seder with them in the future.  These words of comfort are circled in green.

* κυριακὸν kuriakon (1 Cor. 11:20) is an adjective (not a noun)  that "Imperial" correctly translates.  It will INDEED be an Imperial Supper when King Yeshua resides over it in the future!

*Judas will Judge the twelve tribes of Israel.  (Luke 22:28-30)  Judas was there, alive, eating with Jesus (Mark 14:18)




Various steps of the Haggadah  – may - be shown:

* The Four Cups.  I can only verify two cups, one before and another after supper (Lu.22:17, 20), and speculate on the rest.

* Nerot (candle lighting), (As it became night, they did not have electricity, they lit lamps.)

* Kadesh (1st cup?), Diminishing (divide?) the 2nd Cup (Plagues),

* Shulchan Orech ("The Table Prepared"; note the table is prepared, then the seder (order) is followed and at a certain time/step in the seder the meal is eaten - thus in the graphic red/pink arrows connect the prepared table to the meal).

* The Four Questions (Lu. 22:22-30 Who is giving Him over? Who is greater? Who is younger? Who is judge?),

*Maror (bitter herbs), or possibly Karpas (green vegetable), (Mk. 14:20?)


* Tzafun (Eating the Afikomen - all matzah but in particular the middle broken matzah).  Is Luke 22:19 Hamotzi or Tzufan? Remember: There are some 2000 Haggadahs. The order of service varies.

* Hamotzi (Blessing over bread) (Mk. 14:22; 1 Cor. 11:24; Mt. 26:26; Lu. 22:19?),

* Barech (blessing after the meal, (Mk. 14:23?)

*Hallel (praises sung) (Mk. 14:26; Mt. 26:30?)

Certainly, enough is shown to support that this Passover was a complete meal - a complete Passover Seder.

A note at the top of the graphic was cut off in copying: "John 13 describes a supper before Passover".  Note Jn.13 "But before the feast of the Passover..."  Note that IF they were already eating/participating in the passover, why would they think "since Judas was having the case, that the Jesus is saying to him, You buy in the market of which things we are having need with reference to the feast"?    Vs 30 "It was night." - too late to start the Passover Seder OR the feast of unleavened bread.  Luke 22:1 "But the feast of the unleavened breads was drawing near, namely the one being called passover."  

On the other hand, there is difficulty in making Jn.13 an earlier supper as the discourse flows into the crucifixion...and Unleavened Breads lasts for seven days.

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Perhaps later we will see in this 2 supper scenario how Satan entered Judas twice.


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